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My most anticipated games for 2007

At the moment my PC is preety dated i'm hoping that i'll get a new machine for my birthday.

Well lucky me cause if I will the gaming industry promises to be very big this year on the PC.

Many promises have been made and many games have got me realy excited.Here are a few titles I'm looking forward to in 2007:

1 Bioshock

If a developer finaly admits that the market is fluded with steriotipe games he must have a realy big ace up his sleeve. The producers of Bioshock have promised just that. I saw a demonstration and it was more than enough to make me want this game. It will bring a new standard for the FPS genre and all games for that mater. Using to notch technology like near perfect graphichs AI like a human beeing and a perfect combination of action light RPG elements and pure shooting smotherd in a healthy amount of horror Bioshock promises to be the bomb of 2007.

2 Crysis

Why this game is on my list? Well because of graphichs graphichs and again I say graphichs. While in 2006 the next gen consoles have apeared, that practicly emanate pixel-power like the Xbox 360 and PS3 that have even surpased the PC in graphical power. And I don't need to remind you that the PC has always looked better than the old-gen consoles like PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

Crysis is about to change that with visulas that will make you sick of reality and bring the PC back to the top. Thow there is something that noone cared to ask questions about. How will it play out? Crysis will have us coverd there too with some super chaotic run and gun action and will make you think that your truly fighting a full scale war.And did I mention how good this game will look....


First nobody even knows if this game will launch on the PC but I'm thinking Rockstar does it the way it did before consoles first than PC version with all console prblems fixed(anoyng auto-aim, better graphichs longer draw distances and you know the story). GTA IV promises at last next-gen graphichs and at last promises to let go the now dated GTA III engine. With the same open-ended gameplay, amazing feel and all new online-play GTA IV promises to concer the gaming industrie again(again I tell you there is no real way of knowing that this game will actulay launc on the PC and if it doesn't, if Rockstar will do this to me I hope GTA will fall under the curse of the dreaded mediocrity).

These 3 are just a few, among them I wold place Stranglehold, Alone in the Dark. S.T.A.L.K.E.R(and if I know EA Need for Speed of cource).So 2007 big year for gaming next-genaration finaly here and these is the year I'll get a new PC.