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Funniest: Super Meat Boy.

EDIT: Sorry, was distracted when typing that. I meant Splosion Man, the last boss of which is a super meat... thing.

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I generally find military shooters distasteful and disrespectful. Apart from Wind Waker, Zelda has been dull and lifeless since A Link to the Past. The PSP is a great system. All this and more can be heard every week on GameSpot presents the HotSpot!
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I remember Ultima VII: The Black Gate involving a big religious subplot, but I think most games deal with religion and spirituality in very simplistic ways. Spoiler: Usually the church winds up being evil. Assassin's Creed is another obvious one if having the presence of a church and religion is enough for you. If you want an actual "God" in the game though, I can't think of too many examples. It seems like a lot of RPGs will pit the player against a god-like character as a final boss, but that's not really the same thing.
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It's "The Pills" by The Eskimos! You can find it here: http://www.onlineathens.com/rockathens/bands/eskimos.shtml This guy also put up a ton of their tracks on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/crazylegs789#p/p Enjoy!
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Morrowind and Burnout 3 were phenomenal, but my personal favorite was Capcom vs. SNK 2. First online fighter I spent any significant time with.
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It's so frustrating when you hear people b**** about Sonic Booms. I don't understand why people can't seem to grasp defensive play. So I'm just suppose to walk into your damn fist!? Morons!!!

@Kreatzion I think it just gets boring when I run into a really defensive player because the only way to win is to chip away a little bit of damage at a time. A lot of times that requires a tremendous amount of focus, when in many cases the defender is basically running through a simple script in their heads (like a Guile version of the Ken players' flowchart). And when I do win, it's not exactly the most satisfying or rewarding thing in the world. It's dull to watch matches like that, and it's dull to play them. If you like hockey, it's like comparing the Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Penguins teams to the Cup-winning New Jersey Devils squads. They were great in their own ways and both won plenty, but one was fun to watch for wide open, fast-paced, and exciting games. The other was constantly put down by sports fans and media alike for playing a defensive style of hockey that limited scoring chances and led to a lot of games that played out in pretty much the same way. To me, overly defensive play is built on frustrating an opponent (which takes the fun out of it) and slowing down the tempo of the game (which takes the fun out of it). You can play the game however you want, but I hope you can at least understand why win or lose, some people might enjoy playing a more offensive-minded opponent.
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Go Hawks!
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Not sure I've ever seen a better performance in goal than Halak in Game 6. That was insane.
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It's better to view them as a series of distinct films that built on their predecessors. And by "built on," I mean "retroactively ruined by making the franchise timeline even more muddied and riddled with problems than it was to begin with." Also, it's a time travel franchise. That never works out cleanly, and it's usually better to simply avoid the questions instead of try to explain them away. This is (partly) why I still love Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, but not so much the Terminator.