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So SOE, you want us old vets to "Rebuild" your SWG community?

Written in the Senate report on the official SWG Forums:

(NEW) How do we re-build "community"?, by Khristen:  A discussion is started asking what the players can do to rebuild the game community to higher levels.  A stronger sense of community is often cited as reasons why SWG is "not as good as it used to be".  The Senators evaluate the reasons why community is not as strong now, in particular the decentralization of player "hot spots" and the fact that some players just don't want to rebuild the community because they would rather complain about the game.  Thunderheart also joins in on the discussion.

So you want us old Vet's back huh?  Well here are our terms!

1- Return to the Pre-CU. If this means leaving the current Servers as NGE Servers and opening up the old Japanese servers with Pre-CU code, fine. BTW, You will have to develop for the Pre-CU. The NGE would either stop development or be developed in tandem with the Pre-CU servers.

2- Either a refund of our time lost on our subscriptions that we lost do to the NGE or having that time lost added to a subscription to the Pre-CU.

3- We paid and Beta tested their game for a long time, we want an additional 3 free months of Pre-CU.

4- An apology, a real apology where Smed and the head developers, who were responsible for the NGE, either resign or remove themselves from all development decisions with regard to SWG.

That is what SOE has to do to get us back. We have not budged and will not until all 4 terms are met.  SOE You want us, well then it is time you start taking our demands into consideration!

1 Year Ago.

SOE destroyed SWG, SOE sold their long time vets out for numbers that don't exist, and I cut my ties with SOE.

You guys did a great job.

What happened to the Official SWG Forums.

They have created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Though bannings, through suspensions, though not allowing people with inactive accounts the ability to post, through post deletion, through post locking, and through the supression of crticism, SOE has turned the official forums into what they always called it.  SOE has turned the official forums into the "Vocal Minority."

The people left on the official forums are mainly sycophants that shout down any criticism of SWG and scream praise at the SWG Dev's.

Bravo SOE, guess you proved yourselves right.

When I read the official forums now, there is hardly anything worth reading.  It is either mindless praise for dev's and flames for vets.  And of the few remaining vets that see the BS of SWG, they are broken.  They no longer have the will to write long and concise arguments of why the direction of the game is wrong.  Hell, I used to write some pretty good posts back in the day, but in my last days on those forums, all I had the will to do was flame.

So SOE, here is to your vocal minority

My Response to Chris Cao, SOE Developer for SWG: NGE

Chris Cao wrote:





Roughly 80% of the people who play SWG never read these boards. We know this from our own internal metrics and it poses an interesting question. Are we talking to people who play the game or posters who play the boards?


I don't mean to imply that the people who post here don't play the game. Far from it. There are thousands of well-constructed, thoughtful, and insightful posts from people who obviously know the game very well. Just read a few lines of these gems and you'll realize that, first and foremost, these people care about the game. Their focus is the game. I think the lion's share of the profession feedback in the last couple publishes is a fantastic example of these players who post.


But, at the same time, these boards are constantly cluttered by the reverse. Posters who play. They use these forums to lash out at others, criticize wantonly, and generally feed their own egos. They regularly attack devs and moderators, clinging to past wrongs and imagined slights. They focus on themselves instead of the game. To them, the boards are the real game.


As devs, we aren’t here to play the board game. We’re here to play, and to make, SWG.


The upcoming chapters will see the remainder of the profession expertise systems implemented. We have a lot of work to do and the feedback from players who post is going to be invaluable. You aren’t going to like every decision we make and we understand that. We have a limited resources and time to accomplish all that needs to be done. But, as I’ve said before, we will be here (on the boards) and we will be listening. If you’re up for a focused discussion of ideas, we welcome you and you can bet you’ll have our attention.


If, however, you feel the need to throw another stone, indulge a rant, whine, pick apart another poster, argue a dead point, rules lawyer, quote ancient history, or engage in any of the other classic board game moves, don’t expect us to pay attention. We have better things to do.


We have some SWG to make.





ChrisCao, if you are here and should read this message, take your keyboard and shove it up your ass! If you stupid SOB's did'nt take a pre-existing game, that people payed for months in advance, and just throw it out, then you would not be having 1/1,000,000'th of the problems you whinny and inept SOB's have now!

You, your managers, your colleages, and your company are a bunch of inept chimps! If you stupid sons of **** would quit listening to your own ego, then you bastards would have learned that 20% of your player base, one fifth of your players (I mean your game is so bug ridden that it could be because you do not understand simple math principles such as 20% = 1/5), are and were RIGHT!


The Golden Rules of being a MMORPG Customer. PART ONE

1- If EVERYONE SAYS IT SUCKS, THEN IT SUCKS. Everyone is not just everybody on gamespot. Gamespot has a poor MMORPG community so I would not rely on them soley. But if everyone on every game review site and on every MMORPG review site, like, says a game sucks, then it sucks. And everyone = customer reviews, professional reviews are almost always worthless.

2- NEVER PRE-ORDER ANYTHING. You might buy a total piece of crap you don't like.

3- DON'T PLAY A GAME BECAUSE OF "POTENTIAL". Play a game because it is good. Dev's are known to use "Potential" as a carrot on a stick.

4- FABOIS CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. Fanbois fanatically love the dev's and live in a world of potential and what if's.

5- BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. More philosphical...

SOE Dev Quote of intrest

Great SOE Dev Quote:

Blixtev wrote:
Folks like me do not get to make those kind of calls. People who script/code are very similar to plumbers. If the bosses wants us to put a toilet in the center of the living room, we redirect the pipes, dig a hole and install that toilet in the center of the living room. I may be able to put one of those cakes in it that turns the water blue, but that toilet is going in the center of the living room.

I almost had H'Bsr!

It was a few years ago.  Back in SWG on Starsider, when PC towns could /warn people.  I was a resident of Tib on Lok.  The month before I totally ripped to shreds a now promenate legend on Starsider.  He was a TKA at the time and his reb town was at war with Tib.  (I forgot what the name was, but it was North West of Tib and our Sister city).  I will let his name go unknown because I don't want to cause contraversy.  Let's just say, I was a Master Rifleman/Marksmen and his whole town could not stand up against my /Startle Shot 2 and /Sniper shot.

But to the important story.  I was at our sister twon, looking for chef foods (The leader of that town was one of the best chefs on the server) and everyone was gathering at the shuttle port.  I got a /tell "Yeah that "explative" NYC is at Nym's Starport.  We are gonna fight them."  I was like "Kool!" and joined up.  We shuttled into a twon close to Nyms and cloned there.  We took our speeders across the Lok wilderness and made our way to battle.

NYC was an awesome force, the only time I have ever seen a foce more well put together was with FATAL.  NYC had CM's in the back chucking poison and Riflemen up front taking down kills.   My self being a rifleman, I had a chance to get some kills.

So I swayed in and out of the battle, boy were we losing.  Us Imps were just disorganized, no plans at all.  But then I seen a mistake, when we were retreating H'Bsr was rushing forward.  I knew this was my time.  I played smart and stayed out of the CM poisons and used my mind sparingly.

When H'Bsr was in Range I pelted him with /Head shot 3.  He went down fast, but in the next second I made a mistake.  Instead of hitting /sniper shot I mashed my keyboard like a fool.  Then it was too late.  3 NYC came in to finish me off and I never got the kill.

Boy do I miss SWG....

WotC, my moral dilemma...

I have a love/hate relationship with Wizards of the Coast.

You see, I am a Magic the Gathering Vet.  I started around the time Revised was out, I got the power 9 all the goodies.  I helped perfect the "slag" deck, what we used to call burn and earlier goblin decks.  I remember when the min amount of cards per deck was 40 and you could have 4 black vises in your deck.  These were great times and I still have fun time to time bringing out the old decks and playing my friends.

BUT!  WotC did an abomination to one of my other loves.  2'nd edition AD&D was destroyed by them.  They came up with this simplistic D20 crap and that really twists my dangelies.  I see DDO and think, how can anyone play that crap?  I see their new rules sets and just want to vomit.  It really pisses me off.

So what do I do?  Do I celibrate them for Magic the Gathering or do I despise them for D&D 3.5?

BTW- Type 2 sucks!  I use all my cards biatchs!

What WoW is.

WoW is a brilliant piece of marketing and a poor MMORPG.  You may say "6 million MMORPG fans disagree with you!"  Well here are some facts:

1- When WoW entered the market there were about 7,500,000* MMORPG active subscribers.

2- Now there are a little over 12,250,000* MMORPG active subscribers.

3- If you look at the curve for total MMORPG active subscribers at you will find that the curve grew much faster, faster then ever before, when WoW was released.

Therefore, WoW fans were not MMORPG fans, they were origionally WoW fans.  People who play WoW are MMORPG n00bs primarily.    WoW has as much to do with MMORPG quality as McDonalds has to do with food quality.

WoW took a fanbase that already existed, the Blizzard fanbase, and gave them a MMORPG to blow money on.  There is nothing innovate about WoW and it is not any more fun than any other MMORPG out there.  WoW is just an example of what good marketing can do.

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