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Gamestop Conference

I've been back from the Gamestop Managers Training Conference for about a week now.  It was'nt all I was hoping it would be but, it was fun none the less.  The highlight was I got to see Reggie.  Woot!  Other than that it was a lot of comercials and monotony.  If anyone wants any details just ask. I am gonna try and remeber everything and write a longer post later. 

Don't Drink and Drive!!!!

I went to have coffee tonight. Turned out to be a really bad idea. I'm driving home and it's like 2AM, and there are about 5 cop cars with their lights on.  Of course I think they have pulled someone over.  So after being half blinded by all these damn flashing lights I look up.  And there is this ****ing horse. I swerve to the left to miss it and a colt is right there.  So I hit it. No other choice.  I killed a baby horse and destroyed the right side of my care.  I feel like ****.  So don't get wired on coffee and pay more attention to flashing lights than what is in front of your face.  I'm sure Shen will have a hillarious parody of this night so stay tuned....

Shen's Edit: For the record, this incident was in no way alcohol-related.  My wife's not the best communicator *shrug*.  But I love her!


Yeah Me!

Shen keeps picking on me cuz I won't write a new blog.  But, I say what for? He is the writer and I suck a** at it. oh well....here goes...

So I got my promotion (like a month ago) into the dirtiest most unorganized store I have ever seen.  I read all the hate posts in the forums about Gamestops and EB's and laugh because they ALL desribed my store. I have been blessed none-the-less.  I love my job!  How many people can honestly say that? 

If you read this let me give you a little heads up on employees at Gamestop and EB Games.                                                     

We do not know anything about anything....HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Just a lil Rant...

So, I am sitting here contemplating calling in sick to work tommorrow.  Why you ask....well because I have to go and interview for a promotion that should just be handed over to me.  Oh no that would be too easy! So I get to go bull**** my way through a bunch of questions with the same cut and paste answers that every other applicant is gonna give. AAAaaahhhh!!!! How frustrating....Such is life!

The Noob! (Obviously!)

Yeah, thats me the noob.  My husband has been on here for a long time and finally convinced me to join.  Mostly cuz he's an officer and does'nt want me on under his name anymore. But , Whatever.  So here is my first blog. Lame.  LOL!