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Sony sent me an email the other day saying my account information might have been stolen. Within a day or so before that, my Email accountthat i only use for PSN was flooded with spam, getting 200 messages a day, and unknown charges on my credit card. Now i didn't make the connection at first, but since the charge was in California and i live in Ohio, i was a little stumped untill i received the email and i do not believe in coincidences.
Now most people dont care about what sony didn't do because they were not effected by what they didn't secure which happened to be the only place i gave my information aside from where i work during the summer.
So before you sony fanboys go on and on about how sony is the greatest, think about if sony caused something like this to you. What would you do? What if sony was hacked and random people stole your private information? Would you still love that company that didn't secure your private information? Would you do it again? Would a few free games be enough for your loyalty? Or would you be as mad as i am?

Think about it for a while...


Mortal Kombat

I just picked up mortal kombat for my 360 yesterday. I was my first fighting game since vitrua fighter on my SEGA Saturn.
Since Fighting games arenb't really in my genre of gaming, my first impressions of the game were far from great. Going through the campaign, it seamed that i had to have reaction times of a cheetah to even get a single hit on the person which frustrated the hell out of me. I played through the tutorial and still barely got enough out of it to beat the first tag team :( . I have to give the poeple that are good at this game credit for having the talent to take on this game!
I not frustrated enough to give up, but i am wondering if this was the wrong fighting game for me :( .
In the mean time, I will keep playing All Stars :P and im back to playing CoD 4, which is still the best in my opinion. So if anyone wants to give me tips on MK, or wants to play some CoD 4, hit me up ;) .



I just recently bought homefront a few days ago and was compelled to write something about it seeing how its the most over-hyped game that i have ever seen.
I honestly don't understand what people see in this game. The campaign is broken, with a horrible storyline, dumb AI, and recycled gameplay that seems to drag on and on till you get to a ending that will make you want to never play singleplayer again.
The multiplayer is glitchy, servers keep kicking you out ofgames at random, hit detection while sniping is practically non exsistent, and the battlepoint system is a nice change, but gets old fairly fast.
So far it's one of theworst, over-hyped FPS on the market. So if you want a new refreshing FPS i would recomend Crysis instead.
I wish the developers worked harder on making this game work because it could have been much better.


CoD and Crysis

So I'm online today playing Crysis 2. I get a couple of friends into a party and they ask me if i want to play black ops. I deny his request and he goes of on me, and crysis calling crysis"A stupid piece of **** that doesn't deserve an existence."
So that made me look at what CoD is and I realize something. Every single CoD has been the exact same as MW1. The campaign has been improving but if that did not, thenthey don'teven need to make new games. Just put different labels on the same game, say its from a different developer and charge $60!
Just look at it: the perks are mostly the same, guns are mostly the same,(accept it seems they nerf guns on the weekends in there spare time) killstreaks are also similar, and everyone STILL runs around with ghost and silencers. I don't understand how people can not get bored with Step one: point. Step 2: shoot. Or just skip step 1 altogether.
Did i forget zombies? Nope. They have the same setup as DLC for WaW, but i guess since the economy is so bad and people cant afford DR or L4D, then they will have to settle with the same round after round of mindless zombie slaying on the same 3 tiny maps.

From now on iwill be seriously looking at whether i will be buying another CoD. Simply because i am not wasting another $60 on the same thing that i bought 4 years ago, and i don't know how so many people put up with the same old stuff over and over again.

Which brings me to crysis. I like Crysis because it gets me out of this CoD stupor. This is my first crysis game and i have got to say it really is amazing. The campaign is amazing combining upgradeable guns and armor, and the stealth gameplay seamlessly fits perfectly with the gunfights and conforms to your playstile. The multiplayer is a beautiful combination of using stealth and prowess to get kills, or you could just run and gun if it suits you. So i will be playing lots of Crysis and i would suggest to everyone to get this game.


New Game Buys

Some great new games are coming out in the next few weeks that i will be buying:

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime.
I have been waiting for ANYTHING ghostbusters in the last few years after Ghostbusters: The videogame come out. Im glad that there will be a new one with4 player co-op!

Crysis 2: I have never player a crysis game before, but after playing the demo and seeing the "Now Playing" on GS i was hooked. Cant wait for this!

Rush n' Attack ex patriot: After seeing the stealth gameplay last year, i was on edge for this game. Almost any game with stealth components draws me in. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!

Cant wait for these titles!


QOSMSTR is back (hopefully for good).

Yes, it is true. For the past couple of weeks i have been returning to GS just like old times! Because winter in ohio is boring, and uninteresting! But in the cold depths of ohio and 20k more gamerscore later, i have returned with a wealth of gaming knowledge that i am willing to share with all!




New Gamertag

For all my confused gamespot friends saying, "Where's TFU MSTR?" or " Where's MSTR OF PPTS?" The answer to those questions is i changed my gamertag to X Saint Ang3r X

so if you see X Saint Ang3r X sending you party/game invites, its me!

Lost planet 2...how Co-op should be!

Capcom has released great co-op games. RE5 for example. Great storyline, great gun selection and lots of majini!

Lost planet 2 in my opnion has far superior co-op to many games of its genre. Not only does it have a great storyline and 4 player co-op online but has good splitscreen as well although i still do not understand why the make huge gaps at the margins of the screens so they make both screens even smaller than my already small tv!

Another thing lost planet 2 does remarkebly is the customization. There are 4 factions. Each you have to level up by either playing co-op and getting lots of ? cubes, or by playing multiplayer online. Each time you level up your charater 10 times you get a whole new set of clothes for your character, and maybe a new gun as well! So not many people have the same guns so we all get a feel of what is out there.

Nom de guerre's area nice addition too. If you do not already know Nom de Guerre basically translates into an assumed name. And LP2 has lots of them! Most of them are silly and hilarious. The one i stick with is Yummy Yummmy Food In My Tummy. So when you die, you get killedby Yummy Yummy Food in my Tummy!But thats just as an example. There are over 400 of them and cover most gaming subjects. Like "Noob Killer", "Unknown Super Soldier" its just something they add so people can be known by something instead of MSTR OF PPTS.

Something else they added was the "Slot machine". The slot machine is just that. You collect cubes to get points, you spend 2000 points for a spin on the machine which could unlock you new weapons, abilitys, character parts, nom de guerre's, or emotes. So no matter what level you are you can still have the same chance of getting a sweet gun or ability unlike most games where your dying to level up because you want the 44. magnum or ACR.

So why did it get such a low rating? The boss battles are intense! Co-op and multiplayer is great! And SOOOO manycollectables!and yet it still gets a 5.5?

Raptr problems...

I recently signed up to Raptr and i linked it 2 my GS account but for some reason it doesn't chow any of my game or achievements on Raptr or GS. Does anyone know why this is?

Resident Evil: PSP

I recently downloaded the first 3 resident evil games from PSN and they are amazing. They have somewhat improved graphics and gameplay is still in its truly amazing form!

Resident evil tops all the others though because of its huge storyline. It has Leon A&B plus Clair A&B scenarios which are at least 3-6 hours (6 if your like me :D) of playtime which make this a steal!

The origional i am stuck on (DAM YOU STUPID SNAKE!) so any helpwould be apreciated!

I just downloaded Nemesis last night so i will be posting something on that one soon.

My only hatred of the resident evil series now is that RE5 is not like the origionals with better graphics. Meaning, that you dont go through a House/Police Station and try to escape. It turned into another game with chapters and different game locations. But at least Lost in Nightmares will cheer me up alot!


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