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Why add something to the 3DS and rearely use It?! 3DS games that can use DLC

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If you've been paying attention to Nintendo's latest handheld, the 3DS, than you'll probably know they boosted up it's virtual hardware; from street pass to a friend system. Though probably the most anticipated update was Downloadable Content for the games. The DS clearly had great titles that lasted everybody awhile, but after a bit every game gets a little dull. What could increase a game's replay value??? DLC. The 3DS has it but sadly only New Super Mario Bros. 2 has noticable DLC content. There are so many more games that could use this DLC feature. Like Mario Kart 7. A lot of players complained Mario Kart 7 didn't have the best choices of characters to play as. DLC can give Mario Kart 7 new characters, kart parts, maps, and maybe even modes. Another game is Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. Again, the reason people complain about this game is the same for Mario Kart 7; the pitty character choices. Add new characters to this game through DLC! The word around is that there is no DLC planned for The Mercenaries which is a sad statement as with most games.

DLC, whether paid or free, can increase a game's replay value, add more options to play, and get the game company more money. Why add DLC to the 3DS but don't use it?! Why!?! Clearly there are games that could use DLC...Mario Kart 7, RE: The Mercenaries, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, Street Fighter IV, Heroes of Ruin, and more. Perhaps adding DLC to a game would cause more problems than fix them. DLC could be overpriced, not worth the money, add even more bugs, and cause the developer's next game to slow production down. Just more fuss would come out of the gaming comunity! Anyways, with rumors floating around about 3DS DLC packages hopefully we'll see more games that willl get it. So far Nintendo knows what they are doing, and hopefully it stays like that.