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Is Dark Souls as good Skyrim?

Yeah we all know that Skyrim is good... It "IS" the only western game to get a 40/40 from Famitsu, known for its high criteria. But are we missing some games that should be up there with Skyrim? Like Dark Souls? They fall in the same genre and both sport massive open world environments. Gameplay-wise, Dark Souls was more innovative than Skyrim although its reputation for being extremely hard pushed away a lot of gamers. In the case of replayability, I think Skyrim offers more hours of content, but Dark Souls shouldn't be far behind. As with all Bethesda games, Skyrim has the best graphics of any games released the previous year. It is powered by Bethesda's "Creation Engine", the company's new engine. Dark Souls on the hand has the graphics of any self-respecting next-gen game title. But it does use its limited graphics to its greatest extent in amazing boss fights and immersive dungeon crawls. Prove me if I'm wrong but in my opinion, Dark Souls deserves the same hype and loyal fanbase Skyrim has :D This is my first blog entry so please go easy on me HAHA