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Microsoft Announces content as a gift to celebrate the first birthday of the Xbox One

Saturday 22 November will mark the first birthday of the Xbox One: on this date a year ago the console arrived in present on 13 markets around the world. To celebrate this event, Microsoft announced a series of initiatives.

First, players who bought the console in one of the launch markets 13 prior to October 1, 2014 and who gave consent to receiving marketing communications from Xbox, will receive a customized email that lists the major milestones achieved to date them to the console. Microsoft it also illustrates some of the achievements by the community in this first year:

- Players have earned 11 billion points total Gamerscore on Xbox One

- Fans have spent over 2 billion hours playing on Xbox One

- The four goals more unlocked on the console are:

- Forza Motorsport 5 : Welcome to Forza Motorsport - Titanfall : DIY - Destiny : Baptism of the sea - Call of Duty: Ghosts : the beginning of everything

And now we come to the most interesting things. Starting from Friday, all players who bought an Xbox One in one of the 13 countries between November 22, 2013 launch and November 11, 2014, of 17 years or more and who have at least 10 hours of active use of the console (obviously with the console connected online, otherwise Microsoft could not register the hours of use), you will receive an email that will allow you to download:

- A player image "Year One"

- New wallpapers for Xbox One: a special "Year One" in addition to an exclusive background "Day One" reserved only for those who had unlocked the objective "Day One", present only in Day One console Edition.

- A background image "Year One" to use on Twitter, on your PC, etc. - Free rental of the film "Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn", for a limited time

Also, you made a draw among all players who can receive, if selected, one at random from among the following awards:

- A month's subscription to the service and Access

- The credit card GTA V Tiger Shark, worth $ 200,000 in-game for GTA Online

- An Xbox Live Gold membership 12 months from

- The Killer Instinct Season Combo Breakers Pack 1 , the retail version of the first season of Killer Instinct that contains all eight characters: Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Sadira, Orchid and Spinal, in addition to the DLC's brilliance.

- A Nissan 370Z limited edition Casio livery for Horizon Force 2

- Fast access to aircraft for Battlefield 4 which allows you to instantly unlock all helicopters and jet are in the main game directory

- French Rapier content of Assassin's Creed Unity , to improve the skill of Arno

- Platinum 75 credits in Warframe

- The Costume Pack Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for Peggle 2

- The Epic Quest table for Pinball FX2

- Dance Central Spotlight

- Project Spark Premium-15 days: achieves twice the Spark and credits XP XP sample, plus the ability to purchase new in-game content normally unlocked only via token

I therefore await the arrival of these gifts hoping to be extracted, wishing a happy birthday to Xbox One!

Defiance becomes F2P on Xbox 360

We inform you that from several minutes was released on the Xbox 360 Marketplace version Free-to-Play Defiance, discreet title action MMO released at full price in April last year. If you don't know there should also download just out of curiosity: you might notice interesting similarities in fact-although certainly not purely structural and qualitative-with one of the most popular titles of recent times, or Destiny.

The game will weigh on your memory media about 5.06 GB, and as always you can choose to download from xbox.com or directly from the console.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is Gold

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have just announced to the world that Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is officially entered in gold, then in perfect weather for the launch planned for next December 9. Good news for those who are waiting for this particular evolution in the Lara Croft saga pettuta, followed by spiritual Guardian Of Light came out not long ago. And you, you are one of those who are waiting?

Far Cry 4 alternate ending allows it to be “beaten” in under 15 minutes

For those unfamiliar with the game’s premise, Its single-player campaign puts gamers in the shoes of Ajay Ghale, an English-speaking Nepalese native who returns to Kyrat, a fictional, yet wild region within the Himalayas to scatter his mother’s ashes in honor of her dying wishes. In the game’s actual, full-length story, Ajay gets caught up in a civil war upon arrival as the Kyrat natives struggle under the oppressive regime of self-appointed king, Pagan Min.

On to the real meat of the matter, in the game’s alternate ending, once Ajay is taken into the hands of Pagan Min, he is taken to a room, in which Min tells him to stay and “enjoy the crab rangoon.”

This is where the alternate ending can be accessed:

If the player decides to stay put in the room, instead of leaving the premises, for approximately 13 minutes, Pagan Min comes back into the room. After that, Min takes him to the place where Ajay is to place his mother’s urn of ashes.

Min proceeds to tell Ghale the history of his mother in Kyrat, which reveals some interesting discoveries. After some short exposition, Ghale is directed to enter the building where he is to place his mother’s ashes next to those of another deceased relative.

Upon exit of the building, Pagan Min says something along the lines of, “Oh good! You feel better now? Get it out of your system? Maybe now, we can shoot some goddamn guns,” as The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go’s” introductory riff plays in the background. Min and Ghale enter Min’s helicopter as the game’s ending credits roll.

That’s it. Legitimately.

Source: Far Cry 4 alternate ending allows it to be “beaten” in under 15 minutes

A new update of the Xbox One is in preview; improves the party chat

Please note that Microsoft has just released a new update for the participants in the Xbox preview programme One; as mentioned previously, for December are not particularly important updates, and this goes to settle some issues relating to the group chat. As always, who is part of the preview can download it manually from the system settings and then take part in the various tests/surveys provided by the program's preview app.

Gears of War is coming next year....

Keep the entries on the return of one of the most popular series by Xbox fan: Gears of War. The well-known insider Shinobi602 recently posted on Twitter an image of the first Gears of War commenting on the phrase "next year".

The insiders, proved reliable for other early revelations such as the name of Halo 5: Guardians and some information about the new IP for PS4 of Guerrilla Games , has not said if it is a new title in the series or a remake of the first chapter, but we know that the next Gears will come in 2016 so it is very likely a remaster for Xbox One of the first game in the series, along the lines of the Anniversary editions of Halo.

Of course, for now there is nothing sure, then I invite you to take this information with due caution.... But i Can't wait....

Phil Spencer: the new Rare game is unmistakably Rare

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox Division, recently paid a visit to Rare studies to test their new title. Spencer, after trying to phone the new project of software house, wanted to share his first impressions on the game via Twitter:

"the new Rare game is unmistakably Rare style, excellent experience visiting the studios of this development team".

It could be the Battletoads, brand that Microsoft recently settled?

Pier Solar HD arrives on November 21 on Xbox One

Independent developer WaterMelon announced that Pier Solar HD finally has an official release date for the Xbox One. The new retro-style fantasy RPG disembark on new flagship Microsoft starting next November 21.

Nato originally as project "posthumously" for the Sega Mega Drive (released in 2010, well 20 years after the European launch of the console), Pier Solar proved a fantasy RPG from such successful WaterMelon developer to make even an HD version on most modern hardware. The new edition is not a simple port, the game boasts a new high-resolution graphics, new hand-drawn backgrounds and more, while maintaining its traditional old-style chart.

The official trailer:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - coming update to improve connectivity

Sledgehammer has announced that it is going to be released a new update that will improve the stability of the online connection of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Michael Condrey explains how the community of players has prompted improvements, which now will be put in place. Here's the list of what this update will improve:

- Reset problems when classes enable the prestige, which also included emblems and challenges;

- Adjust the in-game placement of the name of who is talking in the chat (when someone speaks, his name appears on screen);

- Improvement of connectivity;

- Fixed a problem regarding the charts after enabling the prestige;

- Regulation of challenges to unlock camouflage for weapons;

- Fixed a problem that plagued the U/M rate in round-based mode;

- Implemented the ability to unlock the opazioni "eSports Rule" in private match.

Condrey concluded by saying that further information will come in the next few days...

The November update of the Xbox One is now available to all

Please note that, after the usual beta test carried out by the participants in the program preview, the November update of the Xbox One is now been released by Microsoft for all owners of Xbox One. As always it is a rolling updatey, then you can wait until you arrive automatically in the coming days, or download it immediately using the appropriate option in the system settings.

November update some interesting innovations such as the customization of the background or objectives by way of USB, adding personal notes in the player profile, Twitter integration in video sharing and several improvements to the app SmartGlass. You can find a complete list below, followed by a video in which Major Nelson explains the new features.

View who are you

Customizable Backgrounds : the feature most requested by fan makes its debut on the Xbox One. For the first time each account on the console will have a custom background; You can choose from a range of colors, an image taken from the objectives of any game or the photos loaded via USB stick (to be opened with the media player, and then select the option "set as wallpaper").

• Player Profile: Is it possible to share your geographical position and biography as part of the profile. You can set these options on your console and also use profiles to browse SmartGlass of other users, as well as see their storefronts. You can also select which objects to show when the profile will be consulted by other players. SmartGlass and Xbox One can also be used to add up to six game clips or goals that will be shown in a "dashboard" to those visiting our profile.

• Game Clip Sharing via Twitter : you can now share their favorite clips with their followers on Twitter. Just use the Share button in each clip and select Twitter for sharing.

A new way to watch TV

• Recent and favorite Channels in MiniGuide : the mini guide has been updated to include a new area showing our favorite and recent TV channels. The mini guide will also be activated by voice commands.

The Store improvements and SmartGlass updates

• Improvements in Store : the Store on Xbox One has been enhanced to allow you to navigate and find content faster. The navigation buttons have been moved to the upper left corner to be found more easily. You will find faster Add-ons, search specifications and recommendations are now in relief. Furthermore, the categories of the Store were standardized so you can easily see the most popular products at a glance.

• Activities of friends on SmartGlass : you can now see a list of friends who have played a given title directly on SmartGlass

• Games with Gold & Deals with Gold on SmartGlass : for subscribers Live Gold subscription, you can browse the games and all discounts by setting the download directly from the mobile device.

• Improvements to the Store on SmartGlass : a new section to the App on SmartGlass was added so you can more easily find and download applications for the console. It was also added a filter "incoming" to locate upcoming games.

Internet Explorer Updates

• Supports IE : on IE you can now switch between full-screen mode that supported directly from the address bar.

• Featured Sites : Now Internet Explorer will show a number when something is added to sites to front. The new additions will also an indicator for seven days by adding or to the first opening of the respective site.