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A+ Thread, would read again.

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I got the pink one for my birthday. :D

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Charizard. It's not a terrible design, but it's just a generic dragon thing.

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I've now added everyone on the thread

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4227-2067-0445 If anyone would like to add me. I'm mostly in it for the friend safari, but I'll battle too.

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4227-2067-0445 Add me.

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I'm in it for the friend safari mostly, but I could be talked into a battle. :D

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I really liked Tides of Destiny. I'm waiting for more reviews... but I'll probably get it after I have some quality time with X and Y. 

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Haha I can still remember begging my parents to buy me Pokemon Blue! I was still in elementary school at the time so I was caught up in the craze... kids taking their gameboys (and Pokemon cards!) everywhere. Those were good times. 


Of course I love Pokemon even more now! So excited for X and Y! Long live Pokemon! :P

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[QUOTE="Soulreavercross"]I was going digitally, but decided not too because the game will be tied to the system and I will spending a lot of time and effort into the game. If something were to happen to my console, I would lose everything.ANIMEguy10034
This. I would hate to loose all my gameplay hours if something happens to my 3DS. Another reason why I don't want to download is because once XY's successor comes out (probably next year), I'll no longer play Y. I'd rather put it on a shelf than have it waste SD card space.The digital and physical copies are the same and I haven't heard anything about the digital version having local wireless issues. It all depends on your preferences. If you want it digital, go digital.

Right. I'm tempted to go digital myself, but I think I'll wait for this gen's definitive Pokémon game. Hopefully Nintendo will have implemented a unified account system by then.