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DS = DD > 7 > Wii > 64 > SC > MK 

It's hard for me to choose between Mario Kart DS and Double Dash. The DS version was great because of all the awesome courses and online play. Double Dash felt really smooth and I loved switching between two characters with unique items. Seven is pretty good on a technical level and it's a lot easier to follow than Wii, but it feels kind of souless to me. Wii is just too frantic. The courses are huge and I don't like the bikes. 64 is good for nostalgia and gave the series the Block Fort. Everything else... not much of a fan.

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Ten dollars per game is too expensive for Wii Sports, especially since I don't care about the online. I'll consider it if they go on sale though.

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I've been soft resetting for a while and don't want to do RNGA (way too confusing). I'm not a MAJOR competition player but I like to battle occasionally - I'm not sure yet what set I'll be running on it either - I'm just looking at overall potential at this point. Terrakion - #639 (Jolly) HP: 30 - 31 Att: 20 - 21 Def: 27 - 28 SpA: 15 SpD: 31 Speed: 21 I think he's pretty good, but my major concern here is speed...I've read that unless its perfect its no good, but so far the only perfect speed I had had crap hp and attack (both near 0) with low defenses to boot. If I could get some opinions I'd really appreciate it!angelonline02

It's pretty bad to be honest with you. Perfect speed is pretty much necessary for sweepers... and this is coming from someone who has used some imperfect soft resets competitively in the past. It's attack isn't that great either, so both the stats you would really need on this thing are sub par. I suggest only bothering to check when you see Jolly alert to sounds/likes to thrash about. But it's up to you if that would be worth the effort. 

I think this would be ideal and somewhat realistic:

HP: 20-31

ATK: 25-31

DEF: 20-31


SPD - 20-31

Speed- 31

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This doesn't seem like a good outcome to me... although there are certainly worse ones. I think Nintendo would have respected Atlus enough to let it do its own thing but I'm not as sure about Sega. 

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Plenty more time. Nintendo probably still has a revision up it's sleeves even.

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For the first time ever, I really don't know. o.o I'm kinda on a media black out too... (thanks for the spoiler tags Animeguy. :P ) I'm leaning towards Y though. 

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 The DC controller is WAY better than the Gamecube anyways.




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I don't recommend Soul of Darkness. It actually had some good ideas but the execution was off. I didn't even bother to finish it. 

Anyways, I say that Dawn of Sorrow and Order of Ecclesia are tied for best DS Castlevania games. But you can't really go wrong with any of the DS Castlevanias.

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More Theatrhythym can only be good news. 

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Final Fantasy is dead to me. It has been ever since Uematsu and Sakaguchi left. I still partake in the occasional spin off though, Theatrhythm was exellent. That's mostly due to Uematsu's efforts of course.