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I'm surprised at how fast The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is coming out. It's already releasing in 3 days and I've seen barely anything of the game.

I'll keep my eye on how it turns out :)

Total Biscuit did a stream on it a couple days ago. I only watched a couple minutes to avoid spoilers, It looked very pretty but the voice acting was of very mixed quality. Some of it was pretty garbo

Alright, I'll try and find his video to give it a look. But of course a real review would be an even better way to avoid spoilers :P

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I'm surprised at how fast The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is coming out. It's already releasing in 3 days and I've seen barely anything of the game.

I'll keep my eye on how it turns out :)

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NVIDIA has also revealed some benchmarks that can be viewed below.

Call of Duty Ghosts as a benchmark ?

Pfffffffffft hahahahahahhahaha

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Haha, DR3/10.

Well, Dead Rising is way more inventive about killing these dudes, while Hyrule Warriors seems to be more straight forward. Very button mash-y. Although some of the character stuff I've seen looks kewl.

I never want to recommend this kind of game to someone, because it's so easy to not be entertained by it. I just don't mind all the hacking and slashing. Game Mania is selling it for €45, which is pretty damn cheap. Thought this would be 60 for sure.

Cool, 45 euro is not a bad price.

I might check it out. Never looked into the Dynasty Warriors series. Looked very niche to me, catering to a very specific group of gamers. Who really love the series.

Perhaps Zelda can make it more interesting to me :P

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I'm hyping it A


I'm enjoying the heck out of Dead Rising 3(/10) at the moment, which is about repetitively killing thousands of NPCs in silly ways. Do you think this game, which is about repetitively killing thousands of NPCs, would be my cup of tea ?

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I don't understand how it costs 2.5 billion to aquire this company that has 1 hit game. Capcom is open to selling their company and their market cap is worth just over 1 billion, yet they have many hit franchises. Megaman, Resident Evil, Onimusha, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, etc....

That's because, at the end of the day, Microsofts gaming division is run by bean counters not gamers. Minecraft literally prints money. That's all that matters.

Jump In(tm).

Yeah. They just look at trends.

Sure, Capcom has many great franchises compared to Mojang's one hit. But they'd rather go for the one game that is successful instead of a dozen that may have been successful but just don't have a trend going atm like Minecraft.

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Will still sell boatloads because of its massive marketing budget.

I'm just sad there is no SP mode. I'm sure a scripted adventure, like the Halo games do so well, could've worked alongside the MP component.

Along with Titanfall this is another new shooter IP that shuns away from SP for some reason...

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Microsoft throwing with money as usual

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Rockstar treating PC gamers like sh*t again . What else is new . And this overrated game was confirmed for PC since E3 back in June .

But it was so from the start.

Sony showed GTA V for PS4 at E3. Rockstar confirmed Xbone and PC version too, but it's not like they made a big fuzz about it.

Now PC version is delayed and they haven't even shown a screenshot of that version.

I'm having a feeling the PC version is not top priority and therefor I have little hope it'll turn out a good port.

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What´s up with these insane hard drive requirements lately ? 35GB ? What for ? Are they including insane 4k textures into Pc version or what ?

I believe cutscenes take up a lot of space these days.

Max Payne 3 was 35GB too and that was mostly because of the HD cutscenes.

Textures can take up a lot of space too (esp 4K) and so can sounds that are in high quality. But you'll see a lot more games with HD cutscenes than games with 4K textures