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is a fantastic video game! I should just write a review, but I felt that this is personal enough to put on my personal blog.

So ever since Viewtiful Joe, I have not found a SINGLE game as cool as that one. Not a single one. Sure, I've found BETTER games, but that's expected as technology advances and new games come out. And better is not the same as cooler.And even if Viewtiful Joe was cool, it was still a pretty damn good game to boot. What other game has such a surprisingly deep yet ridiculously simple combat system, while pulling it off with style as you watch your character do poses as they fight in immediate danger (and even in slow-motion?

Well, Bayonetta does that. She's always over-the-top. Even her fighting has style in it. Fighting is as easy as mashing two buttons, but you can also unlock new skills, combos, and finishers as you play. And the difficulty is enough so that it's not easy enough to button mash your way through the game. Your dodge maneuver is incredibly more useful than an average game's defensive stunts, and is very rewarding. And there are even more unexpected twists, such as stages set during a full moon and dynamic boss battles. Plus, additional weapons can radically changes the way you fight. The game is a fluid, action-packed, nonstop joy ride. It's never boring at anytime and constantly has something happening.

And she isn't the only thing cool. The entire game and all of its sequences and characters are pretty over-the-top too. And the story itself is pretty alright. Everything is just bursting with style and personality.

I hate how this game kind of doesn't have its own thing yet. When people talk about it, somehow it's always related to some other video game (looks over at Devil May Cry). Like it isn't good enough to stand up for itself when it actually is. But people always do that. It can't be helped.For examples, UNCHARTED 2 and BATMAN.

This game is fun, fast-paced, and stylish and it helps that doesn't take itself too seriously. Hopefully, there's more in the future.

It pains me to say this, but...

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Uncharted 2 are not the videogame standard. They are exceptionally well made games. That doesn't mean every game you play afterwords is supposed to be just as good.


1) As soon as you enter a thread, quickly scan for the words "Arkham," "Asylum," and "Uncharted."
2) If the coast is clear, feel free to post.
3) If there is an enemy in sight, do the following:
a) Open your mouth
b) Say "NO"
c) Close your mouth
d) Turn around and leave the computer
e) Go play Superman 64
f) Compare the games

Now go and play for ever-lasting peace!

Sigh, I'm a little sad at Gamespot.

I don't know who reviewed Dragonball: Raging Blast, but some of their argument points seem very inaccurate.

Super attacks deal small damage? You do mean the attacks that can deal over a life bar of damage right? Where as your melee attacks don't do nearly as much?

Even the most powerful moves consist of a tap and a button press. Isn't that how a lot of top-rated games work?

Online is plagued by disconnectors. That's not the game's fault. It's the players. It happens in a lot of online games. Stuff like that aren't valid for taking points away from a game.

There's other stuff that I agree and disagree on their review, but some of it didn't seem fair. Like it was biased a little. Or a lot. And now I look over at Burst Limit. Hmm. Maybe they just don't like the whole 3-d system and prefer the old traditional fighter. But I'm in no position to say that.

I dunno, it didn't seem like a fair review. Just wanted to get that out.

A movie about the Persian Prince looking... good!?

Yes! Indeed! This movie looks really good. Looks like a delicious blend of all the recent games (including the 2008 one). This got me by surprise. I just hope the movie is 2-3 hours long. It looks like the movie has a lot of story to cover, and if the acting is good enough, sitting there for a few hours shouldn't be a bad thing.

Yes, the characters are a bit cliche. I like cliche. But the girl looks like she's gonna piss me off. Something about her just... rubs me the wrong way.

The Prince has a name!? No way! What were they thinking? Dastan? Atleast it's not a bad name. Hopefully, the movie will be good enough that I can overlook that.

Cheers to a good movie!

Internet memes make the world*wideweb* go around

Because of memes, the Internet has OVER 9000!!!! users! Now people can Strike the Giant Enemy Crab's Weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE. Then Weegee can stare into your soul while you get FALCON PAWNCHED! Then Chuck Norris will round kick you into nothingness. Mah boi! Check out the enclosed instruction book.

Remember me?

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC

It looks fine in my opinion. The fact that 3 of 5 are X-men (including Magneto) bothers me, but as individual characters, I like how it looks so far. The hard part is making their movesets different. If it's not different, that's just merely a skin (not including passives and stats).

Magneto-I swear to god he better control metal only.
Black Panther-I was kind of hoping for this
Cable-Eh, not much of a Cable fan. But he'll go great with my Deadpool

What I REALLY want are more missions to use these characters in. Sim missions aren't missions. They're non story related challenges. And I was hoping for more than just challenges. I wanted actual story missions. Better be some good Sim missions then...

Am I missing something?

Is there some cruel, sick, inside joke I'm missing here? I know Bub and Bob got far as a joke, but luckily it stopped before it got out of hand. Now Gordan Freeman, beating RYU and LINK? And now he's winning over MARIO!?

What the hell is going on? He was in ONE game, right? C'mon. He's just another average first person shooter with a crowbar. If this is a joke, it's gone too far. Mario deserves to be best. He's earned it. And who the hell beat Snake? What's going on?

Super Street Fighter IV

Yes, a new character! That makes what, 5? How much did SF3 have? Oh yeah, THE WHOLE ROSTER.

I guess it's unfair to expect too much. Although this new character has stolen most of the glory from Chun Li, Cammy, Rose, and C. Viper. Can she defeat Shen Long?

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