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So Long, & Thanks For All The Fish

After several years slowly burning my eyes out of thier sockets, I think maybe it's time to move on. I'm afraid recently the appeal of Gamespot has worn a little thin, even with the undeniable thrill of posting another generic comment about the person above me to bring me back each day. I've also lost interest games a lot too, which would begger the question of what point there would be in putting time into a gaming website. It's also that great part of life where I work my arse off for a bit of paper with letters (hopefully A's) on it, which isn't making things any easier round my way.

In short, ladies and gentleman, i'm getting out of here.

Since I probably won't be around to look after my unions anymore, the leaders thereof should feel to demote me, denounce my name and spam my inbox with hate mail and lewd messages also.

Anyone who wishes to can add my Facebook, even if only to laugh at my slightly tacky profile pic (it would also be nice if you sent a short message telling me who you are, although usually i'm so desperate for friends as to add pretty much anyone who sends a request my way)


Unless I ever decide to become active again, this is probably a goodbye to a lot of you on here. Feel free to mourn my loss in the comments section and erect memorials in my name, but other than, there's not much to say but thanks for a few great years on Gamespot

"May The Lord Smile & The Devil Have Mercy"

Its That Time Of Year Again...

...Where I eat and drink far too much and have to spend hours to talking to my alleged relatives most of whom I generally have no recollection of ever seeing before...

Also known on some continents as Christmas

Happy Holiday :)


Call me a hopeless romantic, a sad looser or even a manic depressive, but I was scrolling through my unions one cold autumn morning (actually it was probably in summer but it sounds so much moe poetic this way) when something struck. I was amazed by just how many awesome people i've met on GS over the years and just how many i've totally lost contact with since. It also reminded me how many of the once vibrant unions I joined have just totally died over the years, after all the great fun I used to have messing around in them. These days I spend most of my GS time in the Black Metal Union but its sad how activity has totally dried up in my much larger unions (e.g the jgU, first union I joined). Of course, those with a semblance of normalcy (is that a real word) inside them would probably be right in telling me to get a life and some real friends, but it was just sosmething that struck me, thats all.

you may return to your puny human lives...

PS - sorry for what any dodgy spelling which is probably because of my sticky e key. And I just changed the kyboard too :cry:

Urgh, My Eyes

What happened to GS. I just logged on and everything is new and shiny and I can't find where the hell anything is anymore. Now an update I would have apprecitated would have been the option to hide my embaressingly crap amount of emblems from view, but I guess i'll get used to it.

BTW I've been having a break from GS for a while but i've decided to come back for a bit. Sorry I didn't write tell you this earlier, but, the simple fact is, my dear and beloved friends, I couldn't be arsed :D

Hurrah, I actually have something to write about!

Yes, shock horror, its a blog that actually has something in it. First things first, recently i've been going through a bit of a gaming drought, but i'm hoping I can put an end to that since I just got No More Heroes today so i'm going to go and try it out later.

Other than that, its been a pretty busy week for me since i've been doing my first Work Experiance this week. After missing two places (first becuase they double booked, second because they suddenly decided they were shutting down) I ended up a at local primary school, meaning I got to spend the week helping out various kids around the school. It might not be the most glamerous Work Experiance, but I bet my friend (who's working at a court) didn't get to spend a day helping judge the easter egg competition or writing fun easter poems. Plus all the kids in Year 6 (who I pretty much spent the whole week with) made a me card (in which my name was spelt wrong in so many ways :P) and the teachers got me some chocolates. Plus i got to miss a week of school to do it! When can I go back?

And finally, i'm afraid that its goodbye for a week since tomorrow i'm going on holiday with lots of my family to Northumbria, so till then farewell I guess

Hibernating for the winter

Its nearly Christmas again, and that means we've got all the chasing around before coupled with the dark and the cold and school going on right to the bitter bloody end. As such my profile is going into hibernation during this busy period, so don't expect to see me around. Occasionally I may go out and search for berries (read: makea few posts) but for most of you this a goodbye and i'll be seeing you properly in the new year :)