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Well, here we are again

Greetings, after a stupidly long radio silence, I'm back with news, opinions, and all those things the internet is built on.

First off, Skullgirls. Live it. Breathe it. Love it. Don't ask what it is, just accept it into your life.

Okay maybe that's a little too extreme :shock: In case you haven't heard, Skullgirls is a semi-recent fighting game that came out on the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade last April. It features a cast of 8 (with more on the way) playable characters and it set out with the sole purpose of combining every good thing about fighting games while trying to fix/minimize the bad. If you're an avid fan of fighting games, I highly recommend it; the game is $14.99 and features a free demo if you wanna try it out first.

Secondly, I recently heard the newest news of Super Smash Bros. 4: Namco-Bandai (or Bandai-Namco/Bamco), best known for the Soul Calibur,Tales of,Tekken series (and various anime-based fighting games) is throwing their card in the hat and are helping with the creation of the game. Namco Bandai is my favorite video game developer, and Smash Bros is my favorite video game franchise, so I'm putting this out here right now for all to know: If SSB4 isn't the greatest thing ever, I'm giving up video games, no joke...cuz for me, there's no longer a reason for this game to be anything short of amazing.

Which leads me into the Wii U (aka the Wii 2). Still don't agree with the name; "Wii" may have grown on everyone, but I feel like "Wii U" won't be nearly as catchy. I've been with Nintendo since the NES, but even I can recognize when they're not doin' right. Nintendo's reveal of the Wii U didn't go very well last year, and this year people still aren't too sure what they're lookin' at. The stuff they showed at E3 looked nice, really nice, but I wanna know how much it's gonna cost me, why are they making not one, but two *New* Super Mario Bros games instead of working on something new (was the New Super Mario Bros that popular that it warranted all these sequels)?? And WHY are people using Gamestop's computer info as a source for the supposed price for Wii U games??? $100? :roll: Really, I know we're moving into the next generation, but use some sense. I'm guessing $60....$70 at most per game.

Lastly, I wanted to shamelessly take this opportunity to advertise my new webcomic The Latest Patch, it's a story of a freelance worker named Patch doin' what patches do best: fixing things. It's only 5 pages in (at the time of writing this), but I have big plans for it, and I ask that if you have the chance, to please look at it, it would be much appreciated, and won't go unrewarded.You don't even have to be registered to view or comment.:o

To view The Latest Patch and other amateur webcomics, visit

You can also find me and my drawings at Deviantart

~Thank you for reading, and y'all have yourselves a wonderful day

Free Candy! (Forgot what # blog this is)

No, not for you, unless you dressed up and plan on going out in the wee hours of the night and ringing every house except that one on the hill that's always empty but if you look hard enough you can see someone lurking inside so you dare your friends to check it out and none of them want to and suddenly a scream is heard and none of you know what to do so you sprint as far away from the house on the hill as you possibly can and never speak of it again, then none for you!

I digress; I actually came to you all with updates in hand. My very first being my review of Metroid: Other M which I felt was too cinematic for its own good :(. Which is sad, cuz this was very first Metroid game and it didn't start me off well, despite my anticipation. I probably should've mentioned this in my review but my personal feelings on Samus as a character and "Adam" :evil: wasn't factored into my score.

In other news, I'm still workin' on my pilot, just two more characters to design and I can start the comic! But for now, I hope this will warm your spirits on this day of days :). (FYI, I can't upload pics straight onto photoshop anymore cuz it doesn't recognize the scanners :evil:, so the color quality's worse than normal).

Happy Halloween!

A new (temporary) look.....Psychikos blog VI

I've been writing a lot of these blogs lately.....I'd better slow down or I might pass out.....

Seriously though, I just wanted to talk about a couple of things. First off is my new look; as some of you may have noticed I have a new banner (*gasp*) made in a new art app I downloaded yesterday. It looks cruddy cuz I made it myself >_>....but don't fret; it won't be up for long. I'm just "breaking it in", if that makes any sense.

Also, I have a new icon (*double gasp*), also temporary, mainly due to the fact that one can hardly see it -_-. The point of all this was to just inform you all that I'll be making my own icons and banners from now on.....that is all.

Lastly, to make this official, I wanted to rant a little about Metroid: Other M. As some of you may know, it hasn't been getting the best of reviews, and people seem to take offense to this for some reason. Okay, if you need someone else to approve of something you like in order to feel good about it, maybe you're playing the wrong game. Even if GS gave it a 1.0, I'm still gonna play it, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love it. If you don't, that's fantastic; I don't need you to like a game for/with me.

Anyways, I'll probably review it myself whenever I get around to playing it, y' my O.P.I.N.I.O.N about it. So yeah.........please look forward to that.

My 5 Favorite Scott Pilgrim Quotes (Psychikos Blog V)

*Possible Spoilers*

Since I've basically been having a SP nerd fest, I've decided to share some of my favorite quotes from the Scott Pilgrim comic series. First off:

#5 Knives Chau

Knives Chau

"I'll be so, so good!"

For some reason, this line just fits her. Seriously, if Scott Pilgrim were animated, I could imagine her saying this in a cutesy voice, it's like the line was made for her!

#4 Wallace Wells

Wallace Wells

"You're totally my b*tch forever, Scott."

Because he totally is.

#3 Todd Ingram

Todd Ingram

"You know what? I'm a rockstar. I do what I want."

Cuz he's a d*mn rockstar that does whatever he d*mn wants, d*mmit!

#2 Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

"I....But....It's....Not...It's totally...It's...Y...You're not the boss"

While there was a heap of choices for Scott, this one takes the cake because it's basically a comeback so bad that it's hilarious.

But wait, who could possibly deliver a line funnier than the infamous Scott Pilgrim? The answer:

Winner: Kim Pine

Kim Pine

"Scott, if your life had a face, I would punch it. I would punch your life in the face."

Because punching you in your real face would be too easy. No, she's gonna punch your life in the face, then in the balls, then she's gonna tell it how stupid you are.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed.

I'm now a, not that kind.....(Psychikos Blog IV)

Just a heads up I have now created a Deviantart account. It's under the same name as my GS account so it shouldn't be hard to find.

Good news, due to some stuff that happened I'll be able to post new pics immediatly :); for my first major drawing I have done a Scott Pilgrim Fanart, and since it's technically video game related I'll upload it on GS too.

Special thanks to D1st0rtedFate for inspiring me with his Deviantart and Serbine for giving feedback and helping speed my decision.