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I could appreciate a 1080p metroid prime trilogy. I never gave those games a fair shot on Gamecube.

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Barely any Vita at E3

Barely any Vita at Gamescom

Yeah, I'm not surprised that sony won't focus on Vita at TGS either. Handheld is dead and has barely any games left that are published by Sony.

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MS is spending money so PC and PS gamers have to wait to play a game.

Good to know MS has got their priorities straight: instead of spending money on more quality first or second party they rather spend their money on timed exclusives and making gamers wait.

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I always had hope for this.

Now all I need to do is finish MGS, MGS 2, MGS 3, Peace Walker and MGS 4...

Just do MGS, 3, and Peace Walker. You'll be a happier person.


But I've always heard good things about 2 and 4 got a 10/10 from gamespot...

10/10 !

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I always had hope for this.

Now all I need to do is finish MGS, MGS 2, MGS 3, Peace Walker and MGS 4...

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The number of people this has pissed off > the number of people that are going to buy an xbone for this.

MS rather spends money on timed exclusives (Ryse, Dead Rising, TR, ...) than on first and second party games... Go Microsoft !

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They shouldn't have even mentioned "temple of Osiris". That was just rubbing salt in an open wound. Fucking temple of Osiris. Gimme a break.

It's the true tomb raider experience !

on all platforms

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- something from Valve (rofl)

- some GTA 5 PC gameplay

- FIFA 15 gameplay

- that Remedy game (forgot the title)

- hopefully something new from Maxis that's not The Sims 4

That's about it. I don't plan buying much games this year anyway except GTA 5 and FIFA 15 for PC.

I doubt we'll ever see Rockstar show off PC gameplay at an event. Consoles are way more important to them, or rather: the console gamers.

Perhaps, if we're lucky they'll shown some PC love on their blog or something

+1 I'm also really looking forward to GTA 5 and Fifa 15 on PC. So glad GTA 5 and the Fifa engine made it to PC :-)

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yeah i want to see actual gameplay for quantum break, uc4 and the order.

Oh yes ! I'm very much looking forward to seeing QB gameplay.

Gameplay from The Order was already shown during E3 (it looked quite boring too).

Yeah, it was very unmemorable.

That's why ghostwarrior probably forgot it was shown in the first place. Don't blame him :P

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@BPoole96 said:

@sHaDyCuBe321: if that were true then the Wii U wouldn't be lagging behind in sales despite being out a year longer.

None of PS4 or XB1's big exclusives have even come our yet and they're already selling well

afaik the Wii U is ahead in sales of the Xbone