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Rento Killer, The Grizzly Twister, A Static Lullaby, AFI, All That Remains, Alexisonfire, Alkaline Trio, Aloha, The Arcade Fire, Armor for Sleep, As Blood Runs Black, As Cities Burn, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, Autolux, Between The Buried And Me, Billy Talent, The Bled, Bloc Party, Brand New, Bring Me the Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Cave in, Cameo, Chiodos, Circa Survive, Converge, Cursive, Death From Above 1979, Detachment kit, The Devil Wears Prada, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Enter Shikari, Everytime I Die, The Faint, The Fall Of Troy, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Finch, From Autumn To Ashes, From First To Last, I'll Beat you up (check em out lol), I Killed The Prom Queen, Interpol, Justin Timberlake (yeah thats right), Lady Sovereign, The Legion Of Doom, Mastadon, Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Minus The Bear, Modest Mouse, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Nine Inch Nails, Norma Jean, Open Hand, Panic In Detroit, Pilot To Gunner, Pinback, Poison The well, The Postal Service, The Rapture, Refused, Riddle Of Steel, Saosin, Shiny Toy Guns, Silverstein, Sparta, These Arms Are Snakes, Thrice, Thursday, Underoath, Johhny Truant, Haste the Day, ^^^ Those are some of my favorite bands, if anyone actually cares. I'm gonna go watch jungle book.

A new hobbie

Well, I've gotten into photoshop just the past month and I seem to have a nack for designing desktops and stuff, I actually made my user icon (Not that the icon's anything special I was just sayin :P ) and the lil banner above my profile. So I've been designing band shirts and wallpapers to try and progress in my photoshop skill. The most recent Wallpaper I made is an aereogramme thing, which is a pretty cool progressive band, and the latest shirt I've made is a haste the day band shirt, which is a hardcore band maybe it's metalcore or maybe it's a band that retards think is **** because they don't have enough "talent"? I don't know, apparently I have my music genres all mixed up, according to the gamespotters anyway but I like the band. But yeah the haste the day shirt is actually in progress of being made, thanks to a friend that works at a screen printing shop. Maybe when the shirt is done I'll have some pics of it? Keep your fingers crossed. Oh and if anyone here is good with photoshop I can show you some of the things I've made and maybe you can give me some pointers.


I beat lost planet today. I beat it in about 7 hours and got alot of the achievements, but it was really fun while it lasted. I think im gonna trade lostplanet and rayman raving rabids in to get somethin else but im not sure what i want, there are so many good games coming out. Well I'll figure it out. Maybe I'll just wait till mass effect comes out before I buy any games

osakdoaks :(

Been playing lost planet all day and its truly one of the best most epic games ive ever played in my life and the graphics are so enthralling BUT ive also been trying to get multiplayer on the game to work all day and i just cant do it, ill join a server and talk to the ppl in the lobby for about 10 seconds until i get kicked and it says the host has cancelled the mission, ugh. well other people are having the same problem so im glad its not just me, hopefully theyre will be a patch soon i wanna play this game online!

I feel so alive!

I got a 360 yesterday with lost planet and immersed myself in the next generation gaming euphoria! Played till about 2 am and woulda played longer but I was getting tired of single player and hadn't transfered my old gamer tag to the 360 yet so i just went to sleep :P add me if ya want, ill be playing lost planet online a little later today then im gonna rent fightnight round 3 and if i like it ill probably buy it. Anyway my gamertag is HOT ROD GRANNY. cya peeps later

Just went to a show

Just went to see Aloha, Sparta and Mewithoutyou last night at rocketown in Nashville. The show was great but kind of weird, Aloha and Sparta opened for mewithoutyou which I though was odd then when mewithoutyou comes out they suck hard. They were so bad we just left. But Sparta and Aloha were awesome, Sparta surprisingly had some moshing which I had to join in on :P . im also goin to go to Underoath, Norma Jean and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster on may 18th and 19th AND THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA AND DROP DEAD GORGEOUS on june 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!1!!! my favorite hardcore bands in the world fo sho


I got a wii zelda TP, wario ware, and rayman i dont really like ray man though i only played it for like 5 mins lol. the thing that upsets me about the wii is how they arent serious about online multiplayer cmon work on that stuff instead of making lame software like WHAT DO YOU VOTE?!?!?!


Can everyone please rate and comment my videos cause i have alot of views on all of them and like 5 ratings and comments.....

A new vid

I put another video in my videos section called the end of the world u may have seen it u may not have but its amazing either way

Gmod 10 video

[video=dSE7l2H95bkNvzfb] Me and my cousin were just messin around and made this with gmod 10 I gave him a few ideas and found the song while he filmed it and made the contraption BTW if you watch it be helpful and rate it
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