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(Important Note: Everyone Check Please-Concers also Uninos)

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Hey Guys,

Well, i didn't take long with the 2 days But this Time I'm Away for 3 to 4 Days!

I will come to As Soon as Possible and if i had Free Time, since i'm having trouble at school and exams after every few days.. I know everyone has exams and stuff, but i must take these Exams Serousley, So Sorry for any Disturbance and please PM if there is something Important, i will do all i can this Week...


Pumpkin Head

I Might be Away for a few Days..Also, this concerns people that send me PM's ^^

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Hi you Guys,

Well, i might be away for few days because the DSL will come back after some time since we installed the new wireless one and i still need one for my new computer, Anyway i hope you guys are having fun and i will try to read all the PM's and answer them very soon.. don't worry! i will be back after few days or maybe tommorow! Thank You. Hope your Having fun at Gamespot.Com ^_^

Cheers untill i come,

Pumpkin Head

Reached! Level 6 .. Mission! Complete! Read my Reviews! ^_^

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Hi you Guys, ^_^

And yes...I'm Level 6. YAY! ^_^

I'm gonna put lots and lots of Reviews so check them all out, And Thank You. (Dunno why,But Thanks! ^_^)

My Next Mission is to have a bigger and better Profile, And I Thank Everyone Who supported me ^^

See Ya Guys *Starts writing Reviews!* ^_^


Pumpkin Head

P.S: My First Review is on Kingdom Hearts,one of my favourite Games Ever, Check it out Soon! ^^

New Entry..And Soon Level 6 ! YAY! ^_^

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Hi Guys ^_^ ,

Thanks For the E-mails you gave me about the Journal and you Could Always use this Comment Page, But Thanks for Sending E-mails Anyway, That Was Better ^_^

Well, This is my New Entry So don't E-mail me for Spelling Mistakes! Anyway, I'm Very Very Close of Getting to Level 6.

And This is My Current Rank:

Level : 5 Current Rank: Tapper

Perce.: 87% Member Since: 2005.


Here are the other Stuff ^_^ :

Total Games Rated : 56. Average Rating: 9.0 (Well, I have lots of Games that i didn't Rate)

Total of Unions Joined: 12 Recruit In Unions: 11 Officer in Unions: 1 Total Forum Post: 102.


I Got 18 Great Friends and More that i Met in Thank You All! You are All the Best! You Go Guys! 8)

Anyway, I was promoted to Console Treaty Union and Became an Officer, Just Sent lots of Request to join the Union and you should think of joining it Too. And I've Had Great Time in Bleach fan Union, you should Join in both of these Great Unions. And i hate to say it myself but... School is Near!!! There is only a Week for me to Enjoy my last days in Summer Before School Starts..Well, I gotta go Scream Into a Pillow. Baaaa! ^_^

Well, I'll Write a New Entry Soon (Maybe when my School Finishs). And You guys Start Reading, Posting Comments or just Send me An E-Mail. Thank You.


Pumpkin Head

Some Information about me.. and more about what happened Today ^^

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Hi ^_^

Well, i got lots of E-mails telling me to put more information about myself (Thanks, that made me in a good mood :P) and saying that i should use these Journals since i don't use them Very often..Well, I placed one new entry Today, Here you Go!


Personal stuff such as my Name and stuff Via- msn messenger, or just read my profile ^_^


- Had a Good time with the Family, and -

Well, Today my relatives came to our house, Relatives younger than me also. Well, we had a great Time of Playing lots of games such as Tekken 5, Mario Party, Mario power tennis and Super smash brothers melee. which i always win ^_^

We had a really great time, but i got bummed when i always lose at Mario power tennis >_>. And Join one of my best unions that i like, Bleach Fan Union. and it's one of my best unions and also it has one of my best Anime. Join Now if your a Fan Of Bleach.

Edit: Got to Level 4, Horaaaaaay! And Soon to be Level 5, and very soon to Be level 6! Yay! ^.^


Pumpkin Head

Level 3 For Ever!!!

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Well, i'm still on Level 3 (Very Close to Level 4,Very Very Close)

Well,been days and i'm still level 3 (can't wait ti reach Level Six and write Game Reviews ^.^ )


Pumpkin Head

P.S: Hello Friends ^.^

First Words,

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Well, This is my First Entry,

Dunno if i use it right,Anyway..

This Journal shall speak about the Events of the days will Come. About my School (Which is way to Boring ^.^) and some personal Events and Gaming..for those who E-mailed me to tell me to make a journal,well here it is! (you better make a post Solace ^_^)


Pumpkin Head

P.S: i write these 3 Words after every single writing that i make,and by every single thing i mean "Everything" ^^