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newely dated gaming rig :)

# So, I've decided to upgrade my old gaming rig:

  • Sapphire HD5770 1Gb GDDR5
  • i5 750
  • G. Skill Sniper edition 4Gb 1333Mhz x2
  • Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM 16Mb
  • Thermaltake Element G + 500W PSU
  • Noctua C14
  • Gigabyte UDP3

into this brand new beast:

  • MSI R9 280X OC 3Gb GDDR5
  • i5 4670
  • G. Skill Sniper edition 4Gb 1333Mhz x2 (took from old rig)
  • Western Digital 1TB Caviar Blue 7200RPM 64Mb
  • Sharkoon REX3
  • Corsair CX500
  • Noctua C14 (took from old rig)
  • Asus H81M- A

Gaming ON! :D


Su'p? I'm back, I am currently active and responding on forums you can see that;

What else? changed my phone couple of times, SSD burned 2 times already :D

Currenty gaming: Witcher 2, NFS World, Mechwarrior Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Finished few days ago AC3 bleh, what a horrible game couldn't wait to the end so I can mark V on game I finished, was so boring.

Gamespot usage nowdays

Well hello there :)

It's been years since I've blogged;

This blog actually explains my lack of blogging, I use GS nowdays for gaming news purpose only, I mean I usually watch few vids on YouTube since I've subscribed to their channel; I rarely enter to the actuall site.

I love Escape from Mount Stupid vids and now Danny if I remember his name right is doing Random Encounter vids.

Anyway how's going? anybody missed me? I still play games - online mostly, some co-op as well.

What do you say shall we team up in some match in a game?

E3 impression

after veing few gameplay footages my new anticipated games list is this:


Ubi did impress me with this, an early stage of Deus Ex atmosphere combined with Assassin's Creed/Splinter Cell gameplay with some free roam city.


The new Tomb Raider looks fantastic - looking foward to it


Apart from the 1st game I wasn't interested in any other AC games, Now they've changed the place (snow, trees) and they've changed the scene of the American Civil War - which hasn't been any good games with this scene what so ever - this is why I'm so anticipated for it.


finally they've changed the scene to a war scene, now you're much faster killer, executions are made while running - overall the scene suits the new SC fast style of gameplay - and I'm glad they've took that to this direction.


1st it's a game from Bethesda, second it somewhat reminds me Half Life atmosphere, altought the gameplay reminds me more Bioshock.

what's your impressions from E3?

oh and almost forgot - this game may not seen on E3 but I'm looking foward to it as well from gameplay footage - did impress me.


wish list

Ok this is a short blog about my wish list games:

Max Payne 3 is the most hyped ATM, dying to see how it really plays

Black Ops 2 - yes this I wouldn't believe I'd love to see but this one really interests me

Copernicus - So I've heard the MMO from the makers of Kingdoms of Amalur or should it be called the really game that shou've been released since Amalur doesn't have no online/lan/co-op feature.

The Walking Dead Ep. 2 - I LOVED the 1st episode, a good story telling game and it hase zombies in it (not like I like devs to add zombies into random stuff like Modern Warfare or Red Dead had)

Aliens - the new game, I'd like to see how it went, because AVP2 was medium-low in my rate - such a shame after AVP was a hit.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier - even if I was some gameplay footage and I thought it's going to be boring as hell, not all hopes sank with those trailers.

free online games - Ghost Recon and Mech Warrior Online - I'd like to see how "free" they went with GR game coz it looks promising, BUT I love tactical competitive games, that's the reason why most probably you'll find me "wasting" my time on Mech Warrior Online, with Cry Engine the graphics are beautiful, and I loved Mech Warrior 4, so this will probably steal my heart from World of Tanks (which I made a big mistake taking a year subscription - well not really a mistake it cost me 70$ for such a low price will you even think?) that got me bored after all those battles.

What your wish list? please share

The Divide

I watched lastday a post apocalyptic movie - it was brilliant I say; One of the best movies I've seen these days and I've seen plenty of them.

Totally reminds Fallout and Metro games.

Check out the trailer:

totally worth checkin it out if you're into the theme.

9GAG post

Hi there, eh not sure if I should blog again coz my last blog got 0 comments.

I'll try this one more time and if no one will comment then it's bye bye for blogs for me.

I'm working as a security guard at a hotel nowdays so I made a 9GAG joke - just ran optional fictional situation while being bored at work - and this is what the result is:

let me know what you think of it

Blog again..

Hello there,

I can't believe I'm actually blogging again; It's been a long time...

Anyway what's up with me? I've been on GS from time to time to see what new games are coming and stuff like that.

I've got off the army now so it's time to seek for job and earn some money.

Aside that I've been playing World of Tanks - I've purchesed myself a premium account for a year - don't know why I did that but whatever it cost me about 90$ for a year subscription; starting to hate the game since I almost all the time play with noob team; me and my pal which also play got theory about the matches; if we die wether were in the top list or not the whole team dies; I'm not saying I'm a pro gamer - I just play better than the casual WoT gamers out there.

Anyway I've played all the latest hits of games such as Alan Wake, Mass Effect 3, Kingdoms of Amalur etc. so don't worry me as always I'm updating my games list.

Aside that I've post on youtube several vids of me playing WoT you can check them out on my channel:

it's the 4 vids that I've posted lately from a week ago till yesterday.

I hope you'll enjoy them, Oh and I'll check your latest blogs too.

currently gaming etc

Battlefield 3

Finally finished this masterpiece of a game; cloning Modern Warfare in their own ****with their physics, graphics and Dolby Digital sound was a brilliant idea - IMO it overthroned MW in all these ways and made it a superior game.

Sure it was only 3 hours long on medium difficulty but it was hell of a ride; RPGs flying over your head and make the cutting air sound is fantastic, AKs sound is marvelous inside buildings with the echo sound, destruction everywhere, and stunning graphics - just WOWed me.

And that's only the campaign, the game is for multiplayer purpose - I think EA and Dice made an awesome game and no wonder sold 10M copies, people asked for a singleplayer and they've got it hammered down!

Currently playing

L.A. Noire

Love the way Rockstar didn't want to clone Mafia so they've made you play as a policeman or should I say detective; graphics been enchanced but for me requires stronger rig, control is good, crime cases are unique - each and one of them is different; got also 40 "side missions" which dispatch calls for assist - you may want to play those too because they give you experiece as well as the main missions on investigation, which you can earn later on secret cars and intuition points and other stuff.

Just playing as a cop of it as a detective is really fun, some cases might be frustrating but eventually you'll learn how to read people's thoughts very good and your instincts will be sharpen.

Other than investigate stuff you'll be spending a good times with chasing suspects, shooting and driving the big city, you also driving with a partner as in real life and you're able to tell him your destination and he'll drive there for you if you're had enough of driving - it'll load at the place instantly.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

I almost come sometimes when I see the AWESOME textures and the artistic places!

No, but seriously it has most awesome graphics I've seen in a long time, huge world to explore, dungeons, things to craft, good storyline, good skill tree, animations been improved in third and 1st person view, shouts are very cool.

I made myself character that looks like God of War combined with Leonidas from the movie "300" and also made him Nord, I use two handed weapon just like Connan the barbarian.

I spend so much time on it that I've played it till 4 AM.

Finally while entering conversations the game doesn't just mystically freezes, finish moves are seen just like on Fallout - make it really cool in slo mo.


What can I say, I hated the texture mapping so much but this good game didn't point my attention to it so much later on; storyling is sorta Borderlands ****as the scene itself set on apocalyptic times, It's not Borderlands clone - don't be mistaken - don't forget it comes from id company that made Doom and Quake which specialize in fast combat FPS, it has some good RPG elements that's for sure such as upgrading your vehicle, armor and weapons, it also have looting system which you can build cool stuff like sentry bots, turrents and wingsticks; Also or should I say the best part of the game was the enemy AI which was great, enemies move dynamically - at one point you aim them on the chest while they're running uppon you and when you want to shoot they roll in front of you to attack or wall run like prince of persia etc.

Story ending is occuord and gives you a hind about a seaquel.

Took a break from Deus Ex HR and got the DLC Broken Link - waiting for me to play this awesome game.

I'm on my way to get NFS The Run, Modern Warfare 3, Saints Row The Third and all the upcomers.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and thanks for reading.