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I don't even bother with MP anymore: you just get fucked up by little shits who play it 10 hours a day.

ELO mate, ELO

It pares you with people of the same level of you. It works wonders in Company of Heroes 2

And it really helps you improve in the game. You can't improve in a game by constantly getting paired with lower skilled players, or constantly getting your ass kicked.

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If it has a full 12+ hour sp, multiplayer and a reasonable budget the price tag (£29.99 here) seems fine.

Lowering the price due to it being an RTS undermines it as well as the genre as a whole.

Besides: if you think thats expensive take a look at Blizzard.

12+ hours is good for an RTS. I'm also looking to put a lot of time in the MP, but the map roster seems a bit small so I'm hoping this improves over time.

I'll be picking it up soon. But I wonder if they released a disc version too.

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If you're into the Resident Evil games, it seemed really good.

I bought it on GMG a while back, but haven't played.

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@R4gn4r0k said:

Looks ok

What did they announce for PC gamers?

The whole inbuilt streaming and video recording etc.

That's ok. Nothing ground breaking for PC gamers.

Legends is nice and all, but not personally a game I would play.

Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2. Those are games I would like to see ported over.

And a new AOE/AOM/RON is what I want when MS is interested in making PC exclusive again.

Let's hope this is the start of more.

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Looks ok

What did they announce for PC gamers?

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Hate to agree with someone SO much but Jim Sterling is just a brilliant man. Doubt anyone knows the game industry as well as he does.

I'm sure Turtle Rock had good intentions. But either they or 2K or both screwed everything up. Yeah, announce preorder DLC before showing a single screenshot; Good plan

Gamers don't want preorder incentives, gamers don't want DLC. What they want is a full game, a finished one that they see the developer has put their EVERYTHING into.

Not even getting this game on a 5 dollar sale now. I'm really not going to bother anymore.

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Very interested. Hoping to learn more soon.

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I doubt that would be far off.

I'm waiting to see if there is going to be a Majora's Mask new 3DS (XL) anyway, so I'll wait a bit longer :P

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Hit n Run troll was successful lol.

For a troll he brings up an interesting point of discussion for PC gamers (some multiplats really are crappy on PC)

But for me there is not enough bad ones to go and buy multiplats on consoles, where 99.99% of multiplats are worse than the PC version.

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Good news!

Steam support takes a while, but in the end they come through ^^