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Update March 2012

Not much new on the front. Figured Id do another blog for my own entertainment.

Joined up at seasoned gamers recently. Great bunch of guys there. Cant wait to join one of the MW3 tourneys.

I switched TVs recently to a Vizio LCD 120hz. Its great...except that there is lag in my games. Like a few miliseconds, but enough to f**k up my skills yo. My KD ratio in MW3 dropped from 1.30 to 1.20 in a matter of a week or 2. I couldnt win for crap! So to see if it was me or the TV , I switched back to my old trusty RCA 32inch LCD and well...In few hours worth of being on the RCA, Ive got my KD ratio back up to 1.30. And at this rate, matches where I go 14-2 and the likes, I should even out around 1.8 or so. Im guessing.

Ive bought a Wii...about as fun as id thought. Not very. Its on craigslist now. I soft modded it and that helped a bit , but meh.

Bought a few new games. Crysis 2, Bulletstorm (great game) and a few others. All good purchases. Not near enought time to play them all. Nothing new there. But I have the next week off for spring break. Plan on some gaming of course. Probably wont get much in. lol

Wanting the new Madden to hurry up and come out. Madden 12s "issues" are growing old. Dont get me wrong, Ive enjoyed it. Put many hours in it...but the franchise menus suck, the load times on my system are RIDICULOUS, and there are some gameplay issues.

Anywho, its late as usual. Off to bed I go. Good year all.

New games

Well not much is new on the homefront. Just work etc.

On the gamefront, I recently bought "splinter cell-Chaos Theory" and "Pac Man CE/DX" off XBL arcade. Havent got to play splinter cell to much yet, but Pac man is great! VERY good reinvention of the classic.

Thats about it!

Wednesday ....hensday?...pensday?...ehh screw it.

Crappy day to an extent. Re roofed a building before the storms tomorrow. Got into a fight with the GF. Longer story than I want to type, but it had to do with her working one night 11-7am. Which kinda messes with everyone elses schedules. Its all good now.

Its 12:21am Thursday.

6am comes early in the morning. Oh yeah, about a dream thingy I had. I was asleep around 2 am last night. In my dream I was in bed at my old place with my gf. We were awake in the dream. Well All the sudden I hear something kind of like a sonic boom, but not quite so loud , followed by a slight vibration of the house. I woke up. I somehow knew it was real. Kind of like when youre dreamin and a phone rings in real life and suddenly a phone is ringing in your dream too. lol Well I think this is what happened. It boomed, whatever it was, in real life and my mind made it make sense in the dream. At any rate, my gfs mom confirmned she was awake and thought she heard something too. Weird. No respnse vehicles were heard. So no ones car exploded or anything lol. No idea what it was but it was loud enough to wake me.

Didnt get to play any vidya games today. Played black ops the last couple night and have done real well. Went 18-1 once and in the top 3 every time except a couple. Thats about it for gaming.

Need to start loosing weight. Need my strength back.

Anywho, its late and im tired.

See yas laters.




Ok, you got me. Monday sucked as usual. I was 4 hours late to work. But didnt get chewed up like I thought I would. lol Had to tear off and reinstall a new roof on a building. But wasnt so bad since it was only half a day. Got home about an hour ago and am about to play some madden and then a lil NBA 2k11. In a sports mood lately. But Ive been enjoying it.

Won the superbowl with the Chiefs last night. Pretty cool. Tonight ill have the boy again and my gf will be here telling me what to do and when to do it, so im trying to get some gaming time in before they arrive. So this is going to be a short post.

Peace out gangstas!

(ps- Ive proof read the posts so far and realize the grammar and punctuation is off sometimes. I plan on fixing them but dont wanna just yet. Just letting anyone who happens to read these besides me that im aware of it.)

Lazy Sunday

Ive decided to start writing a blog post a few times a week. Just for my own entertainment.

Well its sunday. Its 65ish outside here at 7:30pm. Very nice. I have the door open to allow the breeze in. Sadly it smells of filthy **** dog. God I hate that smell. Its my girls parents dog and even though hes not here, his stinking stench lingers. Apparently they dont care about the gag inducing smell. They wont bathe the worthless thing. So im left to smell this crap on such an otherwise beautiful evening.

I dont like dogs really. I dont hate them either, but really dont care for most of them. Ive always had a prefernce to cats. Theyre just so chill.

Anyway, beyond that its a relativly nice night. I have work tomorrow, but am debating calling in. Just because. Im lucky to have a job where I can call off from time to time and really not add my load to anyone else by not being there. Its relatively guilt free.

Ive had this whole weekend to myself and have only played maybe 3 games of madden 11. Thats it. I manage to play more of ma vidya games when everyones here somehow. Oh well, its still been a decent weekend.

Wish I had more free time like this. Doesnt everyone though? lol Hopefully if my Gfs business takes off, ol Slug here can retire from my day to day grind job, finish college and do something ill actually half enjoy. Imagine that! Seriously, why is it so hard to accomplish what little I really want in this life? Im 30 and own a few acres of land and my truck. Thats it. All I really want, is a nice house. Nothing huge. No mansion. Just a nice brick 3 or 4 bedroom home in the country. A mustang in my drive, and a good job I can half enjoy. Id assume the blame can be laid on me first and foremost. But im going to have to claim ignorance. lol. Maybe ill figure it out soon. Im going to have to. Its not just me anymore to care for. I have a baby boy and future wife to try and give a comfortable life.

Ugh. Hell, I think half the reason I game anymore is to get away from the troubles of my own life at times. Its therapeutic. Maybe I should game less and work on these problems more. I dont know. It might drive me completely nuts though lol.

Anywho, Im tired of typing tonight so im going to find something else to do. I need to catalog those trading cards. God knows I have enough.

Till next time,


Life, Games and being 30 and feeling 50.

Well life has change a bit since my last blog post. Im back with a girl I dated in High school. My first love. Crazy. Over ten years and thousands of miles apart...then this. She brought me a beautiful baby boy (7 MO) who im absolutely in love with. His sperm donor is a worthless POS. Id beat his ugly mug in but it might mess things up with custody and MY son. Anywho, her and my boy are visiting her family in another state, hence my empty house.

At any rate, on to what I do best...ramble.

I sold my old 360 and bought the new 250gig slim late last year. I like it better. Mainly the huge HD. I can download any demo or video and not have to worry about deleting it asap. Plus it looks nice. Ive bought a few new games. Red dead redemption, madden 11, nba 2k11, fallout-new vegas, cod black ops , halo reach and a few others. Of the four above, ive probably played madden the most, fallout next then a tie with red dead, cod and nba 2k11. All great games though!

I wont go in to details about the games as it been beat to death. Theyre good. Ive also bought a few xbl arcade games. Super meat boy, Hydro thunder, splosion man, and of course a few others. All great games as well of course. I think this paycheck im looking at getting Limbo.

It boils down to this...I have more games than I have time to play them. With a baby and relationship to care for, my games have taken a back seat. Thats the main reason Madden has been played more than the others. Its easier to get in a 20min football game and turn it off than the others. On top of all this, im dying to get back in to WoW. Ive got the itch again. But it takes more of ones time than any of the console games I have. No idea how id work it in to my schedule.

On another front, my girl is almost ready to open a baby clothing re-sale shop in the town near here. We have everything ready from the new cash register to the big signs we had custom made. To be honest...im very afraid it will bomb. But I have to be supportive. One day I may have an idea id like to follow through. If by chance it is successful, then I may be able to quit my current job and actually have time for my vidya games again! Maybe even open up a game trading store that my town desperately needs. Everyone has to drive an hour at this point to a bigger city to get to a gamestop. I think a game store would flourish here. But thats neither here nor there at this time.

All in all, im doing pretty good. I wish I had more time for my hobby, gaming, but priorites ya know?

Oh yeah, almost forgot... wish I could actually.....im 30 now. Ugh. Whats happening???! Im old! lol

Not the blogging type but have a lazy evening on my hands

Im sure im the only one who will ever really read this lol...but its just for **** and giggles.

Well well well....lets see, my current life setup has me making excess cash each month...which is nice for a change. Of course it also allows me to buy the best new games coming out! (along with guns and gadgets)

I just bought an 8gig Ipod touch. My impressions? Its better as a phone with neat features than a stand alond mp3/video/game thing. As an Iphone...im sure this thing is the **** Take away the phone and for me, its to much really for what i need it as.

Lets see if I can come up with a decent analogy. Ok, Its like a simple pocket knife, it has a blade for cutting but thats it. Now add a can opener, a magnifying glass, scissors etc etc and you have a cool ass swiss army knife! You still use it mainly as a knife but its cool to have those other features. Well take away the actual blade and you still have a cool gadget, but....it just doesnt make as much sense somehow.

To me the ipod touch doesnt make that good of a grab and go mp3 player. I love the available apps and theyre great time wasters if youre at work but unless you buy a charger (instead of the usb one that comes with it) youll drain your battery in way less than a workday. I plug it into my truck to play mp3s and i find myself having trouble hitting the screen just right to switch songs and the likes. Gets frustrating. At any rate, I think ill go to either a regular ipod or a zune. With dedicated forward and backward buttons etc.

Games! Ive recently bought, Madden 10. Well near release actually. Its great fun. First madden Ive bought in years. This ones a tad more realistic and it really appealed to me.

Modern Warefare 2....the big boy. Bought it midnight launch. Friggin great as im sure you already know. Only thing im not so keen on is the initial online maps....just dont like them as much as the first MW. Im sure theyll be releasing many many new maps in the near future though...and of course ill pay. lol Single player was pretty damned good as well. Havent played the spec ops mode much yet. Waiting for my cousin to move in so we can do it together.

I have left for dead 2 setting here, yet to be opened. I never owned the first but enjoyed it when I did play so im hoping this one brings something new to the table and the same awesome online the last one had.

Forza 3. Love it. Has my beloved Fox body stang in it so I had to buy! I love the forza series....but at heart, im a gran turismo guy.

Looking at getting, Tekken 6, Dragon age, borderlands, and assasins creed 2.

Expensive time of year as usual for gamers. lol