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Sorry I have not been on~

Sorry I have not been online on Gamespot. I have been playing MapleStory (Global), and I am making videos now ^_^. Stop by my youtube channel please. While your there subscribe, leave cool comments, and rate my vids.

Two new cool games!

Well, I got 2 awesome new games today. Super Smash Bros BRAWL! and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness! both of them are AWESOME. I'ma set up my wifi later on, after I get more pro with these games.

I am finally back

Well I am back in GS, and I got my keyboard back and I am making my own MapleStory Private Server. Its so hard since it requires using mostly C++ with Microsoft Visual C++ Express, but my work is paying off, because its going great. Anyways, whats new around GS and with you guys?


So yeah....I am big time grounded now. The reason I am grounded is because I have been suspended from school for the 13th 1 school year. Bad for my record. Yeah? So anyways, hopefully I will be on soon, soon....soon....Ah, dont get your hopes up, I have been grounded even more for losing SOMETHING worth $400....No need for you to know what.:) Anyways, I got suspended for play fighting in school. Yes, yes, I know what your thinking, "Who gets suspended for PLAY FIGHTING?" Ask the stupid deans that in my school. I hate my school, I wanna sue them and then change. Anyways, hope I can get ungrounded soon.


PSP MAX or Datel Tool (Everyone Read)

I really need a STORE. NOT A ONLINE STORE, I need a store or mall, whatever, thats in the USA in NY that sells PSP MAX Power TOOL or Datel TOOL, its a battery for the PSP, and I really need it. That tool downgrades your psp. If you know a site, tell me please.

Oh and, YAY! I AM LEVEL 11

Your Favorite List of MMO Games

List ALL your favorite MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Games, from worst to best. Here is mine.

10: Online Dragonball

9: Runescape

8: Seal Online

7: Pokemon Cyrus (I was a GM there, so it made it fun)

6: Silk Road

5: GTA San Andreas MMORPG


3: 2moons

2: Eudemon (Aint bad once you get into it.)

1: Cabal (I would have played this game long, if you didnt have to pay to get the best features.

Eh, I am looking for really good games, if you know some, tell me.

About Pokemon Diamond

I am doing pretty good so far, I had to start over since I lost some of the files when my computer crashed:( but anyways, I am on my way to get my 3rd badge and all my pokemon are being EV trained, trying to get some good pokemon of all diffrent kinds. Almost all my pokemon are level 30 right now. Trying to do better.

My Pokemon Team so far

1: Staravia - Level 24.

2: Luxray - Level 30

3: Floatzel - Level 30

4: Morferno - Level 30

Not going into stats now because I havent really started to ev train my pokemon at my best.

I need to level up my pokemon faster. Anyways, I think I am doing good. This is just the starting, so yeah...

I am taking Suggestions that can improve my team, and if you know any good pokemon that are in POKEMON DIAMOND, tell me and I will check them out and I might add them. I am currently searching for more powerful pokemon.