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In Defense of an R/S/E Remake

The idea of a Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remake seems to be quite a polarizing one. In a world where apparently nobody's allowed to just be neutral to the idea, which side do you stand on? Are you pro R/S/E remake or anti R/S/E remake? For those of you who have cheated by reading the blog title, my stance on the issue is clear: Why would any Pokémon fan not want a remake?

Typically remakes take the original game, improve the graphics, add in some new areas/content, and maybe remix the soundtrack. And while that may be the only real justification a remake needs, Pokémon games dont just get remade --they get updated as well. A 3DS remake for Ruby and Sapphire would have all the standard fare and more. In glorious 3D!

A lot has changed for the series since the sepia-toned days of 2003. For starters, all of the new Pokémon introduced in generations four and five (possibly six?) would be available. Heart Gold and Soul Silver nailed the formula by allowing players to obtain these recent additions at any time through trade. Taking your favorite Sinnoh Pokémon on a campaign through Johto is a very real possibility, and the same idea could easily be applied to our remake in question.

Another big addition to the series in recent years is online play. The ability to battle and trade online played a big part in reigniting my love for Pokémon and its inclusion in any Hoenn romp would be welcome to say the least. I'd be remiss to mention internet play without mentioning competitive play, which is looking a lot better since generation three, and with Black and White's Rotation and Triple battles as part of the package, players wont be hard pressed to find a battle type that's right for them.

We're still at the tip of the iceberg here. There have been plenty of other important updates to the formula since the original Ruby and Sapphire, including but not limited to the fourth generation physical/special split as well as Black and White's implementation of seasons. While they're at it, they could fix some of the original's problems, such as their baffling decision not to implement the day/night cycle.

Maybe its just me, but I love the idea of taking my Sandile down a moonlit Hoenn road and having a rotation battle in the snow. And of course, Gamefreak can always add entirely new ideas to the game as well.

"B-but, Pixel!" you say. "I can already GET the Hoenn Pokémon in the games I already have! IN YOUR FACE!" Alright, calm down. If the only reason you play Pokémon is to complete your Pokedex, then you don't have to buy it.

"Is that a joke?!" you enquire. "I'd even be able to send Pokémon from the original games into the remakes! Ridiculous!" Am I the only one who thinks that's awesome?

"O-oh yeah?!" You blurt out. "Well there are, like, way too many Pokémon games already and stuff! Give it a rest, Gamefreak!" Eh, the remakes give Gamefreak more time to work on the next gen, not to mention balance the competitive aspects mid gen by giving the Pokémon new moves. At least its not quite an annual thing like Call of Duty, and again, nobody's forcing you to buy anything.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the big question: Do I think it'll happen? Well, all I can really go on is Gamefreak's history, and from that I can conclude that it's likely. The remake will be relatively easy money for Gamefreak, and theres really no reason why they shouldn't make them. Theres clearly some fan demand as well. On the other hand, nobody saw a direct sequel to Black and White coming, so perhaps Gamefreak is trying to break away from business as usual. Who knows?

At any rate, I think it should happen just so we can stop arguing about it.


So, are you for or against an R/S/E remake? Do you think it'll happen? Anything in particular you'd like to see happen with it?