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ive returned, its been alittle too long but im still around

well im back from a long time of not logging on here, i think it was like a week before the megadeth concert since i stopped getting on here which was basically the whole summer but yeah i just found myself getting busier with stuff outside of games like my band and work and other stuff but its calm now. ive just been promoting the band on myspace and playing shows and i also just made a myspace so if you guys wanna hit me up there go ahead just find me via email i know its on my about me section. but yeah ill be here more often as the gaming holiday season closes in with some sick games on the way. and ill try to catch up with you my friends here on gamespot since ive been basically left for dead here on gamespot haha.

Top 10 ppl i would love to meet

So yeah super long time since my last blog post, so i have realized i wanna meet these ppl in the flesh and just hang out with them. and some influenced me on something but most of them i just wanna meet them

10. Kobe Bryant : my favorite player for my favorite basketbal team, the lakers, man he is a sick player, not the best ever but for my generation i guess i like what i see, hes awsome and a bit spoiled at times but hes still a great player and id like to meet him and just hang out.


9. Donald Trump : there is nothing more that screams C lass than this man, he is a great businessman and hates rosie o donnel, this guy is the epitome of entrepeneur and businessman, id like to meet the donald and judge C lassless ppl like o donnel.


8. Morgan Webb : OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh!!!!!!!!!! i wanna meet her and sweep her off her feet, then eat some burger king and then go play some brawl at my house, then OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH. oh yeah, i wanna meet her, and more!


7. Donovan McNabb : an awesome quarterback for the philadelphia eagles, also my favorite qb on my favorite team, dont ask (i live in LA, we have no football team so i have to settle) but hes great and underrated, i wanna toss some pigskins with this guy.


6. Kat Von D : man she is soooo hot, for a girl with that many tatoos she can really pull it off, i mean this girl is freakin beatiful, and she likes most music i like and she seems really chill.


5. Dave Mustaine : this awesome guitarist/vocalist is from my favorite band megadeth and he kills on the solos and the guitar work from his music, hes an amazing musician and i dont mind jamming to some megadeth tunes with him while on my bass.


4. Christopher Walken : what can i say, this guy is awesome and he makes movies better when hes in them, hes a great actor.


3. Tom Araya : the bassist to inspire me to play bass at high velocity and to play bass period, the first thrash band i heard that got me into metal, his vocals so aggressive and so epic with the speed of the music from slayer are just jawdropping, he is a great songwriter as well and is a big impact on my bass playing and my favorite singer at that too.


2. Tom Leykis : since 8th grade ive been listening to this dude on the radio, and becaus of him i learned to not take S from women while me bieng in a relationship anytime, and i also learned how to approach girls so i can go out, i learned to have game because of him and im not shy toward girls because of what he teaches on leykis 101, now i dont go by ALL his teachings but i go by the core and its to take a stand and not be whupped and he also teaches how t omanage money and other stuff.


1. Adam Carolla : yeah i want to meet this guy out of all the ppl, hes a great comedian and he makes alot of sense with what he says aside from comedy, he makes great points and above all he is freakin funny,


so thats my list, it doesnt go in order, because i didnt wanna go back and re organize but my top three are my top three, and now that i think if it was in order it wouldnt be like this, so yeah just thought you should know who id like to meet, GO LAKERS!!!!

A survey about me. I jacked this from PrincessSamus as a favor

yeah i took this survey and i thought it would be cool to expose alittle about me on gs.

1) Full name: Sergio Antonio Soto Jr.

2) Gender: Male

3) Place of birth: Lincoln Heights, CA

4) Favorite color: Green, Black and Red

5) Birth day: September 18th, 1989

6) Hobbies: Games, Going To Concerts, playing bass, hanging out with my friends, and going online

1) Have you ever been on drugs? Hell NO! Muhfuh!

2) Do u say curses? Actually im trying to cut down when i use it in sentences to enhance things

3) Have u ever stolen something? Yes

4) Have u ever smoked? Nope, i wanna die of other causes not cancer

5) Was this quiz a total waste of your time? Kinda but i have no other thing to do at the moment

6) Do u still want more questions? what the hell, keep em coming

Me and video games

1) 1st game ever played: Sonic The Hedgehog

2) Whats your favorite game? Starfox 64

3) Whats your 2nd favorite? thats a tough one, The Legend of Zelda : Majoras Mask

4) Whats your favorite series? Starfox

5) Whats your LEAST FAVORITE Game? Mario's Missing, man that game was a waste of time 1

) Whats your favorite website? I guess its gamespot since i get on alot and almost daily

2) Whats your second favorite? probably wikipedia since i learn and like to read on stuff i dont know about from there

3) Whats your least favorite website? i cant think of one

4) How many websites r u members on? just gamespot and email ones too.

5) Which website do u like, but never really go on? pogo.com oh no the horror! i have stalkers there so im outta there

6)which site do u normally go on? Gamespot.com


1) favorite animal: Platypus, Wolf, Racoon

2) Which animal r u most afraid of? Any mistake of life also known as bugs, theyre so stupid they dont help at all, if only there were no bugs...

3) which animal is cute, but vicious? cute? thats not in my vocabulary but cool is and that would be the parrot, i got bit by one now im scarred for life!

4)Do u have any pets? nope, but i will buy a cat soon when i move out of my current house in about a month

5) Do u want pets when u grow up? heck yes!

6) whats your least favorite pet? Fish, they dont do anything, what are they gonna do? look at the burglar? common theyre useless

7) which animal r u most like? Falcon, always on the hunt and always atent

8.) Which animal would u most want 2 be? a dog, but not just any dog, like id like to be a retriever or something, like a respected dog race and the carefreeness couldnt get any better, i mean, dogs just wake up, urinate, poo, eat then bark alittle then sleep, now thats the life.

Love and Relationships

1) Have you ever kissed guy/girl? but ofcourse a girl

2) have u ever kissed someone of the same sex? NO! and i dont want to think of thinking that to ever think that. NO!

3) How many boy/girl friends have u had? I have had 4 girlfriends

4) What was your longest relationship with someone? 1 year and about a month

5) Have you ever cheated on someone? Hell NO! thats a big no no on my personal code

6) DO u plan to marry in the future? nah, do you know the divorce rate in california? 85% id commit but no marry too much legal stuff and money is involved

7) do u plan to have children in the future? its a clash i have with myself all the time but i dont have to worry about that right now im young

8) Are single right now? nope

9) Are you a Virgin? No

So yeah this is honesty to the 1000% and yeah thats my survey, wow it felt wierd with some questions but its all good. and samus there you have it i return the favor.

Whoah now this dream freaked the bejeezus outta me...

yeah ok here it goes ill tell you from where i remember the earliest to when my cell phone alarm woke me up before i had to go to work (bless james hetfields voice on seek and destroy or i wouldnt have woken up) ok so let me cut to the chase, here goes :

ok im in my room playing smash bros. none in particular because i was playing as fox and against game and watch but it was wierd cuz it was on a level from melee termina field and i was using brawl moves and items but that part wasnt the most detailed just what i noticed and how that moved my dream forward so as im playing outta nowhere my windows dont have blinds but only one the smaller one facing the other house and i hate my blinds bieng open cuz then ppl passing can see from outside so i was getting mad and started to use some wierd thing on the floor to cover it and it was like those things ppl put on cars to cover the sun on the side windows but it was thicker so then i look to my bed and this girl i have been talking to alot lately is on my bed but with red hair (shes blonde) and she just says hey wheres your fan? it was there yesterday then i saw no cieling fan and the wierd thing too is that shes never been to my house and then as that happened i hear my mom open her door and go to the living room (my room faces the living room and my door was open) and then she goes in the calmest manner ive ever heard her "oh my gosh that things big, hey sergio dont let it go in your room" and i was like what are you talking about? then i look at my sofa and i saw a big humungous possum with huge teeth and its like the size of a bike then its big eyes looked at me and it triede to get in my room so i closed the door and then for some reason my bed wasnt there but the frame was and there were a bunch of black widows (i have arachnaphobia) and oh man the started to jump all over the place and started to swarm and the possum got in throught the bottom of my door it was freakin scary and then i just went to the corner of my room and then BOOM!!!!! "SEARCHIIIIIIIAAAAAHHHN!!!!! SEEK AND DESTROY!! WHAAAOOHHH!!!" and i woke up.

yeah that was a wierd dream and you wanna know the funny part? my alarm gets me up at 2:35 and i woke up before i had the dream and it was 2:23 when i went to sleep again so if you do the math all that stupidness of a dream happened in 12 MINUTES!!! WTF!? oh man thats stupid its crazy how the human brain works and if anybody knows what this stupid dream means please do tell me or let me in on the facts.

Adam Carollas "The Hammer" + Quadraxis1809's GS public address.

Hello my friends here on gamespot! for i have officially returned as a daily again to gamespot although ive been around some of your blogs and posted on a few but yeah anyways im back and due to the whole super smash bros brawl fever i had (and still have) havenet been on the forums but im back now and ready to get on the usual routine and check out what your all talking about on your blogs and ill try to get on as many blogs as i can during my time on gs but if i dont get on your blogs its probably because you posted one after i log off but its all good ill find when the last blog post was when i was gone and try to get back on it and id appreciate some comments too. but yeah bieng "back" is kinda wierd but its all good and if i dont get on some of your blogs to comment im sorry i have work and i do other stuff too and sometimes i just check the vitals in my gamespot account when i log on but ill get back to all of you.


on to other news as some of you may know Adam Carolla's movie "The Hammer" just hit theatres friday the 21st and i gotta say this movie is hilarious and spectacular and great and oh man i cant describe the movie was great, dont believe me? check online for reviews if what you think i say is a load of hooplah but anyways the movie was great although its an independent film its only in select theatres but ive seen it and i gotta say its fantastic the humour is great and its very inspiring and has alittle bit content for everyone the movie is straight up genius and has great moments and the music used is just fantastic. go watch it i HEAVILY recommend it its great and i know you my friends on gs and others will like it please go watch it its worth your time and its funny from beginning to end. just go check it out its fantabulous and i know some movie buffs out there will like this one so yeah go check it out its great and its worth it.

so yeah that concludes my public address and im back! ill get to all your blogs as soon as im done typing this big blog i have.

It was almost a religious experience...

oh man the release midnight launch of brawl last night was sick, i mean there was pizza and drinks and brawl!!! and the whole experience was sick and i got second place at the tournament. but actually i wasnt in it to win it until i actually started to win but yeah i lost to some dude using link in the awesome dark link costume and i lost using mario in the fire flower suit. its all good tho i made some brethren and i was getting cheered on like i was in the superbowl or in game 7 of the world series oh man it was sick, there was yelling, cursing, and a bunch of appreciating and advertisemint for brawlers. i loved the cheering it was such an adrenaline rush. but yeah ive been playing brawl since like around two but since timechanged it was 3 and i slept till 7 and woke up like at 12 to get on some brawl, imma get some much and go try to get some more characters. well ill see you all in a good while and have fun with that brawl its a freakin great game.
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