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Legend of Zelda Top 5

Through out the years there are many games that have touched our lives but i think of one series that may have changed us all. Zelda, even though you may not be a nintendo fan or something, still take the time to consider.

Number 5: Skyward Sword

A 'reboot' of sorts to bring the series into the modern age, skyward sword has made a decent homage to the 25 years and adventure, adding a new revamped quarky art style and use of new mechanics, good news is that link can finally sprint.

Number 4: Majora's mask

A direct sequel to Ocarina of Time when link turns back into a child after beating Ganon. This Game brings a more of a scary tone that twighlight princess failed to master, the 3 day cycle is like an endless torment but still has that classic zelda feel, still adding new mechanics like the masks.

Number 3: Ocarina of Time

considered the best zelda game of all time, this zelda game is the first to be released in 3d, and the gameplay doesn't fall short aswell, clearly deserving a great place in gaming history

Number 2: Wind Waker

another great candidate, with its new cartoon style may have inspired games like, borderlands etc. This Game has brought a new open world feel and has true made a great difference.

Number 1: a Link to the Past

with its name being also a pun, link to past has bought a new generation of players with its unique gameplay and style, with the introduction of the light and dark world, this game has truely inspired the whole zelda series

The Basement Collection

Welcome back to this magnificent blog of awesome indie games. this week i have been playing a game called the basement collection, while not a game but a collection of games. this bundle is the creation of the creator from super meat boy and the binding of Isaac. this 'game' contains 8 of the creations revamped and restyled to make it even more awesome. The Basement Collection includes: Aether ( an exploration adventure game ) Time **** ( a dark puzzle game ) Spewer ( a physics based platformer ) Meat Boy ( the super meat boy prototype ) Grey Matter ( an anti shooter ) Coil (an experimental game ) Triachnid (a physics based spider sim)

Top 2 Steam Indie Games of Summer

As the summer draws to a close (especially in the UK) I look back a the release of indie games on Steam. Number 1: Orcs Must Die 2 The sequel to the award winning Orcs Must Die, this tower defence action game developed by the wonderful Robot Entertainment, was anticipated over the gaming community but alas this time Orcs Must Die 2 became a steam exclusive, so still sorry for you Xbox Folk . Anyway back to game play, in this edition of the series it adds many new features to the game, co-op is one of the biggest features in the game where the 2 players are forced into the Dwarven mines to play a campaign or endless game modes. a MOBA style element has been included in the redesign of the skull system, still rewarding you for how well you did, the skull spending system has been expanded to upgrade items like, traps, weapons (multiple upgrades). the new system has a upgrade tree like element Number 2: AwesomeNauts an 'Awesome' Multi-player plat-forming action game initial release for the Ps3 and Xbox 360, the long waited indie title came to the pc in August and has been booming ever since. Basically this a MOBA represented in a sort of cheesy 2-D cartoon style