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Aww, that's a pity. I mean, but it is pretty nice looking so I guess that's cool, too. But knowing me, if it's not fixed by the time I get one (the coming couple of weeks), it'll probably work my nerves if I look at it enough, lol. But thankfully at least it's not hideous.

You don't even own a PS4 and you're already asking for the UI to be changed? The PS4 UI, while lacking customization, is NOT ugly and it's, more importantly, simple and clean. The only thing I like to see added is main tiles i.e. games, media, sharing. If you have enough games on your hard drive the tile "row" can get a bit long to scroll across to find a game you haven't played in a while.

All in all it's much better than the XB1's UI especially now that they're ditching Kinect. I'd hate to have to navigate that busy mess without voice controls.

Well for one, where exactly did you even see me say that I was ASKING for it to be changed?? I said I'm sure that it will something that would be implemented in future. Secondly, I don't know why you'd bring up the comment about 'is not ugly and it's, more importantly, simple and clean', as if to imply I mentioned something about it being ugly.....because I didn't.

Read someone's comments more carefully before making assumptions on what you thought they said. <_<

Although, I will admit I agree w/ you about them adding things like more media options and sharing. I was actually surprised when someone mentioned it doesn't even support (at least not yet) most of audio/video formats that the PS3 does being a bit of an audiophile that's a bit of downer.

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Aww, that's a pity. I mean, but it is pretty nice looking so I guess that's cool, too. But knowing me, if it's not fixed by the time I get one (the coming couple of weeks), it'll probably work my nerves if I look at it enough, lol. But thankfully at least it's not hideous.

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Its a word, so no I do not hate it. As for the concept, yes I am sure some companys use it as a viral type promotion, But from the amount of angry developers to straight up false info or things being changed its a much more complex issue than just a PR tactic.

Yeah, this. I mean, I don't hate word, per se, nor the concept of 'leaking' info.....at least when you're talking like TRUE major leaking of info--i.e. NSA, Snowden-style level shit. But in the gaming world, it terminology and usage of it has been so overused--and probably abused--so much by the industry and companies that sometimes use it as means to get their name and game in news, that at times--like you stated--when genuine 'leaks' do happen it's hard to tell the difference.

But in short, while I don't hate the word the overuse of it in the gaming media outlet can be annoying.......especially when the info is WRONG (i.e. like the supposed 'leak' of Sony's E3 conference info for this year).

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No customization at all. It looks just like the videos. I hope it eventually gets updated to be able to personalize it a bit.

Yeah, that's the one think I'm not looking forward to when I do get mines b/c I'm such a customization whore, lol. I mean, I'm sure they're working to fix that or implement it in w/ future updates....I just hope it doesn't take forever.

Btw, (for those that own one now) can you not even change the background image either?? I would think that's something easy that can be done....:(

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Do they have a beta for PS4 too? I just have the PS3 beta, didn't know they released it onto ps4 yet

Yep. That's what I signed up for because I don't have a PS3.

Just got my ps4 invite today!

Me too! Guess that means, I may be upping the time of me getting a PS4 sooner, lol (or at least as soon as my monies comes in, heh). Not bad job rolling it out, Sony. I honestly wasn't expecting to get it THIS soon, so that cool!

Better make sure I pull that email out of my inbox folder and put it in my 'Accounts' folder--just to keep me from deleting it by mistake (or it getting invariably LOST, aka drowned, in my inbox folder before the week is out, lol) until I get my PS4.

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Was there a sign up at some point to be a part of the beta for PS4? I guess I missed that. I would've like to partake in the service, especially since I never owned a PS3

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So there was no sign up for the beta? They just select people at random?

There is a signup site, not sure how quickly it'll get you considered but you'll at least have a better chance of getting invited if you go on there and signup.

I got a second one on the 20th, but strangely it went to my other email, in addition to the fact that the email code mentioned it was for the PS3 which I'm already in the Beta for. I've heard numerous others state the same thing happened and it seems PS3 ones were also sent out in another batch. I'm assuming I got that invite again b/c I did the page signup and used the other email, then forgot I had did it, lol. I'm assuming the original invite I got then must have been a genuinely unsolicited personal invite sent. But they told us that those of us already in the beta for PS3 *should* get an invite automatically, so I'll continue to wait (especially seeing as though I don't have a PS4 just yet, the wait won't kill me as bad).

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Do you, hon......whatever feels right, y'know, lol. In a few weeks I'll likely do the same thing when I finally get a PS4, but that certainly doesn't mean I'm gonna stop or neglect my PS3 (truthfully, I still have too much a backlog to even dream of doing that, lol). The best thing about that scenario is that at least you've got something else to ease waiting in-between new PS4 release w/ a helluva library from the PS3 era to balance keeping you occupied.

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I'll make sure the devs are aware of this, including the apparent cause, it'll most likely be a high priority fix due to being security related so hopefully it won't be long before the issue is resolved. Chrome users should still be able to access the page regardless of the certificate issue as well - providing they haven't manually enabled normal certificate revocation checks on chrome and are still using the default CRL Sets anyway. IE users may or may be able to, depending on browser version and settings.

No, this issues pops up like that on all browsers I've tried: Nightly/FF, Chrome, and IE.

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I am also experiencing the same certificate error on my firefox. Had to disable the certificate check to login. Do something about it please..

Well thanks for that tip about disabling (at least it allowed me to log in)--though it's not the best thing to having to keep doing......seriously GS, fix this properly, please.

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It's probably because Sony runs a far more global network - Sony Computer Entertainment has 4 regional headquarters that works with tons of stuff like localization. Different region - different languages, different prices, different laws, different requirements etc.

PSN "Regions" will probably never go away but access to different PSN stores should be easier.

Yeah, this was basically another thing I was gonna say too and I think that's really the biggest reason right there. Sony really has a far bigger global dominance than MS does when it comes to gaming.