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News photo of the year

Ok, it's not really the news photo of the year, but I still think it's pretty great:


Earlier this week, a 70-year old Tacoma, WA women drove her car through three stores in a strip mall (including a GameStop) and that's the tremendously informative sign the GameStop's management put up. I was tempted for a moment to write it up as a news story just because the sign is so great, but it's not really news as far as GameSpot's concerned. Still, I wanted people to see that, and I noticed a handful were tracking my contributions, so I figured this was as good an excuse as any for a first blog post.

The Oscars are coming up this Sunday, and while I haven't seen every nominee in every category, I can emphatically recommend that any film buff go out of their way to watch a couple of Sunday's likely losers.

While it could be seen as a little too preachy or heavy-handed to some, I have to say Crash is one of the best movies I've seen in years, and better than Good Night and Good Luck and Munich, the only other best picture nominees I've seen so far. That said, I don't think it has any shot of winning because it came out almost a year ago and the voters are more likely to go with something whose buzz they remember more vividly.

I just saw Best Documentary nominee Murderball the other night on A&E. Even chock full of bleeps and commercials, Murderball is a phenomenal documentary. It's going to be on A&E again Sunday, March 11 at noon. I used to think rik-sled hockey was the best spectator sport of the paralympics, but clearly quadriplegic rugby is every bit as intense and hotly contested a competition. I think it's doomed to lose the Oscar to Morgan Freeman and a bunch of penguins, but Murderball deserves the statue as much as any film.