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Well, I just posted something bad on the forums and Im prob gonna get suspended so this will be my last blog in a week or so,CHeerio!!!!!!!

Me profile

MAAAAAN my profile looks like a mess! Im trying to sort it out but the PC isnt working with me AHHHHH!!

Lvl 7

Is there also a glitch in lvl 7? Coz Iv been on this lvl for quite a while and I'm downloading videos and going through gamespot everyday and my rank just goes up by like 5%

AAAAAHHH!I just want to get away from here!

The Horror

My friend recently made this awesome sig for me but its too big!!AAAHHHHH!What do you think of it though?

South African

Hey if you south african pleasse tag me and ill tag you, all my friends are SA and well lets all create like a litle community:D

so if you SA and reading this blog, you know what to do.

IM in paaaaiiinnnn

Over the weekend my friend had a huge houseparty, and I mean It was BIIIIG.

Any way we where having a great time, doing all kind of things:lol:!!When every1 started to leave and well we were pretty drunk!we went and sat on the roof, we were joking around up there and well I slipt and fell 5 meters, and well obviously smashed on the floor.

I broke my arm and left wrist and Ive got another array of bruises to ad to me list!

By the way appreciate this blog cos it wasn't easy to write it!

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