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Gears of War 3 Limited or Epic Edition?

Help me decide...
I have already pre-ordered the Epic edition at the local Gamespot for $25 but at Wal-mart, if you pre-order, you get an additional character skin for in-game play. I'm not sure if I still want the Epic edition at the moment because of the price and I don't really have a place for that statue but I'm a big Gears fan...what to do, what to do? What do you all think?

Limited Edition: ($70)

  • An Octus Award Box with Octus Service Medal – A 1:1 match in size and weight, this zinc-alloy cog-shaped medal replicates the award given to Adam Fenix in recognition of his work on the Hammer of Dawn.
    -Dimensions: 77 mm (3 in.) x 10 mm (0.4 in.)
  • Exclusive Unlockable Adam Fenix Multiplayer Character – Each Octus Service Medal replica is engraved with a unique Xbox LIVE code that is the only way to unlock Adam Fenix in multiplayer.
  • A fabric COG Flag – Proud colors that once flew above the House of Sovereigns.
  • The personal effects of Adam Fenix, including his "Last Will and Testament," the initial Hammer of Dawn schematic, and other Fenix family mementos.

Epic Edition: ($150)

  • A Limited Edition Marcus Fenix Statue – Designed by Epic Games Art Director Chris Perna and expertly crafted by the artisans at Triforce, this fine PVC statue collectible makes the ultimate living room centrepiece for any true "Gears" fan.
    -Dimensions: height 285 mm (11.2 in.), diameter 225 mm (8.9 in.).
    -Weight: 1.7 kg (3.7 lb.)
  • The Art and Design of Gears of War by Tom Bissell – Through unprecedented access to the Epic Games team, acclaimed author Tom Bissell (Extra Lives) gives readers an incisive behind-the-scenes glimpse into one of the most celebrated sagas in video game history with 96 pages of interviews, photos, concept artwork and more.
  • Infected Omen Weapon Pack — Custom multiplayer skins for the game's five starting weapons; Lancer, Retro Lancer, Hammerburst, Sawed-off Shotgun, and Gnasher Shotgun.
  • All the contents of the "Gears of War 3" Limited Edition.

Almost The End Of The Beggining

Well it's almost the end of the semester finally. What seemed to be a hard and dreadful few months, went by really fast. Now, I will be able to get on here more often and get caught up with everyone. How's everyone doing?

Besides the semester ending, I'm getting busier and busier at work because of the holidays but thankfully they aren't working me as much during the week. When I haven't been working I've recently been busy watching Netflix on my 360 or trying to finish up some old games that I never got around too. It has been fun but I've missed this place and the community so I'm back now.

This time of year is my favorite, Chirstmas Holidays are coming soon along with my birthday (lots of presents :)) I will be 21 in about 28 days. I can't wait! A friend and I have the same birthday, give or take a couple weeks :P, so we plan to have one big bash on New Years (hopefully). That will be tons of fun. But besides that, I love the weather I'm having now. Where I live it's usually always really hot and humid but now that it's winter; it's starting to cool down and even get cold :D I love the cold weather.

So I'm going to end it here before I start rambling, thanks for reading.

Everything That Has Happend

Well lets see, where should I start...

Way back when LIMBO released, I bought that game and I was impressed. Although the game was short, it was a really good. I had a lot of fun running through all the puzzles and I never got bored of it :) The game has some replay value for me so I'm just going to actually find the time to sit down and play it again :P

If I'm not mistaken a few days after that, I went and saw the movie Inception in theaters with a few friends. That movie was nothing more than amazing. I love movies that make you think and this was definitely one of them. I had some people tell me that they didn't understand everything the first time they watched it but that wasn't the case for me. I just had one question at the end of the movie and that was because they left it up to the viewer for interpretation. I'm not going to say any more because then there will be spoilers. [spoiler] Well I can't help myself, if anyone has seen that movie...do you think he is still dreaming or did he actually achieve what he was trying to do at the end of the movie? I personally think he was still dreaming because he did not get kicked out of the dream levels one by one and instead just appeared on the plane with the others. That is the biggest piece of evidence for me that he was still dreaming but I can go on and on about what facts that point to the conclusion that he was still stuck dreaming. The only evidence that I could find after watching the movie only once was that at the end of the movie, the top he spun started to wobble and was about to topple and that's when it ended. Every other time he spun that top in a dream, the top spun flawlessly and it did not waver but it did at the end. There is so much more evidence that points towards him still dreaming than him actually waking up. That was the only part that I got hung up on because it gave no clear ending which was good, I guess. [/spoiler]
I bought Castlevania: Harmony of Despair a couple weeks ago and I just got so addicted to that game. This game reminded me of a MMO even though it is clearly not. It's a relatively short game but you have to search and farm for the best weapons and armors like an MMO. I've spent countless hours searching and now I have pretty much gotten most of the rare items in the game :) I completely stopped playing three games (Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, Carcassonne, and Yaris) when I got this game. I was trying to get the rest of the achievements in those three games before Halo: Reach released but I had to devote a lot of time to this game. I am still playing it, just not as much but I think they have announced downloadable content so it will be awhile before I'm tired of this game. This was my first Castlevania and plate-former game :P I was really impressed, therefore, I'm getting the urge to go and play the the previous Castlevania games but I'm going to have to resist that for the time being.

School is going to start for me soon, on the 25th I believe. So it's just a few more days :) I changed my major from the last time I was in college to Computer Networking instead of Computer Programming. I like them both, well anything to do with electronics really, so who knows...I might end up double majoring or something later on. One of my friends and I are majoring in the same subject (Computer Networking) so we will have a few ****s together witch is really nice. I also have no school on Thursdays witch is nice as well :) and I still haven't gotten any of my books or school supplies yet either :P

Since I have to go back to school soon, I had to change my availability at work. So any time I'm not at school, sleeping, doing homework, on my computer, or playing around with video games I'm probably going to be at work :( Although, I don't have work on Thursdays because I'm such an evil genius :twisted: When I changed my availability at work I put down that I had to be at school all day (like Monday, I have to be at school most of the day) and so now I have at least Thursdays off to relax, most likely going to be spent catching up on stuff or hanging out with friends. Oh yeah, I've been working at my job for a year the week before last, it's depressing :cry: All they did was give me an anniversary card :P

Halo: Reach
releases in less than a month :D I can't wait to pick this game up on lease date. This game is probably going to take over my life for a few weeks like Castlevania: Harmony of Despair did :P and most likely for a longer period of time. If you have kept up with the news, Forge World will be a lot of fun. It will be so much fun playing custom maps that people have made. Campaign will also be amazingly fun, especially with Co-op and playing with friends.

Borderlands is also coming out with new downloadable content Claptrap's New Robot Revolution :) and I'm going to have to get that as well. I'm not too familiar with what the downloadable content is going to be about yet :( but it should be fun and interesting at the very least.

Just the other day I went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and that movie was just Epic. I have never read the comics so I didn't know what to expect but I was really impressed. I was laughing through most of the movie and even though it was a two hour movie (I think) I never lost interest :o I will definitely buy that movie when it comes out and if possible go see it again in theaters :D

Avatar is coming back to theaters :) I never saw that movie in theaters so I'm glad it's coming back. The movie is supposed to have extra scenes or something which will be interesting. But anyways, I'm going to go see it in 3D :D I have never seen a 3D movie before and what better than Avatar :P

I know I am behind in most of your blogs but hopefully I will be able to catch up on them in the near future. I'm also not as active in my unions as I would like to be :( I hope to get more active in those as well. I'm behind in my anime too, I skipped the two recent fillers of Naruto :( and then just started watching it again when the series got back on track which was two weeks later :P but other than Naruto, I'm behind in all my anime.

Enough of my rambling! This is the longest blog that I have written and it took me three hours to do so but I hope you all liked my blog, thanks for reading :)

Top 5 Games That I'm Looking Forward Too!

First off, let me say that I'm looking forward to a few games and that these are just my top five.

Gears of War 3 - 360 - For me, Gears of War never gets old. Unfortunately I never played to first Gears of War until a few months ago, therefore, I didn't get a chance to play online but since I got Gears of War 2 I've had so much fun playing it. I love getting a full party of friends on that game and just dominating every game we go into. If you play Gears of War then you know when I say that when you beat the other team in single round in multiplayer within 25 seconds that, that is an awesome team. When I get my new laptop I plan on recording some gameplay and uploading it on here. If Gears of War 3 is just as good as Gears of War 2 then that will make me happy but I have a feeling that it will be so much better, hopefully.

Halo: Reach - 360 - Well, for me at least, the Halo series is awesome. I've had so much fun lanning (system link) with friends in Halo 1. Back then when we were kids, we tried to lan as much as we could which was pretty much every weekend. A couple months ago all of us got together and did another lan of Halo 1 and that brought back so many fond memories to all of us. Halo 2 was even better because of xbox live. All of us playing Halo 2 on xbox live together was just a lot of fun. Then came Halo 3, which was a good change of pace. It wasn't as much fun as the others but none the less, it was still really fun for me and my friends. Also, playing co-op campaign for all the Halo games was ridiculously fun as well and now Reach is coming! I played the beta a lot and I had a blast. Reach takes more skill than Halo 3, so I'm looking forward to it. Plus, I already pre-ordered the Legendary Edition.

Portal 2 - 360 - I first played the Portal game (which is part of The Orange Box game) for the 360 a long time ago. The Orange Box has Team Fortress (I didn't play it but I heard is ridiculously fun), Half-Life 2 (it is not my thing but it's fun anyways), and Portal. Back before I knew what this game was, my friend kept preaching on about how much fun this game Portal was so a few weeks later he convinced me to borrow his The Orange Box game to mainly try out Portal and so I did. I was a bit hesitant at first and it took me a few levels to get use to what I could do and how I could manipulate objects in the game but once I did, I found it to be one of the funnest games that I've played. So I just can't wait for Portal 2 to come out.

Star Fox 64 3D - 3DS - When I was younger I played this game for my Nintendo 64 and I had so much fun with this game but unfortunately I don't know what happened to the game and I've never got a chance to beat it. The last handheld gaming system that I owned was the Gameboy XP, I believe but now I'm seriously thinking about buying a 3DS mostly just for this game. Lately I've been wanting some type of handheld system, so what better to get than a 3DS for an Epic game.

Blade and Soul - PC - One of my friends told me about this game and since I love to play MMOs with friends I looked into it and said why not. I'm not sure if I'm going to get this game yet but I am looking forward to it's release and seeing what it has to offer.

Well those are my Top 5 games that I am looking forward to at the moment. I've hoped you enjoyed all my ranting :P and thanks for reading :)

What I've Been Up Too

Well I've been busy lately so I haven't had time to post a new blog but I guess now is as good as time as any.

A few weeks ago I finally beat Call of Duty: Moder Warfare 2 on Veteran and a couple days after that I got all the achievements so I have 1000 gamer score for game now. I had a blast beating the single player on Veteran and the special-ops with a couple friends as well. Although, it took me four months to get into the single player because I was so hooked on the multiplayer which is also really fun :P

I've also been playing the Halo: Reach beta and I've found it to be really fun and interesting if you have friends to play with. I really can't say much more about it because it's just a beta but I will probably be pre-ordering the Legendary Edition. The game I'm currently playing the most now is Gears of War 2. I love going into a game with some friends and just completely dominating the other team :P

My Internet has been shutting on and off on me lately so it has been giving me some trouble but I called my provider and complained so they came out to the house and their giving it their non-best effort to get it fixed but make no mistake, if it takes my last breath I will get my Internet working properly.

Work as been tiresome and the school just let out or just about too, so there are more people out and about which makes my job harder :(

The anime that I've been keeping up with are Bleach and Naruto Shippuuden. I need to catch up on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and a couple others but I'm currently re-watching the Death Note series in my spare time.

I have signed up for the Gamespot Fuse Beta so if you have a Raptr account feel free to add me, the link to my profile is here. It is a really nice site for you to keep up with your gaming, just wish I had known about it a long time ago :?

I'm also trying my hardest to get my old union active and more updated again, which is The Death Note Union, only time will tell if my efforts are in vain. Hopefully, one day it will be full of life like it was before and you can click here if you want to check it out :D

Borderlands Is An Amazing Game!!!

Well I got Borderlands a few months ago and I played it for a short time awhile back but I really didn't get a chance to get into it that much because of certain circumstances. But lately, I have been playing the game a lot and I mean a lot (for me anyways). In the past seven days (If I'm correct) I have put a total of two days of playing time into that game lol. Most of it being with a couple friends. But its the first game in a long time that I have enjoyed playing this much. I love playing as the character Mordecai and using his Bloodwing skill with a sniper rifle and a pistol as a secondary. I have most of the DLC and I'm going to get the rest of it really soon. I've just been having a lot of fun with this game and thought I should share my joy lol :) Who else has played and liked this game?

Hopefully I'm Back

Well for the longest time I haven't got on this site because of certain things going on in my life but now I have the time that I can finally get back on here. Hopefully all my friends are still here and that my union can be resurrected from the grave lol. So whats up everyone?

I Got My 360 Back Today!

I finally got my 360 back today:) It took exactly once week for it to get shipped back to me. Which I think is very good timing. Well, I have been playing my 360 now for a few hours because I have missed it so lol.

My Spring Break Is Over!

Well, my Spring Break is over:cry:
After one long week it ended but I have to say that this was the best Spring Break that I ever had. I always had something to do every day of the week and I was never bored. So yeah, it was a good break. Unfortunately, the next break I get will be after Graduation lol.

Spring Break Is Finally Here And My 360 Broke!

Yeah, Spring Break is finally here! I have a week off from school and that's just awesome. I will be able to catch up on my sleep and do some other things that I have planed for a long time.

The bad news is that my 360 broke last night. This is the second time it has broken in two years. So I guess that's good compared to some people. But why did it happen now of all times?!

Well anyways, I went to turn it on and I got the red rings of death:cry: I tried everything but it doesn't work. So I won't be playing it at all this week...which sucks. The first time I shipped it off I got it back in less than a week. I'm just going to have to ship it off to get it fixed again and see what happens.

But I guess it's a good thing because I won't be stuck to the TV screen all week:? I will just have to do the things that I had planed and then I guess, I will have to find some more things to do....
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