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The sheer rampent stupidity going on in this thread is heartbreaking.

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People still use SD TVs? Have we been magically transported back to 1994?

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The only way 360 players would be able to play with PC players is if both games were the same update version and had the same update schedual. Right now PC players have so much more than the 360 version.

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Get your mom to buy it for you. That's free, right?

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Yeah, that's why I play alone or in a locked server with only friends.

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Nope, they'll disappear. That's why there are storage chests you need to craft. Everything you put in those will stay in them forever. Unless they're destroyed somehow.

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I've had the game lock up on me a few  times already. It locked up when I was saving and exiting when playing splitscreen, it locked up when I tried looking at the leaderboards, and it locked up last night when it was finalizing a save. I've lost so much progress because of this and it's really frustrating. Is anyone else having the same issues?

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You have to be playing offline to pause.

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Actually the AI in this game is pretty brain dead, even on harder difficulties. It recived subpar reviews because it's a subpar game,

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For some reason the screen is pushed to the right. When played in fullscreen there's a big black bar on the left and the whole image is pushed to the right. Same for playing on the normal setting except there I can see the whole image since it's 4:3. I'm also not able to switch discs. The option is greyed out and I can't click it or anything. I did download it immediately when it was added so I may have a bugged version. Anyone else having these problems?

Also the installation file wouldn't delete itself after I installed it. I had to manualy do it which is something I've never done before. I don't know, I think I'll redownload it and see if that helps.