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How hard should games be these days?

Tomorrow marks the European release day for Demon's Souls, a challenging action RPG for the PlayStation 3. It has received huge critical reception for how challenging the game is without ever stooping to the level of being cheap. However, challenging games like Demon's Souls are few and far between and have been for probably the last 15 - 20 years in gaming history. More and more games have been holding our hand all for the sake of getting more people into playing these games. One example of a franchise that has done this is our favourite RPG series, Final Fantasy, with the latest installment, Final Fantasy XIII, being linear for 2 thirds of the entire game. Now that games are starting to hold our hands more, the most hardcore gamers (including myself) can blitz through a game in a couple of days, or even hours. This is a convention the game industry follows to get higher sales figures, so it is a tad shameful that so few games can give us a challenge we will never forget. What do you think? Should games give us a good degree of challenge? Or should they stay with their current conventions?