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Whats up, Gamespot friends?

its been a long time. be sure to check me out on psn.. its "alfredisonfire" How's your gaming life? I don't think mine is good haha. But I'm playing some RPGs and stuff on my iPod 3g. Btw, can you recommend any good games on ipod that is cheap or free? not 8 dollars and up. I'm currently playing Infinity Blade II, Dungeon Hunter 3, Zombies CK, Zombies HD, Asphalt 7 and other cheap and free games... Should I get Gangster Rio or GTA III? The Sims 3 or The Sims 3: Ambition? :\

I haven't got any games on my console lately since I had NBA 2k12 and now its f*cked up. I don't know why... but if you want to learn the problem, here it is: http://asia.gamespot.com/forums/topic/29220389/help-on-nba-2k12-freezing-and-no-commentator?msg_id=337474150#337474150

And ohh, I'm so glad the Heat won the championship. haha.

Take care! -Alfred


as you can see i have my brand new avatar, banner and signature. well after a years I decided I needed a change. and its all thanks to Bobakuzero! He's the creative artist who made these beautiful images.

And of course, here some of my drawings.. I draw this craps in school when I'm bored and not feeling sleepy.. :D

Ichigo Vasto Lorde:


Ichigo's Hair (Before Aizen Fight)


I forgot the eyes. haha big time fail.

By the way I got Skyrim! To all those peepz on PSN, leave your PSN I'll add you as soon as I had my hands on my PS3!

Thanks and Godbless!!! :)

My Games

this is nothing but a list of my games etc.. no one reads my blog anyway. just gonna write it down.

Current Playing:

NBA 2k11



God Of War 3

Games Finished Since I got my Ps3:

Infamous 2


Fallout 3

Fallout: New Vegas

The Sims 3

COD: Black Ops

I fogot the others.......

Next Games:

Nba 2k12 (waiting for it to be available in my country)

Assassin's Creed: Revelation (probably will grab it on christmas)

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim (my sister pre-ordered one for me)

COD: Modern Warfare or BF3? can u help me what you think is better? :

Games and Musics

Well here's another random blog. Sorry guys for not checking your blogs. I'm not that very active like before so yeah. But I'm I'll read them sometimes so don't cha worry. And also thanks to the guys who always come and keep checking out my shi**y blog. by the way, We lost internet connection and that's the reason why I can't create a PSN and add you guys.

Okay this blog is all about my entertainment.. Gaming updates, Music updates (on what I'm currently listening) and some movie reviews maybe? Okay.

I have played lots of games since I bought my ps3. So I'm giving you updates and stuffs about these games.


I played NBA 2k11 which is probably the greatest sport and the greatest sports game for now. I played 6 seasons (Association) with the Miami Heat and we are the champ for six years yeah. I also played My player mode which is great! At first, I thought meh this is crap. Until I enjoyed leveling my player's skills. My player is 5"11 and is a Point Guard for the Golden State Warriors. Jersey #5. Yup I based my player's height and weight on me. Pretty much based everything on me.. Oh except for the age (19). I'm currently 17y/o.


I also played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. What can I say? I can't believe I haven't played this game for like 3 years erlier dude! This game is pretty much everything I wanted for an RPG. Like customizing your skills, attributes, on how you play etc. Its like you cna do everything you want! Like be an assassin, kill for gold lol. I'm going to do a review of this game soon. or maybe later after I finished this blog so please check it out and be patient cause I'm not that sooo great at reviewing games I just say what I think about it. I still haven't finish the Shivering Isle and Knights of the Nine quest.

Next is, The Sims 3! Hmm its not that really fun. Yup I'll be honest Its kinda boring but I got entertained for some time by this game. Repetitive but I still managed to advance through it and have like 6 grand children haha.


So 3 down? Okay. Next is Vanquish. I know I know. This game is badass and fun but I still haven't finished it. Why? Cause I'm stuck playing Oblivion and all sorts of other games. I'm trying to get my hands on this.. soon. But based on what I see on this game, its really fun and awesome. Like killing and killing, shooting and shooting and also acting like a cyborg. I like these kind of stuffs you know.


Next is, Fallout 3! Dude this game is like Oblivion but with guns and modern world. I like the idea of giving you access trough your player since birth and stuffs like that. You get to control him since baby. Dude how awesome is that? lol maybe its just me. But I like the idea of it cause it makes you feel like you're really that guy. And the ending is awesome! you know. its unique haha. And I love the armors and features like perks etc. I'm gonna review this maybe later when I'm bored. watch for it!


Next is.... Fallout: New Vegas! Seriously, this game is like a big expansion/DLC for Fallout 3. Not many changes but it add some new cool features like new area (of course lol). I do enjoy this game to be honest. I still haven't finished this game but I'm on the final mission (NCR) where you go the boomers. Haven't finished this game cause of Oblivion. yeah.


GOD OF WAR 3!!! Yeah you heard it. I got GoW3 and still playing it. I haven't finished this game cause of my idiot cousin. He re-write my save data with his sh**ty save. And it ruined everything and now I have to start again. Well not ALL OVER AGAIN but I find it boring starting again. Maybe I'll play this game again when I got time (Hmm I'm busy writing blog right now)

Well that's all for now. Those were my gaming updates. I'm planning to get Godfather 3, Dragon Age 2, Black Ops and Mass Effect 2. Hmm maybe I'm going to get DA2 or ME2 on thursday well I don't know. That depends on my sister :P Also I'm gonna ask a little help guys, Looks like I ran out of games on my list. Can you give some game suggestion? Like gimme some good first person/3rd person shooter game? Except MW2 okay I already played it. and also some cool RPG games (Action RPG not tactical)? Thanks :)


As for the music scene, I bring you the self-proclaimed king of the music scene, Ronnie Radke and his band Falling in Reverse. I just bought their CD right after it came out here in my country (Aug.3). I rate it 3 out of 5. Well mainly because it sounds 2 different bands. Some songs were really hardcore and badass but some sounds like Escape The Fate' this war is ours pop songs. I just can't stand some of their poppy music like Caught Like Fly. I mean the intro, I'm like WTF? It sounds like a clown is about to sing. dude seriously, I'm a big fan of the old Escape the Fate and Ronnie Radke. But I guess I expected too much on this album. The good sh** about this album is, It has some badass breakdowns and amazing guitar solos. Plus, Ronnie Radke's voice improved! Yup compared it to Dying Is Your Latest Fashion or There's no Sympathy for the Dead. I also like that some of their songs sounds like the original ETF. Well that's all I have to say. Maybe you don't know this band but you should check it out if you like The Devil Wears Prada, Escape The Fate or even A7x or Bullet for My Valentine.

have a taste of their music...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgWr2nln83s

Hey thanks for reading my long blog. haha seriously thanks. :)

If you have any suggestions on games I should play, put it in your comment. Or movies I should watch and music/bands I should check out. God Bless!!! Damn can't wait for 11/11/11 :D

Guess What? I bought a Ps3

yeah just bought it from now.. the sad thing is the only game I have right now is NBA 2k11... here's some pics of it while im unboxing it...


the wireless controller and my dog.. yes its a dog :))


here's the console while its operating....



well that's all.. I haven't made a psn account yet. Thanks for checking my blog. have a nice gaming day.

Hey, I'm alive!

sup guys sorry for not commenting or getting in touch with you. been kinda busy this summer, i hit the gym, too many basketball games etc. and girlfriend haha.

so finally im selling my xbox 360 the one with cancer, yes im selling it later to a guy named maynard. hope it goes well. so i could go back to a ps fan boy hahaha. yes, imma buy a playstation 3 slim after i sold my 360. so wish me luck. im trying to get back on gaming....

so how about you? whats happening on your gaming?

have a nice day!! :D

My One Year Anniversary here in GS

Yep I forgot to post a blog on March 7.. so here it is. I met lots of people here, awesome peeps.

Thanks for always being my friend.. That's all. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!



I do have some F news. I got modded and I lost points.. I got modded by posting these on Sports discussion.

first one "I didn't really want to see LBJ on Bulls.. I want to see Dwade on Bulls. Just saying..."

second "I agree. He just jump on the hood and not the whole car."

and third "they do beat the Spurs though"

My question is, is there something wrong about these posts? I mean come on! Its just my opinion?!!! What's wrong with it?!!!I hate this.. geez what's up with this admin/mod... (I'm ready to get modded again by asking what's up with them).

btw, here's a cool Dante pic I found on deviantART.


February wishlist+Gaming Updates

I have made my wishlist for this month, some of these games are out a very long time ago but I don't have money to buy them yet so yeah.. :P

Two Worlds 2


I've seen this game from a local magazine here in my country back in march 2010 and me and my cousin was like, hell yeah dude this game kinda looks like Monster Hunter!! We checked it out in youtube and we thought it was pretty cool...



I've watch the review and Its awesome.. Plus, I love action games like this. Makes me want to get out of the house and roundkick some random people. Seriously, This game is badass! And his armor is cool.



Whoaaa.. Everybody loves this game especially those RPG fans... And I'm one of them.. And I can't still believe I haven't got this game up to now. I have plans on getting this game for my ps3 back in 2008 but I already sold my ps3 and I still don't have this game.. Haha. So maybe in time I'll get to play this game ;)

CoD: Black Ops


dude, I love Modern Warfare and I got crazy playing this on my friend's computer... Plus, the zombie mode (idk what's it called) is hella fun! Its crazy.. I love games like this especially when my tooth is aching..

AC: Brotherhood


Assassin's Creed: KAPATIRAN!! hahaha. I finished AC, AC: Bloodline & AC2. But I haven't played this game. I saw some of the gameplays and wow, he can use the ball but drains his health.. That was cool hahaha. Using some super powers back in those anciently days. haha.


Well, thats all for now. I just can't believe that I missed a lot of these awesome games. :(

Btw, I just discovered that my 360 has cancer. My 360's dvd (the thing who reads the game and also the one who sucks the disk in) is F up. That's why it can't read some of my games. Yeah I know it sucks... And the repairman says he doesn't have a replacement for that... So, I'm selling my 360 now and planning to upgrade on Slim.. It sucks cause I haven't got online in this console because my room is far away from the internet and we use wifi...

Off Topic: Anyone excited for Boston Celtics vs. Lakers & The Heat (NBA)? I hope Boston gets crushed by the Lakers and also by the Heat. :D


Btw, Celtics got eaten by the Bobcats.. hahaha.

That's all I have to say. Thanks for reading this bloggggg. Take care ;)

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