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Long time no post...

Harharhar. It's been what, a year or two since I added a post? So I might as well go for it. I've stopped playing battlefront, and I've been playing Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. And yes, finally, I got online. The only problem being I don't have a mic, which sucks. But I still wipe the floor with over half the players on that game, and I normally finish in the top 10 at the end of every round. On battlefront 2, my stats are insane. Something like 56,000 player points. So hoohaa.

New Orleans

The situation down there is brutal. I told my parents they should patrol the streets with M1A1 Abrams tanks. I mean, if you were a looter and you saw a tank comin down the street, you would stay where you were, you'd drop everything and run like heck. I made a joke about that. Here's how it goes:
Gunner: Sir! I see a looter!
Pilot: Well shoot him!
Gunner: *Fires main cannon* Oops.
Pilot: WTF?!?! You were supposed to use the 50 cal.!
Gunner: It was an accident!
Pilot: You brought down a whole block! You can kiss you job goodbye!
Gunner: But sir, I got the looter!

Well, I was on Battlefront yesterday...

I did pretty well, I got a new kill record (YAY!) which was 191, which is far better than my preveious 141. I also started training to maybe go online sometime, but if I do it will only be a day, and it will be at my cousin's house. (He's a Star Wars fanatic, and he's got online, and he said he might let me come over sometime if I bring Battlefront, as he doesn't have it) Well, I finished School early today (around 12:00, as I Homeschool), and I got on the comp, and set up my Gamespot profile and all that good stuff. Well anyways, I had fun on BF yesterday, I did all kinds of things on there. Including stop playing with Auto-aim on, the game is a lot harder without Auto-aim, way harder. That's about it.