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Did Call of Duty learn nothing from Modern Warfare 2?

Okay, so Modern Warfare 3 is coming out next week, and while I should be ecstatic I am not. The reason isn't because I'm a Battlefield fanboy or "CoD hater", in fact I've owned and played every single Call of Duty ever made with the exception of Call of Duty 3.

The reason I am unhappy is because ONCE AGAIN, Infinity Ward and Activision have made a real effort to royally screw over PC gamers with this crap:

So dedicated servers are now available in Modern Warfare 3! Hallelujah! Something that's been in games since the days of the original Quake. But of course we can't rank on them, that would make too much sense!

Obviously this decision is to give Infinity Ward complete control over everything, and then try to paint it as a defense mechanism against the EVIL ADMINS that plague our beloved PC gaming.

Never mind the fact that I fell for Activision/Infinity Ward's blatant lies about IWnet being a quote "LAG AND HACKER FREE ENVIRONMENT" and ended up in a horrible matchmaking system that included, but was not limited to:

1- Hackers galore: Wallhackers, aimbots, speedhacks, texture hacks, anything you can dream of you will find in Modern Warafare 2 IWnet.

2- Host Migration: Isn't it wonderful when you're in the middle of an intense battle but then the host decides to rage quit and the entire server freezes and often fails to find another host so the whole game crashes to a halt.

3- Laggy hosts + host advantage: It's great that I live in North America but then get a host from some guy in Paraguay who has a Pentium 3 and 56K modem but somehow gets the host so I'm playing at 200 MS at a snails pace. Then of course if the host decides to go with a tactical knife and running spec he will stab you before you even manage to fire a shot off.

4- No admin = can't kick cheaters, can't kick flamers: Is that nerd raging kid ruining your experience? Or how about the guy who is headshotting everyone from across the map with his LMG? Well too bad, on the bright side at least those evil admins won't ban you when you use a grenade launcher, the alternative is so much better.

And the BIGGEST SHAME about Modern Warfare 2 was that it was AN AMAZING GAME!! When I was in a lag and hacker free game I enjoyed it so much! But the problem was that it was so rare to find a good host/server through the matchmaking system that it made the gameplay suffer so much.

Honestly I don't want to go through the same crap all over again with Modern Warfare 3, if I want to play the game I'll want to rank up obviously and be able to unlock the new weapons/perks without being forced to use a subpar matchmaking system which honestly doesn't suit FPS shooters anyways.

I own Consoles, so go play the Console version you say. Well I love my consoles, but honestly having grown up with games like Quake and Counterstrike I throughly believe that the mouse and keyboard setup is much better for shooting games. This is why often times why console shooters have autoaim to help players cope with the sluggish analogs.

This is the curse of being a PC gamer I guess, but it's really a shockingly bad decision by Infinity Ward and Activision. If you think my complaints are unfounded then keep in mind that I've played well over 200 hours of MW2 multiplayer, and if you still don't believe me simply check Modern Warfare 2's official PC forums to find threads of complaints and anger.

If you're still going to buy the game for PC, I'd like to know why, but I personally will do my best to avoid it after the traumatizing experience that IWnet was. Maybe MW3 will prove me wrong, but I somehow doubt it.