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Yes. Yes I do.

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I agree that they ruined battle mode, and the character selection is pretty bad... none of the other stuff really.

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I think I'll be using the one on the left. :)

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I want to see Devil Survivor 3 on the 3DS for sure. Metroid Prime Hunters deserves a spiritual successor conveniently guest starring Samus. I'd like to see a prequel to Dawn of Sorrow (The battle of 1999) but it looks like that's not going to happen. Pokemon Conquest should get a sequel or a spiritual successor developed by Gamefreak... I'd like to see a new Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

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Kyogre looks bizarre on that cover.

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What disappoints me looking back on my blog, is that we're most likely not going to have seasons added to the game after all since they didn't bother to add it to XY.

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@darkspineslayer said:

On a not unrelated topic, anyone remember greekgamingmaniac?

Thank you for this... I couldn't even remember that guy's name. Now I can finally say it: In your face Greekgamemaniac!!

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I've always wanted to see Nintendo work on a console RPG series to compete with Final Fantasy and Tales. Also, doesn't exactly fit, but I'd love to see Nintendo vs. Capcom be a thing.

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I went there for the first time in years and tried the appetizer nachos and the jalapeno burger. Both were disgusting.