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My choices have been made.

After watching Microsoft's E3 conference,Sony's E3 conference,and Nintendo Direct.I will be adding a Wii-U to my owned consoles along with PS4.I am still a little bit torn to the fact that Sony has decided to charge for online play.Then I again I can't really complain as I am a PS plus member already.Now for why I am getting a Wii-U is simple,I like the look of the New Smash Brothers.After seeing Mega Man really sold me on it(Yes this may sound like a pathetic excuse to own a Wii-U).Maybe one day I will own Xbox One,as the new KI game,and Titianfall have struck a cord with me.As of right now,that is the way I have set things up.I will buy the Wii-U,after I purchase the PS4.

Well I am a Lead Officer now.

Yup I got promoted with the Security company I work for.My job really is not as easy as I am a officer in the downtown core of Toronto.I have been enjoying this job for some time now,meet a lot of new people,but at the same also meet some very lazy officers.The ones who think Security is just about sitting down and watching cameras.Well my job is not that at all,I chase people,deal with domestic's,noise complaints,and Cars getting broken into.I hope to one day get promoted to a Field Training Officer,FTO for short.Well this is latest update about me,I'll be posting less on Gamespot very soon.

Oh well I am Burn't lol.

Yup like the title say's this has been one money spending week for me.Brought Mass Effect 3 CE,Streetfighter X Tekken (With a New Fightstick also),and Unit 13 for Vita.Also I got a Hair cut might as well slip that in there:lol:. Now I can aim at paying off my student loan,and phone bill.OH but wait Ninja Gaiden 3,and Tales of Graces (F) for PS3 why all this in one month:cry:.God I hope April won't be so punishing to me I got others plans you hear me game Developers:lol:!

I noticed something funny on Systems Wars PS VITA related.

Yeah I mean I know before any new Console or Handheld comes,they get bashed left,right,and centre.What I am seeing now is people running scared of the PS Vita:lol:.The way it's going down now is just plain funny,if users on System Wars are not complaining about the price saying it needs a price cut.I mean come on250$ is bad now:?,the only reason the price is getting bashed cause Nintendo decide to cut the price of the 3DS.Now I see users talking about Vita needing a redesign and button layout is bad.Hahaha wow the thing hasn'tevenbeen out for month yet.And it needs a redesign for people to buy it or the button layout needs to change thats all BS in my eyes. I meancome onthey just can't admit the VITA is a good handheld they just need something to pick at now.

The PS Vita,and my time with it.

Well so far I am enjoying this powerful little handheld still trying to understand it :x. My only bone I have to pick with the handheld is the dam rear touch pad,its a pain using that thing.At the current moment I don't own any games right now,only Little Deviants,that game is no fun at all I wont lie:lol:. I will be picking up game's after I get my Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition,and my Streetfighter X Tekken Collectors edition,and SSx Tricky. I have only played one demo so far,and that was Uncharted which looks really good screw reviews its all about whatI like:cool:. I hope Sony got some really good 3rd party stuff coming my way.Just hope this thing doesn't turn out to be another PSP.Meaning with all the power this thing can put out maybe we'll see some more games that can only be played on the Vita.

More in future I'll keep updating this blog.As more time is spent with the Vita!.

This PS3,Vita,and Sony doom thing is getting old.

I mean really old everyday I go on SW there's some BS.How Sony is doomed or how the Vita,PS3 are killing Sony.People on this site seem to forget that the Sony company is a MmultinationalCconglomerateCorporation.Which means they just don't make PS3.PSP,and Vita's.Like some idiots and trolls think on this site.Itboggles the mind to why the Mods let that kinda garbage fly all the time.I am also really tired of all the Alt accounts this site has allowed to pop up now.

I think its time.

For my Gamespot friends to actually know a little about me.Well to begin my real name is Imraan Ashmeer Ali(As you can tell I am Muslim).I was born May 10th 1987.I was raised in Trinidad until I was seven came to Canada in 1995.Been living in Toronto for most of my life.I am also the oldest of five.I have Two brothers,an Two sisters.I have a career in Law Enforcement,an now I do Security which I am having a blast doing.I started gaming at a young age.Unlike most people I got my start with Super Nintendo my first game was Donkey Kong Country.Then later on my in life I got a PS1 that started my love for Sony an the Playstation brand which I don't regret.My first game for PS1 was Gran Turismo then my collection got bigger with PS1.Then in 2001 I got my PS2 once again first game for that system was Gran Turismo that collection also grew.Then when PS3 lunched I was unable to obtain one due the pricing and that time I was not working.Then in 2008 my former friend brought me and my brother PS3 first game for that was MGS4.And now I have over 112 games for PS3.I am now 24 years of age and gaming to its fullest.

Well that is just little bit about me.

Well my friends its Vacation time for you.

I'll be heading to Trinidad today as I type I will be getting dressed:lol:.This will also be my first timein Trinidad after 17 years or so FOR EID YES!:D at the end of the month.So I am happy Allah has finally given me this chance.I will keep this blog short.I will be missing on some great games that will be coming out while I am over there but it will be worth the wait.So my friends at GS and PSN see you guys on the 19th.PEACE!.

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