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Happy E3 2014!

Microsoft kicked off E3 2014 and blew me away. I've never been more excited to be an Xbox owner. Another 3.5 days still to go, so excited. Big things happening this year!

I still wish I could find all of my tracked games....

Ever since the last major site update I have been unable to locate my "tracked/followed games." Like back in the day I could go to the top right and drop down and see the first 10 games I was following. I relied on that feature. I tracked/followed games so I would be able to locate them later on by going to the menu; bookmarking them essentially. But now I can't find them. Sure I know what some of them are, and I'll type them in and click the button and it says "unsubscribe" or something of that effect. I just wish I could go see a complete list somewhere of all the games I'm currently following, because once they release, I'll either have determined if I'm buying or renting.

I still plan on getting an Xbox One over PS4

Thing of the matter is that all of my friends are on Xbox. Xbox LIVE is significantly better than PSN (in my opinion), although PSN has made some great improvements recently, and will continue to do so. I'm not saying that I will not get a PS4, I just simply will primairly play Xbox, and play my Halos and no-life my gamerscore (which is currently at 81k right now). KH3 is coming to Xbox too so I really have no reason to make the switch. Maybe one day when I have teh munniez I can have both and enjoy all the PS exclusives. ;)

I still hate my name on here.

I mean I was a kid once. A kid that liked pizza apparently. The 13 signifies that I was nearly 13 when I first thought of the name. Well I'm 21 now... I still love pizza, but no one outside a handful of people from here actually call me that. I've changed my gamertag like 4 times since then (and have been steadily been going by blurzieblurz or blurzie for a few years now). It just goes to show how long I have been a faithful member of this site. :)

Switching to GameFly today!

I've had it with Blockbuster. They're a dying company and they are just slow as hell now a days. I'm done. Their game availability is limited and slow. Most of the games I wait weeks for are in bad condition and don't play well. I've been a loyal customer for as long as I can remember and I was even in the Games by Mail Beta program before it was officially available in 2010. My family has since moved on to Netflix and I'm the last link to Blockbuster and I'm finally pulling out now.

My Gamespot 7th anniversary!

Hah, so I just felt like going on Gamespot just now and I just realized something. Yesterday (which was 1 hour ago) was my 7th anniversary as a gamespot member! Things have changed so much in that time. But its been a fun ride. :)