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Amazon Now Sells My Music, Yo

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Because I'm just that fly?

But no seriously, this makes PT happy. One step closer to selling something physical on store shelves (If you recall, I'll return to blogging on the symphonycometh account if I do that). No, you don't have to buy the soundtrack and you are at no risk from a banscythe if you don't. But as always, support for my projects is always nice. :3

Also, The Perjurer will be out late this month or April. I have all the lines for episodes 4 and 5, so it's now between me and my own laziness.

Follow The Perjurer On Facebook

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We have an uphill climb for the series this year as it goes towards its climax. So if you have a Facebook, follow us around! It's the best way to keep track of the songs, episodes, and extras that I'm often too lazy to post here.

2010 Showcase

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Here is what we've been doing this entire year. You can also download The Perjurer OST and the Journey OST. Free and legally.

Because we get things done.