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Resize Image for GS Format

Just so I know where it is...nothing to see here

So a heads up for people looking to make threads with pictures larger than 800 pixels wide:

  • Right Click image
  • Select "Copy image URL"


  • Click on the "Insert/Edit Image" button


  • Paste URL in "Image URL" box


  • Choose "Appearence" tab


  • Change the first Dimensions to 800


  • Click "Insert" at the bottom left of the Insert/Edit Image box and you are done!
  • To view entire image, right click on image and select "Open image in new tab"



Red, White and Gold

Nothing to see here, just something so I don't have to look at my old Blog post about the aftermarket intercooler that was put on my car nearly(or over) a year ago.

What I am doing now(ish)


-- Still progressing through multiplayer. And also having my ass neatly handed to me by the game when trying to do anything LASO.

It hurts so good. :(


This game is...unique? Shadow of Chernobyl was fun, this one is a little less organized, but it still has its charm.

#3: My car is still awesome. Love my GTI.

- Topic titles must be between 5 and 80 characters.


-Metal is still awesome. Always will be -- been listening to a LOT of it. As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Heaven Shall Burn, Mudvayne, Metallica, Parkway Drive, In Flames, War of Ages. If I don't feel like the band is yelling at me because I just slapped their mother in front of their grandmother than I won't listen to it.

-Took my EOC on my first volume of CDCs, scored decently. Lower than what I wanted though.

-Trying to engineer, albeit poorly, the reversal (absolute destruction) of the uber-retarted GS policy to "bad" words. Maybe I just agree with George Carlin, but it is the most dumbest (yup) rule we have here. Maybe its just me but the only rules on websites should be don't mess with the code. Don't post kiddy porn. Don't threaten to murder and rape fellow users. And no posting pictures of yours or anyone elses junk.
But thats just me.

-Las Vegas should never be this cold. Ever, for any reason.

-Going home for christmas. 14 days of Leave! First time in over a year, I am looking forward to it.

Once Upon A Time -- A Halo Story

So about thirteen years ago there was this little studio that was already a video game legend, just not with the "cool" kids on PC and anyone else who did not own a Mac. Sitting here I think it is a little interesting that any studio would say "Hey, let's make a video game, and let's make it for the Macintosh!" But there was this little studio that did, and thus it began. A game that would go on to become a video game legend and reach a pinnacle that no one in the video game industry ever really reaches.

So here we are, thirteen years later, years after that game changed out of a top-down RTS, out of a third person shooter with too much clipping and not quiet enough collision detection, out of a slightly confused FPS, and finally into console standard and one of the premier examples of how an FPS is to be made.

Once upon a time a soda endorsement was received. Once upon a time a real-life model was created...then another...and another...then some more...and now they really aren't all that unique. Once upon a time an anime was drawn. Once upon a time a book was written. Once upon a time a shoulder guard was given a name. Once upon a time a dog's head was removed. Once upon a time a dramatic commercial was directed. And even once upon a time a video game's sound designer had a mullet.

#2 wasn't entirely finished when it launched. It turned out great, but it would have been something else completely with a couple more months of TLC. Still though, cities were razed, religious leaders where slain and betrayed. Monkeys spoke to glowing spheres. And it took two soldiers to fight this battle.
But I do believe that "Awesomness will ensue" had there been just one Covenant Tank or if the fight would have been just a little more finished. I guess that sometimes you have to abandon one planet in order to save a galaxy.

Once upon a time a hero was buried without dying.

And some where given a burial that was long overdue.

For they had fought bravely for so long. Sacrificed so much for...
We joined the fight, but without experiencing much loss, especially when compared to others.
Though we know the stories of loss, we never experienced it first hand. We never had to endure seeing that loved one, that friend that special someone die. Killed.

So would a battle with a fight, that contained an instance of meaning, real personal meaning, matter to you? The thought of "If only I had fought harder, that wouldn't have happened" "That wouldn't have happened to that person, it would have been me." So at least that way they would have been able to live another day.
Maybe we will reach that, I don't know, I am merely typing to say a fight such as that would matter to me and I would have been better, fought harder. This is the true end of the journey. And all the best stories realize that you cannot embrace the end if you don't know where it all began.

As I Lay Dying

(It's 2am. I just recently go off of work. And I want to procrastinate from going to bed so I'm making this.)

What an album. Without a doubt the best As I Lay Dying album, and some truly outstanding music on here. All of it is so well done and sounds just so...f***ing good! Take Anodyne Sea for instance.

As I Lay Dying - Anodyne Sea

Hard and powerful lyrics with beautiful guitar solos accompanying melodic vocals.

As I Lay Dying - The Plague

This is their best song yet. Just hardcore from start to finish, mixing different types of vocals and possessing one of the most beautiful guitar solos I have ever heard.

Reach out your hand, only to be plagued by disease.

While religion tries to blame what we cannot see, I accept that part of the problem is me.
It was never a sacred mandate to accept conformity,
Through select revelations that we choose to believe.

Another blind guide replacing divine eyes.


I still believe that there is hope for us, but I believe we must look outside
The sanctuaries of oppression that have brought our world so much pain...

I also love the lyrics.


Metal fans rejoice. Rock fans give 'er a listen. Everyone else, this is music.

The Unboxing and some updates

A backwards compatible PS3 w/ the God of War Collection and one of my favorite games -- Shadow of the Colossus. Then an HDMI cable just for kicks, I can really use that with the two games I bought, yeah!

It works!

I also, finally, saw Avatar. Great movie - everything about it was great.

Has Atlas Shrugged?

I haven't gotten too far into it, just to the John Galt Line - and Hank Riordan discovering a moment of generosity. But it is absolutely phenomenal, better than anything I have read before.
I am adoring Ayn Rand's writing form and words she uses. It makes you think you are in a world of pure intellectuals, but the reader finds themselves swiftly brought back down to Earth after hearing the words and beliefs they utter. Take this statement as proof -- this is a conversation between Hank Riordan and his mother concerning Riordan's brother and his mother's desire that he be offered a job at Riordan's steel mill; a position he does not deserve and would not be able to do:

"That's your cruelty, that's what's mean and selfish about you. If you loved your brother, you'd give him a job he didn't deserve, precisely because he didn't deserve it -- that would be true love and kindness and brotherhood. Else what's love for? If a man deserves a job, there's no virtue in giving it to him, Virtue is the giving of the undeserved"

To which Riordan replies:

He was looking at her like a child at an unfamiliar nightmare, incredulity preventing it from becoming horror. "Mother" he said slowly, "you don't know what you're saying. I'm not able ever to despise you enough to believe that you mean it."

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