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Pikmin Prediction

Well the Nintendo Developer said that they're making a new Pikmin title, so I thought I might list some ideas of what the game mite include.

I think Pikmin would work great on the DS system. The action would be on the top screen, and a map and options on the touch screen. U would control it almost like a FPS game on the DS. You use the D Pad to control Olimar, Slide the stylus to aim where to throw the Pikmin, Tap either of the shoulder buttons (L or R) to throw Pikmin, and Double-tap with the stylus to call over your Pikmin with the whistle.

There would new Pikmin, too. There would be the 1st standard group, 2nd standard group, and Special group. 1st Standard would include Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin. 2nd Standard Group would Include White, Black, and Green Pikmin. The Special Group would have Orange, Purple, Brown, Ivory, and Violet Pikmin. White Pikmin would be resistant to Ice, and can would take longer to be killed. Black Pickmin would be able to dig stuf up and would be resistant to Quicksand. Green would be impervious to Poison, and able to cure others of poison. Orange would be resistant to both Fire and Radiation. Purple would be Resistant to Acid and Water. Brown Would be resistant to Explosions and Electricity. (Ivory and Violet are the Pikmin from Pikmin 2)

What I Want To See From The DSi Shop

Yea, I hope we see classic GBC and GB and GBA games being re-released for the DSi on the DSi shop. Classic NES and SNES games are also welcome, too:). I really want to play games like the GBC Zeldas and GBA Pokemon games. Also like to see Perfect Dark (GBC) and Metal Gear (GBC). They look worth a shot at playing. (Listen to me. I sound like a spoiled American brat:lol:) But thats just me. What do you people think?

Fire Emblem

Okay this is my first blog, so don't rant me. I think that Intellegent Systems should make a brand new Fire Emblem for the DS, that features new units, 2D art, and a more eventful story. Shadow Dragon was a dissapointment, was it not? The new Fire Emblem should also include trainee units as well as 3rd-tier units, making a range of 4 different possible tier classes. If that made any sense. What do you people think? I'm just saying stuff from out of the blue, so yeah.