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Nintendo 3DS for...$20.00!!

Well school began a mere two weeks ago, and during that time is when everyone tries selling textbooks from the past semester to other students.

One day, I was selling my Life on Earth Biology textbook for $80.00. A personal friend of mine, whom we went to high school since I was in Freshman year, wanted to purchase the book since it was good deal. On the day that he was going to buy it, he only had $60.00 with him. However, to make up the $20.00 loss from the original $80.00 price, he decided to give me his Nintendo 3DS along with his Super Street Fighter IV game.

Nintendo 3DS

I tested the 3DS and it worked very well! All the buttons function smoothly, the camera is silky smooth, the minigames were pretty fun, and overall the Nintendo 3DS was great!

After a mere...12 hours after I've received the Nintendo 3DS, I immediately went to a nearby Target shop and bought Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and dear goodness is it such a marvelous game!

Well that's a highlight of the beginning of my school semester, and I do thank my friend very much for giving me his Nintendo 3DS. Seriously, I really, really thank you. :)

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Impressions

Hey everyone,

Well, I bought Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep this Sunday! Since then, I've been extremely addicted to this game. It's that damn good.

What can I say about BBS...

The first impression I was surprised of BBS is, unlike previous Kingdom Hearts games,it has an installation requirement. There are three options to install BBS: The first option takes 200 MB to load combat speed, the second option takes 400 MB loads combat time, menus, and area speed, and the final option is 624MB which speeds everything to the maximum. After choosing which option to install the game (I chose the 624MB option), I can then play the game!

To give very minute spoilers, you have the decision to play as one of the three main characters: Aqua, Terra, or Ventus. I chose Ventus because, like everyone else's assumptions, he looksA LOT like Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days.

The combat is extremely fun! In my opinion, it's better than the combat in Kingdom Hearts II. Unlike previous Kingdom Hearts games, BBS abilities, weapons, magics all have RPG elements. In other words, they can level up like your character! Anyway back to the combat, the fighting seems pretty similar to KH II except think of its fast-pace fighting twice as faster and twice as funner. There is a command bar atop your attack menu which fills as you continue fighting enemies. Once it reaches its limit, you can unleash a powerful and deadly blow to them

So far I'm around 10 hours into the game, and I'm almost finished with Ventus's campaign. No worries, I can always go to Aqua's and Terra's campaigns for more replay value. :D

Oh I also forgot, BBS has 4 DIFFICULTY LEVELS. With the standard three (Easy, Normal, Proud), the fourth difficulty mode is called CRITICAL. Unless you're a hardcore KH fan, and you're truly up for challenges, then Critical mode is definitely for you. Also if you choose to play the game in either Proud or Critical mode, you can increase your chances of unlocking the secret ending (which I'm definitely going to do :D).

Anyway why am I still typing this blog right now? I should be playing BBS until my sores plead to my brain to finally rest. Well these are my impressions of BBS, and I'm definitely loving it! If anyone has a Playstation Portable, and is a Kingdom Hearts fan, I definitely encourage you guys to try this game. :)

Level 10!!

The day is March 24, 2010.

Time: 8:12am Pacific Time.

I had now reached Level 10!!

Congradulations...to me! :D