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Mishima Zaibatsu

Another level up, another blog. This time I am Mishima Zaibatsu which means: A fictional Japanese conglomerate from the Tekken series. So, it's been about a month since the last level up, so basically on schedule. :P I have nothing else to post...so good day. :P

Violence Fight

I have leveled up again! Sadly my level up blogs have been changed forever as the old leveling guide has been sent into oblivion. :( So instead is just the definition of the name: Level 44 - Violence Fight - A curiously-titled arcade fighting game in which the player chose one of four characters to compete in a series of one-on-one fights. Well at least I can complain on how long it took me. :P Last blog was May 10th, the level was suppose to take me 35 days. It's July 9th. 60 days just to complete Sword of Sodan. :lol:

Sword of Sodan

Level 43, Name: Sword of Sodan

Level 43 - Sword of Sodan - A side-scrolling hack-and-slash for the Sega Genesis.

Max Cap: 3%

Minimum days to complete from 0%: 35 days The Old Levling Guide

Another level has been completed. Last time one March 3. It is now May 10. Took me a lot longer then the supposed 34 days. :P


Level 42, Name: Karnov

Level 42 -An arcade game (also on the NES) in which you played as a bald-headed fire-breathing brute. Karnov was a Muslim prince in the original arcade version, but possibly to avoid causing offense to Muslims, he became Jiborav Karnovsky, a Russian circus strongman, for the NES version.

Max Cap: 3%

Minimum days to complete from 0%: 34 days The Old Levling Guide

Well, it's been awhile since my last level update. That was back in January 8, where Thunder Force was expected to be passed in 33 days. Well, not so much. It's been approxmately, 63 days since then. Talk about my inactivity or what then!

Karnov also sounds pretty cool, pretty Russian to me.

Updates about self: None really besides the fact I should try in school even though I have decent grades.

Snowmageddon Madness

Joyous occasions and such winter fun! The Blizzard of 2011 has hit upon the lands of the USA once again!

Now, me being serious. So, yesterday was the start of a blizzard that hit most the center USA. I live in the Chicago area, aright around the heartland of the USA. Now Chicago is usually on top of this sort of weather, but not this time. They failed, leaving that Lake Shore Drive, one of the most important streets in the city closed, which meant anyone on it, was stuck and many people had abandoned their cars to get the hell away from the freezing hell they would be crept up by.

We got around 20 inches of snow, maybe even more. What is even more crazy, we had thunder, lighting, freezing rain and snow...all at the same time! I found it crazy. No pictures or videos of this from me sadly. :(

Power went out 3 times, none of them lasting that long anyway. Doesn't matter anyway since I use a laptop now, thank god for the battery.

Now here, is even a crazier thing, the high school I go to, is known for the rarity of snow days it gives out. I think out of the 50+ years it's been around, it gave out only 2 snow days. Until this year. Not only did we get a snow day today, but we apparently get another one tomorrow, only because there are still problems with snow removal and that it's gonna be around -30 degrees fahrenheitbecause of the wind chill. Crazy stuff.

I had a fun day today really. I mean, going outside at 9am, shoveling the pathway, driveway, backyard patio, my grandma's driveway, sidewalk, backyard and some other people's driveways to around 5pm was swell! -_- At least I got some decent money out of it.

Now, what to do now as the day is close to an end (about 3 and half hours really but still). Play video games? Watch some movies? Both?!? No idea for sure.

Also, new theme up now, Deadmau5 if any of you are confused.

2011 Union Awards Voting Has Started!!!

The voting round has begun! Here is the link of the voting thread where you may vote on the unions that you think should win awards for this year's union awards.

Help spread the word about the new round everyone! We need the community to know about the new round!

Thunder Force

Level 41, Name: Thunder Force

Level 41 - Thunder Force - A series of side-scrolling action games for the Commodore 64, Genesis and Saturn.

Max Cap: 3%

Minimum days to complete from 0%: 33 days The Old Levling Guide

Well, that's was a quick level! Only because of that ornament hunt. Got me a great amount of points and only spent 12 days on level 40, a level that is really 31 days in time!

I also love the level Thunder Force only because of it's name. Now, lets see if I can get through this level in the allotted time slot. :P

So good day fellows Gamespotters!

Abobo, Grades and The Social Cafe Union

Level 40, Name: Abobo

Abobo - Name of the boss in Double Dragon for the Neo-Geo.

Max Cap: 3%

Minimum days to complete from 0%: 31 days The Old Levling Guide

Another level has passed by. 8)

It's been awhile since the last level blog, November 6 in fact. It was told 31 dats to pass...well, more like 51 days! :P This time it's saying 31 days again, knowing me though, that is not the truth anymore. :P

Got my grades back for the semester, I gotta tell you, I'm not that happy about them... but I tried hard this time.

In German 2, I got a C on my final but a B in the class. Intro to Java Programming, C on final, B in the class. Chemistry, C on final, B in the class. Geometry, C on final, B in the class. World Literature Honors, D on final, C in the class. World History AP, A on Final, B in the class. And finally, Psychical Education, A on Final, A in the class.

I am really disappointed with all my final grades besides the last two and really disappointed of my grade in Chem, and Geometry but most of all in World Lit. Honors. :( My current GPA overall right now is A 4.2857 out of a 5.0 scale. The 4.2857 is weighed though, my "real" GPA is 4.0476 My GPA for the semster was a 4.0.I also rank 219 out of 712 of the graduates of 2013 at my school. The 219 is also weighed so my "real" rank is 267 out of 712. They are both on the good half, but it has to be on the great quarter!

What else...well I got Burnout Paradise for free because of some deal on EA for the British people. Thank you proxies and the PC board here telling me about it. :P Now, I'd go and buy a whole **** load of games off Steam this holiday season, but the cash I have from family and the few singles I had left over, are gonna go towards my fund of getting a car and paying for it's insurance and gas. I think it's the smarter decision since I won't always have time to play video games anyway.

Are you looking for a union to join? Well then, stop on by the Social Cafe Union! We have fun-filled conversions, post with the legend Fastestruck and we are a great place to get posts! So come down to the Social Cafe Union!

Happy Holidays To You All!

Happy holidays to all of you people! A Happy Festivus to the rest of yous, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas!

I for one celebrate Christmas and had a great time with my uncles, aunts and cousins. I wish I was able to spend more time with my parents on Christmas but they went to my step-mom's relatives, I didn't go because a) I don't know them, b) I hardly like my step-mom and c) I'd rather spend the holiday with people I know and love.

So, for Christmas I got a good amount of stuff. I got $70 (which is being saved for a car from now on, no Steam sales for me. :( ), I got a new sweater from Calvin Klein and a new long sleeved shirt from Aeropostale. I also got a bunch of new shirts as early gifts from my oldest cousin. I also spoiled myself a bit, buying a new laptop on Black Friday. :P

So, what did you guys get, but more importantly, what did you do for the holidays and who did you spent it with?

EDIT: Went to step-mom's parents and got an Ipod Shuffle, a new sports bag, and some cologne: Oxygene Homme Lanvin. :?

PolskaKing's Ornament Hunt Entry

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Clue #4 was hard as hell to find! The rest were easy, thanks to Jody haved almost all the admin's blogs in her tracked blogs. :P