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....and for a more lighter tone: Level 30, Finally!!

Yeah, I had to follow that more serious tone w/ a little something lighter, lol. Besides, I'm pretty damn happy to finally have made it to level 30!

....took me long enough to get here. :P

Now I feel a bit more cooler now that I've hit the Level 30 bracket (or shall I say 'Wicked Sick', lol); I was kinda getting tired of being stuck in the 20s....ironically, I can't say the same about equally similar age range bracket (aka, ME actually getting closer to 30!!!). Now that's one 'level' I'm not rushing to break 30 in....:?

If you love your walkthrough vids, FAQs and fansites, you'll do this....

I don't even have to tell you the importance of today go to sites like Wikipedia and you'll surely see it for yourself. What I will say is this: DON'T GET CAUGHT SLEEPING!! Just because the SOPA got shelved for now doesn't mean the threat of it is permanently dead.....because it's not.

So I'm just going to throw this out there: go to here and even on Google go here

If there's ever a time we as gamers--as Americans--in this technological age need to take something seriously, THIS is it. Put your controls down for a moment, put your game(s) on pause and go handle this s***. Straight up. The internet has entertained, educated and enriched a many of our lives. It's time for us to it a helping hand and stand up for it now....

Wow, can't believe it: 5 Years at GS!

Yep, that's right! Today marks 5 years of being a GS member! Man, that's crazy, lol.

Can you imagine all that's changed in the landscape of the gaming world in 5 years? Gamespot has been one of the few websites that has held my interest in all these years and probably the only website I would say I feel the closest w/ a lot of the members on. In addition, it's probably the only site I've ever been a member of where I can say I've put most of gaming involvement in, w/ over 2700+ posts. Over 2700+.....lol, honestly I gotta laugh b/c I never would have ever dreamed of being one of those kinda members in the 1000+ post club--never thought I was the type to have much to say. But hey, guess I did. :lol:

Only thing I really lament is that I wish I had been a bit more active in my earlier years. Damn, then I could have had higher level status. I know, I know petty stuff, lol, but really I do. Hell, it would've been nice if I had leveled at 30 just as my 5 yr anniversary rolled in but 'thanks' to lovely leveling bug that hit us these past weeks, that definitely dampened that goal....

Anywho, nothing too spectacular w/ this blogging just wanted to toot me horn for a bit, lol. I've had a ball this past 5 years at GS and I hope to have many more! And thanks to all my GS peeps (both past & present) that have made it a ball on here. ;)

I WANT that damn TGS emblem (TGS Puzzle Activity)....[Updated]

So I been doing oh-so-fun TGS Puzzler Hunt thing, I need 7 pics. Why the hell when you get on a roll and get to the finishing line it's gotta always those 'last few' to eff up a program....seriously. Seriously??

I've got all but 2. TWO....what the hell, man. :roll:

Now I'm reminded WHY I hate doin' scavanger hunts s***.....

EDIT: Hot damn....so I finally freakin' got this thing completed! And here's the finished product:

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

Man, I tell you what...it'll be while for I do one of these damn things again, lol. I DID IT FOR YOU TGS!! :P

Deus Ex: HR....It's My New Game Addiction...

I haven't played the original (yet....I really need to start it, don't ya think? lol) but I had always heard awesome things about it and when I first saw the trailer for this game a few years back I knew I had to have it! And let me say, I couldn't have been more happy of my choice of picking this up (which I got day 1, something I do for very few games).

The only thing that still takes me some getting use to w/ playing is the whole 'first-person' view & shooting, I have to say that is really my only annoyance--but that is largely because I don't really play those types of games that often--I more so favor 3rd person ones--due to the fact that sometimes it can make a bit disoriented, vision-wise, if I have to do fast moving actions (in-game). Plus, let's say 'shooting' ain't really my forte, either.

But w/ this kind of game, I love the fact that I don't have to really play it that way (gun-ho crazy, that is). Don't get me wrong if get myself into a situation where I gotta let the ammo fly then I do what I gotta do, lol, but it's also so refreshing when I can simply just creep around a big shoot out and get to where I need to be in one piece.

Needless to say, can I just flat-out say how much I'm sooo enjoying every moment of this game?? Because I seriously am, lol. I'm not nowhere near finished w/ my first playthru yet (don't pick....I like taking my time, lol) but I just can't say enough about it! Hell, I know I'm not even halfway through it yet and I've already probably sank in well over 20-30+ hrs so far, in some instances playing over 10 hrs straight in one day. And I'm not EVEN gonna go into the few all-nighters I pulled play this (when I should of probably been sleep, getting ready for work the day that followed).....

I think I've just found my new game-crack, y'all. :P

Happy New Year!!

Well here it is (at least where I live EST), another year! Gots to wish all my gaming peeps a happy & safe year. Here's to a fantastic gaming year to come! (...and honestly that's all I muster quasi-sober, lol)

Just Because It MY DAY....

I wasn't gonna get out of this day w/o making a mini blog post on my B-day, lol.

God, it's bananas realizing how fast time flies and quickly you can get old! Haven't done too much of anything spectacular today but I did get some heavy dose of gaming in...and that will probably continue throughout the night (and the following day). ;)

Level 20 FINALLY!

LOL...and yes, as head mistress of procrastination, it took me a little over 30% into my level 20 run (and AT LEAST a week) to finally post about it. Of course, I this is like the 'unofficial' customary thing that almost everyone does when they reach this milestone in their GS tenure, so hey I had to throw mines in too. :P

Nah, but really it's been a long grind to get to this point and quite frankly considering how I can oftentimes lose my attention span on things like this (I'm not one of those super trophy/achievement hoarders) I have to admit I'm sorta proud of myself. Now only if this damn Fuse would one day get things straight w/ Sony (or vice versa) maybe I can show some of my real gaming trophies off. I mean, I ain't truck load but I got enough to not be too ashamed, lol.

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