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First Blog Post :D

My first blog post woohoo. :D Well I wrote my first review for Infamous today and a got a bunch of games. Gamestop had a bunch of games for sale and so I picked up Unreal Tournament III for $5, Assassins Creed 2 for 20$, PGR 3 for $3, Rainbow Six Vegas for $3, Two Worlds for $3, and Frontlines: Fuel of War for $5. So far I have only played PGR 3, Rainbow Six, Unreal Tournament III, and Two Worlds.

Rainbow Six Vegas for Xbox 360

PGR 3 was pretty fun and I had much more fun and feeling of speed compared to Forza series. Rainbow Six took some time to get used to. I am more of a Call of Duty kind of guy and I hadn't played Vegas 2 in a long time. I got killed many times until I got used to the way it handled realistic shooting. Unreal Tournament III had a bunch of fun guns and modes. Single player campaign is just matches with bots but it doesn't matter, it's still a fun game. In game trophie tracking is a nice touch, and so is the PS3 exclusive mods you can download and Titan Pack that I got for free. One of my favorite mods is one where the game turns into a 2-d Mario-esque match.

Unreal Tournament III for PS3

Two Worlds was a lot more fun then I thought from the terrible reviews and even the cashier who advised me the game sucked. It was really glitchy and voice acting sucked. Soon I got past that though and started to understand the fun leveling system and skills. Armor and weapons were really cool and it was a blast exploring and looting. It reminds me of a Fable and Elder Scrolls hybrid. Dare I say it? I really loved that game so far.

Two Worlds for Xbox 360