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This blog is not about video games.

I got tagged by ArmoredCore55 and now it's my turn to write five interesting facts about me, so here we go.

1. I have two favorite TV Shows, and they are Top Gear and 24.

2. Most of my games are racing games.

3. My favorite car that is affordable is Honda S2000

4. My favorite color is Black.

5. My color eyes is blue.

Xbox 360 Achievements #9 (65,000)

It's beeen a while since I've have done this type of blogs. I don't have the full list of the games that helped me get there, but here is some of the games that helped me reach to 55,000. Sega Rally Revo, DiRT 2, Need for Speed Shift, PGR3, Race Pro, Rainbow Six Vegas, Army of Two Midnight Club LA, and Test Drive Unlimited.

Completed Retail #24 (Midnight Club : LA)

I just got all the achievements for Midnight Club : Los Angeles. The two achievements above were the hardest to get. The requirement to get the first achievement is to invite 5 friends to a game lobby. I had hard time getting this achievement because I didn't know 5 people that were playing this game. Some time later I met some people and they helped me get it. The second achievement was to collect all Rockstar barrels, and some of barrels were very difficult to find.

Broken Xbox 360

My current xbox 360 finally decided to give up. I was hoping that my 3rd xbox 360 wouldn't give me any more red flashing lights, but it did. The problem with the xbox 360 is that I'm getting two flashing lights, which indicates that my system is overheating. I tried moving my xbox 360, but it didn't help. Now I'm going to have to wait one month to get it fixed.

Xbox 360 Achievements #8 (60,000)

I just made another 5,000 achievements points. Here is the list of games that got me there. Juiced 2: HIN, Army of Two, SEGA Rally, Midnight Club: LA, Saints Row 2, Left 4 Dead, Brothers in Arms: HH, Call of Duty: WaW, Rainbow Six® Vegas 2, Call Of Duty 3, and ACE COMBAT 6.