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Moving To Youtube!

Hello all my Gamespot friends, or those that still hang out here.


It's sad to say but it seems a lot of people aren't really using this site anymore socially, and I've enjoyed my time blogging on here and meeting some cool people but I can't see doing the blog anymore with how dead it has become on here. I had hoped quite awhile ago to start doing the blog again every other day during the week but I've decided not to.


If there are any of you out there that are still interested in my stuff, I have moved to Youtube where I will be doing gameplay videos with commentaries. So please check that out I'll put the link down below to my channel. If not that is cool.


Otherwise I wish you all a good time and I'll still be around for chit chat at times here on Gamespot, or perhaps I'll open a blog elsewhere idk.


Cheers all and here is the channel link :D

Moments in gaming I will never forget!

Greetings gamers!

I think the title of this post is all that is needed to know what this blog post is about.

I think we all have those moments that we'll never forget from the games we've played. I've compiled a list of my top 10 moments, things I will never forget, because they were funny, awesome, crazy, or just plain shocking!


So I'll start off at #10 and go to my top most favorite moment in gaming, and please if you read this feel free to comment with your own top 10. I'd love to know what others consider their top ten favorite moments.


******Oh BTW Spoiler Alert on some of these!******


#10 -- Jon Marston Gunned Down


Yep would of never guessed it, ran around for weeks playing Red Dead Redemption as the tough outlaw Jon Marston robbing banks, killing bears with just a knife, taking rich men for all their money in poker games by cheating, rounding up bounties, and just plain causing havoc whenever possible.

Then suddenly one day, I find my friend Jon Marston standing in a barn with about 20 marshals and government agents surrounding the outside of it, and suddenly Jon's dead eye ability just isn't enough to get him out of this mess. His son and wife who escaped before he confronted the marshals, return only to find him dead from multiple gun shot wounds.  I guess the good news is that the old geriatric that lead them there to kill Jon is later killed by Jon's son, in the free roam after the game ends. Yet it still kind of lingers that ol' Jon Marston is dead, something I really didn't expect.



#9 -- Kor is the Metal-Head Leader

I played Jak 2 when I was like 13 years old and to be honest I don't remember anything about the storyline, well very little to be even more honest.


Yep this was a bit of a shock, I don't know if it was because I hadn't played the first or because it just wasn't something you could expect. I honestly didn't think that the old man protecting the kid (the kid who is really Jak, I remember that) was going to be some crazy looking metal-head monster. And as I said before, it's one of the very few things I remember from the game.


#8 -- Hi There, Scruffy Looking Pirate Person! I'm Guybrush Threepwood!

Here is another game I remember very little about, but I remember it was hilarious some of the things that happened and were said in this game. Guybrush is probably the dumbest and funniest character I've ever seen in a game.


What I do remember from this game was playing insult armwrestling with an old salty dog (I forget his name). Which simply led to some of the strangest insults I've ever heard, and I remember spending a whole two days just replaying this armwrestling thing because I found it so funny. Even the introduction he gives to the pirate is hilarious, "Hi there, scruffy looking pirate person! I'm Guybrush Threepwood!"


#7 -- Arthas Kills His Father

Does this really need an introduction? In Warcraft 3 you start off the human campaign playing as the upstanding Prince Arthas, an up and coming Paladin. Though soon into the campaign his duty of protecting his kingdom turns to slaying the undead scourge and trying to destroy it's leader Mal'Ganis. As he tracks down Mal'Ganis towards the end of the campaign and finds out he needs a rune blade known as Frostmourne to defeat his enemy, he loses his soul to the Lich King creator of the sword and eventually loses his sanity. Upon his return to his kingdom and his father the king, he disregards his kingdoms forgiveness for his questionable actions and kills his father and then destroys his own kingdom.

Five of the Best Gaming Cutscenes


#6 -- Bioshock: The Dentist's Office

Yep, I remember this all too well. The first time I played Bioshock was in the summer of 2010 when I took a college course that required us to play the game, yes we played a game for a college course.

And to be honest I hate FPS games, hate, hate, hate, HATE THEM!!! But if it's called Bioshock I love it, don't know why but I do. You know what I hate more than FPS games though? Scary games, hate, HATEEEE THEM!!!!! Why you ask? Well FPS games I'm usually shooting everything but the enemy, and scary games I can't play them. I play games for fun and being scared out of my mind isn't fun for me. But again if it's called Bioshock, I love it.

So anyway it's a week into the course and probably around Thursday the professor said, start Bioshock now it's 40 hours of gameplay (approximately). So I start it and the creepiness is tolerable, well until I get to probably the worst level as far as creepiness goes, The Medical Pavillion. I think that level was made to get people to quit the game, I really do. The majority of the scary parts are in this level, if you can endure it you can finish the game no matter how scared you get.

I remember walking along and the lights going out and psychoatic nurses hoping out of the darkness to beat the pulp out of me, that was something else. But that was on a sunny day with the windows open and someone was watching me play, not so bad really. What was really bad, was the dentists office. This was the part that actually made me quit, not completely mind you. Just for the day lol.

It was a weekend night and everyone went to bed, probably the same day I did the nurse part. I went in that office to see smoke come down, hear footsteps and see a dead body on the patient chair that was not there before the smoke came down. WHO PUT IT THERE?!!! There is nobody in this place, is there? I don't see anyone...

So I go along pick up everything in the room, and then I take the diary recording and turn around...HOLY CRAP there is a man standing behind me. I jumped out of the seat and started smacking him with the wrench you get at the beginning and he goes nuts beating the crap out of me. He finally dies and I shut that game off, no more for me that night. NO MORE! lol


I will never forget that, NEVER! Just impossible to forget. - This guy is talking while he's doing the part, probably close to my reaction.


Well Alright, that's 5 of them. Will stop here for now, will add the next part in probably the next day or two. Thanks for reading and if you'd like post your top ten moments in games you won't forget, do so in a comment. I'd love to see what they are!

Top 5 Strangest Places in Video Games

Hello Hello! It's been awhile!

But in all seriousness and in regular font size I am here with what I think are the top 5 strangest places in video games.

You know you are playing a game and you just happen to run into a place, location, city, etc. that is just plain weird. Whether it's the people, the buildings, the atmosophere, or maybe they don't have bathrooms or something I don't know lol.

And without further beating around the bush, we'll start with number 5!

5. Alexandria from Final Fantasy 9

It may strike some as odd that I picked this city as one of the strangest places in video games at first. Maybe if I refresh everyone's memory about Alexandria we'll have an, "AH-HA!" moment.

From the minute you start the game and roam through Alexandria as Vivi the strange black mage at the beginning of Final Fantasy 9 you notice that Alexandria is a normal looking place but you can't help but notice the weird looking people. There are bird-men, rat children, people with tails, muggers, and god knows what else I may be forgetting.


What may be even more weird is that Alexandria's entire army is comprised of very competent female soldiers and I mean all female. It is also led by a queen and it is never mentioned of it ever having a male ruler. The general of the army is a young girl named Beatrix who during every boss battle you face her in wipes the floor with you.


Though what is even stranger is that with a full army of capable females, it still has a full set of male knights who are all dumber than a box of rocks. Frankly I just think they keep them for entertainment purposes.

Though I think the most amazing thing about this city is that the castle is actually an enormous eidolon (or summon monster) named Alexander which is seen about half way through the game. It uses it's big wings to shield the castle (itself) from a large scale attack.


4. Outland from Warcraft and World of Warcraft


In the world of Azeroth at the very southern most region of the Eastern Kingdoms lies a barren area known as the Blasted Lands. Within this area is a large crater with a portal standing at it's base known as The Dark Portal. Those who step through this portal will find themself in the remnants of a planet known as Draenor or as most would call it Outland.


When you first enter Outland you see it's shattered sky, and multiple planets above it which is a peninsula known as Hellfire Peninsula. Demons fight constantly here trying to enter Azeroth through The Dark Portal. I don't think I will ever forget the sky here, it's something that is so odd and yet very beautiful to look at. While most of Outland doesn't quite look as different and as strange as Hellfire Peninsula it definitely has it's quirks in many of it's regions. Nagrand which looks like a regular cliff top area has many pieces of the obliterated planet of draenor just floating above it with endless streams of water pouring off of them. And then there is Blade's Edge Mountains which has large spikes covering all of the mountain range in the region.


Though I think that both Netherstorm (top of the above two pictures) and Shadow Moon Valley (bottom of the above two pictures) are both very unique as well and probably the most memorable. They are both located at the top and bottom of Outland and are also houses to the two rulers of Outland. Kael'thas Sunstrider uses Netherstorm in the north to harvest the magical energy that comes from the purple nether lightning that comes from the sky to enhance his own power and that of his people. While Illidan Stormrage resides in the south in Shadow Moon Valley where infernals rain from the sky and the looming Black Temple stands over the entire region.

Outland is definitely a weird place but it's also fascinating.

3. Rapture from the Bioshock series


If you look at this picture of Rapture from Bioshock you probably think, "Oh it looks like a regular city. With lights and it's really fancy! Oh there are a couple birds flying up in the top left corner of the picture."

Well guess what, those birds up on the top left of the picture are not birds. They are fish or some other type of aquatic creatures. Rapture is submerged under the ocean. A place where no gods or kings are allowed. Only men may reside there. A place where everyone is genetically enhanced to be the best of themselves and everything is perfect. Sounds great right?




These are the citizens of Rapture in the above picture, they are now known as splicers and essentially scour the city looking for the genetic enhancement product dispersed by Ryan Industries called ADAM. Basically they've all become crazed and addicted to it. Rapture is one creepy and terrifying place, but you may say, "Well hey, it may be scary but at least there are no gods or kings right?" Well not really, as you roam Rapture you find that the whole philosophy behind Rapture is flawed. Bibles have been smuggled in and the splicers are heard praying to god at times as well.


Well at least they don't have a king! Wrong again, there is Andrew Ryan, the bloody king of Rapture! He's probably the only person down there not deformed or addicted to ADAM.


Though I think the most associated thing with Bioshock and Rapture are the Little Sisters and Big Daddies. The little sisters are little girls that look harmless but they essentially run around and stick big needles into the splicers and suck all the ADAM out of them. This is of course after the Big Daddy rips them into little tiny pieces. The Big Daddies are also essentially the protectors of the Little Sisters.

This all seems very far-fetched especially if you haven't played Bioshock, and well if you haven't played Bioshock you really should. Though all of these things come together to make Rapture one very weird place.

2. The Shadow Temple from Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ok I'm going to admit that this place isn't all that strange or weird, except for maybe the hands that come and grab you in certain rooms of the temple. But the boss in the Shadow Temple is just plain weird. His name is Bongo Bongo and he tries to kill Link by banging on the giant bongo drum that Link is standing on lol.


And now for the Strangest and weirdest place in video games!

1. Doolin and the Netherworld from Folklore


Ok so I have never been in a stranger place in all my time playing games, just never! Folklore is set in a town named Doolin in Ireland, which actually exists in real life.

The town in the game is much more creepier than the actual place, I might add lol. Basically this whole game is weirder than weird. While I don't actually own the game anymore, I traded it in for credit at Gamestop I believe, I will never forget the pure strange and weirdness that came from this game.

Doolin in the game is apparently the only place where one can enter the Netherworld, or world of the dead. Doolin is also plagued by mysterious murders, like I seriously think like the whole village dies during this game lol. While Doolin has it's weirdness, like when the tavern is filled with strange creatures from the netherworld late at night when the town is sleeping. Or when weird faerys are in the cemetery by the woods.

Even so the Netherworld is even stranger. In the nether world you catch these strange creatures that you use to fight with and the environment is just plain bizarre. Frankly it's just too hard to explain as I'm typing this.


Even though Folklore was just one plain weird game that I'd never even dream of playing again, if you haven't played it I'd strongly encourage you to as it's definitely an experience.

And there you have it! What I think are the top 5 weirdest places in video games.

On the Docket: Reworking at the moment :)

My Review of AC:Brotherhood

Hello Everyone!

I decided to skip right to the review cause I just finished it this weekend!

Click Here

Thanks for reading and please comment!

On the Docket: why so hard Blizzard?, Review of FF:13, why I decided to start playing the fable series, top ten most dramatic bosses, thoughts on super mario galaxy 2, and the problem with multiplayer.

Thoughts on Metroid: Other M!

Metroid, Metroid, Metroid...

Where do I begin?

Well let us just say Metroid is a bit different this time around.

-No First person (rather both 1st and 3rd)

-Samus talks now (OMG!)

-No Ridley as far as I can tell also.

-No space pirates

-Just a mysterious abandoned research facility or whatever you want to call it.

While I'm about half way through the game now, I have to say I like the new metroid.

I'm not a fan of 1st person so the dual views are nice, however you can't move in 1st person which is a bit annoying.

I love the fact you get introduced to some of Samus's past as well. I never found Metroid much fun without the storyline, it always seemed you ran around aimlessly at times fighting for some goal that you had no idea about till the end.

Even so this is about the limitation to what I can say about this game for now. You can find out everything when I post my review.

On the Docket: Thoughts on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, why so hard Blizzard?, why I decided to start playing the fable series, top ten most dramatic bosses, thoughts on super mario galaxy 2, and the problem with multiplayer.

Updated Docket!!

Here is an updated docket!

On the Docket: Thoughts on Metroid: Other M, thoughts on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, why so hard Blizzard?, why I decided to start playing the fable series, top ten most dramatic bosses, thoughts on super mario galaxy 2, and the problem with multiplayer.

Thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII

Well I never thought I'd actually get to this, now don't be fooled I'm not very far into the game yet.

I'm just about the point after they have fought the Fal'Cie and obtained their magical powers

So far I'm enjoying this game and I think it might stay interesting this time around, as opposed to one of my most hated games of all time Final Fantasy 12. If you want to know why I hate it look at my review of it, cause I could go on for hours in this blog about 12.

Anyway I like the new battle system, if only this would have been the way it was in 12. No instead they'll use the largely awkward free roam battle system. Yet I do commend them for this very more active and well done FF13 system. The storyline has some substance to it, but I'm kind of already sensing that they may not be introducing information about the characters. I'm just hoping they don't do this empty shell stuff like FF12. Too many characters and too little information about them that you just don't care about them towards the end of the game, you just want it to get over with.

Now for some gripes, yay gripes! Where the hell are the towns and stores and all that jazz! I don't know I guess money is now useless and towns are a waste of programmers lives.

Also it seems like there is no challenge anymore, I guess with the potions healing everyone and being healed completely after each battle. Though the bosses do present challenge I have noticed.

I guess I really just need to play more to really get a good idea, look for my review if you want my final thoughts. I can't promise it anytime soon though.

On the Docket: Thoughts on Metroid: Other M, thoughts on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, why so hard Blizzard?, and why I decided to start playing the Fable series.

my review of Mafia 2!

Again very long review!

So short intro, lol.

I feel like I was too harsh with this game, but if you can't recreate the greatness a game with horrible graphics had that was made in 2002, I can't be too nice.

click here for review!

comments appreciated if you wish!

On the Docket: Thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII (yes finally I can do this one, lol.), thoughts on Metroid: Other M, thoughts on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, why so hard Blizzard?, and why I decided to start playing the Fable series.

My review of SC2: Wings of Liberty!

Alright intro is short because the review is rather lengthy, but should be helpful.

click herefor the review!

Thanks for reading and let me know if it was helpful!

On the Docket: My review of Mafia II, thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII (yes finally I can do this one, lol.), thoughts on Metroid: Other M, thoughts on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, why so hard Blizzard?, and why I decided to start playing the Fable series.

Bad Habits die hard, and updated docket!

So it seems I've lied a few times and said I would start doing many many blogs again. Well I'd do one and that was about it until I've felt motivated again. I guess it just seems to be slipping my mind, I've been playing enough to do plenty of stuff, just not getting on here.

Anyway I have a new laptop so I should be able to type these out whenever I want or have time, let me just hope I can, lol.

So here is the docket updated and here is hoping I actually try to keep up with it.

On the Docket: My review of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, My review of Mafia II, thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII (yes finally I can do this one, lol.), thoughts on Metroid: Other M, thoughts on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, why so hard Blizzard?, and why I decided to start playing the Fable series.

Until next time!