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I Have Been Infected with the Red Ring of Death

I am now one of the many who has been infected with the Red Ring of Death. I am not the first person to post this aspect and I will not be the last. I think the cause is Rock Band (see my last post.) I have found that many people who play this title seem to get infected with the Red Ring. I think the game is hard on the system and causes the unit to overheat. The plus to all of this is that I have a two-year protection plan through Best Buy so I already have a replacement unit. I had the option to upgrade to the Elite but I do not want it. I do not watch movies on the machine and I know two people who have the HDMI cable for the 360 and I do not see a lick of difference the cable makes. I watched Project Gotham Racing 4, Halo 3, Gears of War and Lost Odysee and none of them look that much better that it justifies the $90 for me to get the Elite system. I do not need thelarger hard drive since I have had my current unit for 18 months and have filed 9.5 GIGs of space and that is with song downloads for GH2, GH3 and Rock Band. I would rather save my cash for RB2 which comes out in a few months.

Off to go set up the new unit.

One more side note, since I did not upgrade, I get to keep my hard drive with all my downloads and game saves. This is a good thing for Rock Band since it does not allow you to have a back-up file on a memory card and your hard drive. It is one or the other.

Ramblings From a Rock Band Addict

I never thought that I would get so hooked on a game as I have with Rock Band. Heck, I never thought I would drop as much cash as I have for a single game. In any case, I really enjoy it. My friend, about two months ago, maybe a little more, bought a copy of the game. I was shocked because he was the last person I thought would spend $150 on a game and then another $90 on Guitar Hero II to get a second guitar. I had played Guitar Hero before and I thought it was entertaining but not $90-$100 entertaining, so I never thought twice about picking up Rock Band which was even more of an expense.

Well, to keep this story moving, I was invited to his house to sit around, drink a few beers and fire up Rock Band. Pretty much from the start I liked it but did not consider buying it. The guitar part is pretty much the same as Guitar Hero, so that did not blow me away. The drums we fun but challenging especially for someone who has very little natural rhythm. And the signing I could take or leave. What made the game entertaining was not the individual parts, but the who game iteself when you have two guitarists, a singer and a drummer. Four people working together to complete a song. I was amazed on how much of a group activity the game truly was. Even at the times when I was taking a break so someone else could play, it is fine watch them struggle to finish the song.

After several visit to my friend's house, I broke down and bought the game and Guitar Hero II. I also now have Guitar Hero III making my guitar collection a total of three. I have to say, I am not really a fan of the Rock Band Fender guitar. I like the Gibson style guitars from the Guitar Hero hero series. I find them easier to use and handle. I have gotten pretty skilled at the drums and I may actually be better on them than the guitar. I still avoid singing. I just do not have much patience or skill in it.

No More Hereos

I am not in the mood to write a full review of No More Heroes right now but I have to post on how much fun I had playing it. The game is not super long, about 15 hours, but it is highly entertaining and very creative. I have told so many people about this game and I want to tell more people. It is like playing a video game version of a Quintin Tarantino movie. The action is completely over-the-top and the story is just interesting enough to pull the whole project together. The whole game has to be played to be understood and it cannot be played for only a view minutes ecause it takes a little time to absorb the whole feel of the game. All Wii owners, above age 18, need to try this game. There is a reason why GameSpot gave it a 9/10.

Finished Super Mario Galaxy

Well, it took me close to two weeks to do it, but I finished the game. My final star total was 101 at the end of the game. I might have made it all the way to 105; however, the two trash levels and the final Transforming Galaxy where you need to capture three white rabbits annoyed me too much to keep playing them. There are a couple of hidden Galaxies that I did not find because I have yet to consult a game guide on where they may be located. Wait, no, let me do the math, it is only one galaxy that I did not find. I tried the first and second purple coin stars after the game is over and I do not like the mass collection that needs to be done and the fact that all 100 purple coins must be collected without losing a life. The first one was easy as was the second, but as I was returning to collect the star was the level, I got stuck in some honey and fell short with a jump and had to start all over again. I am not sure it is worth my frustration to play the last of the levels just so I can play as Luigi. I am only renting the game and I ned to get back to playing The Simpsons game so I think I am going to accept my loss and move onto another game. Defeating the game with 85% or so of the stars is enough entertainment for my buck. If I owned the game, I would keep playing until I had 120 stars. If I come across the gamefor like $25or so, I would buy it and finish it up. For now, it is back to The Simpsons Game.

Just Finished Bioshock

As the title of thisblog suggests, I finished the game. I have to admit, I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this game. I am, by tradition, not a hugh FPS fan. This game had a lot of FPS elements, but there was a lot of adventure and RPG elements as well. Plus, there was a great, multi-level story that helped carry the game through. What I really liked is that it was strictly an adventure title, meaning that there was no online aspect of the title. I think that thisworked for the bst because the developers focused all the their energy into the story and game mechanics instead of spliting the efforts to jut attach some online play. I really should write a review, but this blog post will be enough for now.

Place Your Bets

Who wants to wager that I have already seen The Simpsons Movie?

I don't know with a screen name like Prof. Frink, chances are pretty good? Is he cheap enough to wait for it on DVD? Did he cheat the system and download the movie? Did he drop the cash at a midnight showing last night? Did he take off from work to see the first showing today? Can you decide?

Resident Evil 5

Have you watched the trailor yet? What are you waiting for? You are losing valuable time here reading my babble!

Ok, have you watched it? Good. This game brings back Chris, one of my favorite characters from the series. The best part is they throw him right in the middle of 28 Days Later! If you have not seen that film, you cannot call yourself a fan of the zombie genre. Worth a rent and really brings home the RE5 trailor! I want to know what Chris and, I hope, Umbrella are doing in Africa.

Talk amoung yourselfs, I will wait.

More Than Meets the Eye

I just got back from seeing Transformers and I have to say, it was better than I thought it would be. I am not saying it is a great movie, but it is at least entertaining. It is a typical summer blockbuster movie. Lots of special effects, lots of explosions, light on plot with a romance thrown in for good measure. The plot itself is more of a throwback to the cartoon of the 1980's than other cartoon based off of the toy line made there after. The general idea is that the robots are looking for the life spark which is a cube that can change size and breath life back into the home planet of Cybertron or corrupt all machines on a planet. The Autobots want to use the spark for good, the Decpticons want to control the universe. Classic good versus evil.

What really surprised me was the amount of humor in the film. It was not groaner style jokes but a lot of great one-line quips that will make most viewers laugh.

The robots themselves are almost a bit over-robotic. The designers put extra exposed moving parts to make the robots seem more realistic, but with all of the parts, they tend to get lost in the detail. Also, a lot of the fight scenes move so fast that they two fighting machines look blurry and it is really hard in some fights to tell not only which robots were fighting but which side was winning.

All in all, the film is worth the ticket price because this style of movie always views better on the big screen than most home theater systems.

Overlord Demo

For those out there with a Xbox 360, or a gaming PC, looking downloading the Overlord demo! This game looks to be a blast. The game is supposed to be evil, but more in a cartoon villian kind-of way. The minions are goblin-like and are pretty easy to control. The best part of is that the main character, I guess Overlord is his name, can also attack and perform attacks as well. I just wish the demo was a little longer, there is barely enough time to really explore the details of the game. It comes out in a couple of weeks, but I am not going to pre-order it because the game has a chance of being really short. I do realy want to play it.

Halo 3 Mismatches

I know there are a lot of you out there playing the Halo 3 Beta currently... How do I know this?  Well, every time I log into Xbox Live, half the people on my friends list are playing the game.  That is neither here nor there.  What this blog post is really about is the TERRIBLE mismatches with the pair ups.  You would think that the game that has the option to try to find players of equal skill and pair them up, you would get people with similar skill levels.  I have played 10 free-for-all matches and 5 team matches and only two have been even matches.  What the heck is it that the system puts a skill level 17 and no I am not making this up with a group of skill levels of 1-4!?  When the match is over, that player has 47 kills versus the next highest of 12... How is that even?  If the system cannot find a similar level player, why cannot the game wait or just start with the players on hand?  The level 17 was a one-time thing, but most of the games had one or two level 10-12 while the rest were four and under.  I will admit, I am not the best at FPS games, but in order to get better, being slaughtered at the re-spawn location is not going to give me extra skill!  The team games are not much better, but you at least have a chance to get a well skilled team member.  What is really frustrating is that people are looking for their friends and will leave a game as it is loading so you gets matches of four against two.  My best, semi-balanced game was four versus three, I was on the three team.  Two games, there were players who left either at the start of the match or after a minute or two.  I have never quit a game and never will.  So, if you see a moron flying solo versus four people, that would be me.  I am so frustrated that I got rid of the Crackdown disc to never even look at Halo 3 until the full game hits and even then I have my doubts.