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I'm... kinda lost over here so I'll just drop by, say hi, announce my hype levels are up the roof for Marvel VS Capcom 3 and sign out.

Later! :)

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Hey duders! sup sup suuuup?! :P  Felt like dropping by :D  So... I got LBP2 which is great, the new gameplay additions really make the difference and I'm anxious to play what people will come up with... but honestly, I've been more hooked playing Mass Effect 2... oh GAWD that game is awesome, period.  very solid combat, very cinematic presentation... it's just awesome.  nothing much else to say so... I'll be joining the party now.. woooohooooo!! *takes a HUGE gulp of wine and dances madly*


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@chang:  forget what I said about Mass Effect 2...  Let's say that thanks to the WONDERFUL people at Amazon I was able... well, I had the excuse to buy both Little Big Planet 2 AND Mass Effect 2... they had a pre order bonus (which appeared like I think yesterday, out of nowhere).  I got (in total), thanks to my last minute pre-orders of both games, $40 off my next Amazon purchase :D  Those are going for Marvel VS Capcom 3 (hell yeeeahhhhh :lol: ) Oh and thanks for the FFXIIIVersus trailer, I was looking for it :P  BTW, did you read about FFXIII-2?  Won't they learn? *sigh*


And you all people make me blush, saying such nice things about the union :)  (and btw, I'm all in for some TMNC... they sound... yummy :lol: )

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yay!! CUU peoplez are back! :D  I gotta get in here as well! :P  I've missing out (sorry) because of that interview I had last week:  I had to prepare a presentation, study theory (just in case) and also study for the interview questions (if I get chosen for the position I'll be the boss of some people so... I HAD TO BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING :lol: )  Luckily for me, one of the interviewers was my actual boss :lol: so I was a little less stressed about the whole thing (specially since the interview as a 2 hour 3-way interview).  I'll know if I get chosen in the next weeks so I'll let you know... hell, if I get chosen, the WHOLE DAMN WORLD WILL KNOW IT, I'LL MAKE SURE OF IT :lol:

On gaming... this Tuesday comes out Mass Effect 2 for PS3 which I want but... IT'S VERY EXPENSIVE considering that you can get it for 360/PC for less than 20 bucks... I don't have an xbox so that's a no go and I can't run that game on my laptop but still... :evil: ... I'll think about it.  I had reserved Little Big Planet 2 but I cancelled it since I'm not 100% sure I want it from day one; since I'm not into creating stuff I'll better wait a couple of months or so when people online have created stuff ;) Oh! BTW, I've been hooked to PacMan Championship Edition on the iPod touch and last night I bought it for PS3 and it's GOOOOOOOOD, Google it! :P

On series...  just watching the usual and waiting for the TV series (Fringe, etc) to begin again.  On the anime front, this season SUCKS big time, only thing I'll be watching will be the Wolverine anime (just out of curiosity really, I still think it's the jap's vengeance for what Hollywood did with Dragon Ball.  If you don't believe me look out for the Iron Man anime... *goosebumps* )  Since Shiki is over (WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT!!!) I picked up another series, Beelzebub, which is a comedy but looked promising.

Anyway, I'll go now but before I go... e1!!! As I told ya in MSN, really glad to have you back! :D Take care, one step at a time, ok? :)

See you all guys later!

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I think CVJ is a GOOD example of why time travelling is a bad idea in the series :lol:
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*thinking of boomeranging his LoS copy out of the window*
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Hey guys, Happy New Year! :D  I haven't been here, I know BUT you should all know as a fact that the holiday season is EXTRA festive :lol:  and even longer than, I think, most of the world :lol:.  So... nothing much to say, working and all that blah blah blah, waiting for Little Big Planet 2 to be released... but Mass Effect 2 is very very tempting so I don't know which one to get (first :P ).

Take care guys, later!

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Why do I get the feeling everyone forgot about Kid Icarus: Uprising :?.

Ben: Welcome to the Union :D, hope you like the place and stop by Burnt Paradise to chat.


lol it's not that I forgot about it BUT it's not a system getter for me :P

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Yes! Now I DO have an excuse to buy the 3DS :lol:
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I'm with you arch but I'm really looking forward to return to the vamps castle as well, it was my favorite part of the game :)