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WP7 Friends

Anyone using the Windows Phone 7? Let me know and feel free to add me to XBL.


an update...

Happy New Years to all my friends on Gamspot!

It's been a crazy end of 2010, for me and I haven't been able to post any new blogs recently. In December I bit the bullet and purchased Kinect for the 360. I was a little hesitant due to the lack of games on launch and what Microsoft has in the plans for the device in 2011. However, I do have a vice and that is I love new gadgets. I bought Dance Central and Kinect Adventures was bundled with the device. All my doubts have been thrown out the window, I love Kinect! That's right; I said it, I LOVE KINECT!! I played on my birthday with a bunch of friends and we were playing teams of Adventures and Dance Central battle off's and it was a ton of fun. I can only imagine what Microsoft has in store for Kinect and what they are willing to pump into it.

I also went out and bought the HTC Windows Phone 7. I'm heading to Turkey in January and I didn't want to bring a computer or tablet in fear they were lost or stolen. This way I can still play games, earn achievements and keep the phone on me at all times. So far the game library is pretty good. I've purchased Tower Bloxx: New York, Project Sunburst, Revolution, Rise Of Glory, Fruit Ninja, Flight Control and Flowerz. I recommend Rise of Glory to any one who has the WP7. It is in my opinion the best game out so far. It really shows the power of the WP7. Anyone who wants to add me to XboxLive who also has a WP7 feel free to do so. XBL: R0NIIN

Games I bought or received for gifts:

Batman: Game of the Year Addition

Borderlands: Game of the Year Addition.

Fable 3

Fallout New Vegas

I've also made some goals for 2011 some in actual life and others within the gaming world. My life goals I'll keep private but the ones in the "gaming world" I'll share. First: I would like to hit a minimum 75,000 in Xbox Live gamer score by the end of the year. I believe I can hit more but I'll keep it obtainable for now not knowing what my social and work life will be. I also want to have my games list completion percentage to be over 65%. I believe all of these goals are easily achievable.

Games I'm looking forward to in 2011: Angry Birds: WP7, Gears of War, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Lego: Star Wars...............there are more I just can't think of.

Here's hoping the gaming industry is as good as 2010!

XBL gamer tag: R0NIIN

Slow week

Nothing to report this week. I had to take my Xbox 360 back to Best Buy on Monday. I wasexperiencing "Open Tray" issues when there was a disk in the tray. Only thing that has made all this okay is that I purchased the PSP Product Service Plan.

Other notes I see Raptr has finally fixed the issues with achievement tracking and its updating on gamespot.com again which is nice.

Lastly, I reached 20k this weekend. I also obtained 50 band aids/bandages in Super Meat Boy. Which I highly recommend if you enjoy love/hate relationships with your games.

New banner

I logged on yesterday and received a DM from Ramtin_LA that he had finished my banner. Looks awesome thank you very much!!!!

November = Movember

Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health.

Please grow a "real" moustache to support this event. If you are unable to grow one for what ever reason give your Avatar character a moustache.

A link to the website:



In your local Gamestop discount bin.

Monday November 1, 2010, I was in my local Gamestop store just browsing for new games when I came across the discount bin. I found tones of games ranging from $2.99-$9.99 some good some not so good. I decided to buy three games:

Bully Scholarship Edition - $7.99

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis - $2.99

Bioshock - $4.99

Now I never read anything on Bully before playing it today but say its a really fun game. Very under the radar. So far I'm certainly getting my $7.99 worth. I knew Bioshock was good so for $4.99 it was a no doubter and finally Table tennis I use to play at my local EB which is now Gamestop. Couldn't resist for $2.99. SO for under $20 I believe I got three quality games...lol maybe 2.5 (Table tennis).

What quality games have you found for cheap?!?!

The toughest achievement

Today I was playing Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 trying to complete the challenges for a gold rank to obtain the Champion Achievement. The first challenge is by far the hardest. I have been working on this achievement for at least 4.5 hours with no luck. I have yelled,swore, blamed the pet, wife ;) and slammed my controller on the couch. I started thinking what Achievements have caused the same or worse reaction? I remember now....the infamous Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mile High Achievement. By far probably one of the hardest achievements I have ever obtained. This achievementemblem is a pride and joy on my 360 gammer card. What achievements were your hardest?


Just a thought...

Last week I decided to write to the NHL, EA and Xbox Live on their Twitter accountssuggesting NHL style jerseys and props should be available to purchase on line.I was in a real mood to dress my avatar character up in the best team in the NHL my Toronto Maple Leafs...Save the applause...Not sure if its a legal/trademark issue with the NHL or an issue from EA/Xbox but I'm pretty sure they would get a lot of buyers of the product in Canada. I know, I'm one of them!

Besides the NHL could use any extra marketing they can.

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