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DS Collection

Name | Status | Critic/User Score Average

Super Mario 64 DS | Completed | 86/88

Meteos | Completed | 88/88

Feel the magic | Completed | 76/81

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow | Completed | 90/91

Mario Kart DS | Completed | 91/92

Animal Crossing Wild World | Completed | 86/89

Metroid Prime Hunters | Completed | 84/88

Advance Wars Dual Strike | Unfinished | 90/92

Metroid Prime Pinball | Completed | 80/82

Lost in Blue | Unfinished | 72/81

Digimon World DS | Completed | 73/86

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin | Completed | 85/88

Sonic Rush | Completed | 83/85

Kirby Canvas Curse | Completed | 87/86

Pokemon Pearl | Completed | 85/90

Puzzle Quest | Completed | 81/85

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass | Unfinished | 89/90

Vieftiful Joe Double Trouble | Unfinished | 77/79

Sonic Rush Adventure | Unfinished | 80/84

New Super Mario Bros. | Completed | 89/91

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 | Completed | 81/85

Kirby Super Star Ultra | Completed | 80/88

The World Ends With You | Completed | 88/92

Final Fantasy IV | Unfinished | 85/89

Disgaea | Completed | 83/88

Pokemon Platinum | Completed | 83/89

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia | Completed | 86/87

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days | Completed | 77/88

Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story | Completed | 91/90

StyIe Savvy | Completed | 68/83

Rhythm Heaven | Unfinished | 84/83

Professor Layton and the Curious Village | Completed | 86/89

Phantasy Star Zero | Completed | 74/85

SMT Devil Survivor | Completed | 84/88

Pokemon Heart Gold | Completed | 88/91

Wario Ware DIY | Completed | 85/84

Dragon Quest IX | Completed | 88/90

Princess Debut | Completed | 71/86

Pokemon Black/White | Completed | 86/89

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box | Unfinished | 85/88

SMT Strange Journey | Unfinished | 81/84

Pokemon Fan Art

If you thought you had seen the limits of my fandom you are sorely mistaken. :P I've decided to share some of my better fan art. I have more but a lot of it is either top secret or low quality. Anyways, this is all Microsoft Paint. Don't judge me. D= I'll be adding to this as I draw more.


"These Pokémon arose from the spirits of people interred in graves in past ages. Each retains memories of its former life. Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry."

Most disturbing Pokemon ever? I stumbled on this blog entry today and I just couldn't get this image out of my head. o.o That's such a depressing thought; and then you capture it and force it to do battle with monsters.

Anyways, on to the drawing. I started by drawing this one out in pencil first and then making it digital, unlike my earlier pieces that I started from scratch in paint. I used Yamask's eyes as the background.


This is something I did right when the Unova starters were first released, and Mijumaru caught my attention immediately. I wasn't quite sure if I liked it or not so I decided to draw it and see if the design would grow on me. It did. And hey, it's a lot better than my similar attempts with the Sinnoh starters.


Did this one right when it was revealed. This was also one of the first drawings I did in this styIe.

Oak and Rowan

My two favorite Pokemon Professors! This one I did in my mangastyIe.

My 10 Favorite Unova Pokemon


Sorry Caterpie, I think Sewaddle just took your place as my favorite caterpillar Pokemon. :P I love how they used that big leaf in the design, and overall it's just really cute.


Ken Sugimori and his team earn major props for making something like a tarantula so cute. Love the eyes, love the blue hair, love the color scheme. The only thing I'm not overly fond of here is those two front legs that seem to sprout half hazardly out of its body.

Dewott (Futachimaru)

They should have just kept it as Futachimaru! This thing is so obviously based in Japanese culture that nobody would have questioned it. This little guy has a perfect balance of cute and cool and I love it.


It took a little while for Accelgor to get my attention, but I ended up becoming a really big fan. I really like the simplicity of this design, and overall Accelgor just has that really bad ass vibe to it. It doesn't hurt that it reminds me of a ninja either.


I wish this thing was a fire/steel type with good stats, I would love to use it on my team. That said, I still really like the design. My favorite part would have to be how they based the flames on an anteater's tongue.


I love everything about this design. Those strong claws look like they could carry you away with very little trouble and the yellow blue stripes at the end of his tale are a nice touch. Overall Braviary strikes me as a really strong, confident Pokemon.


Conkledurr overcomes two awful pre evolutions and a silly name to become one of my favorite 5th genners! That grumpy expression is really cool, and I like Conkeldurr's broad arms. Despite not making much sense, those pinkish vein thingies sure are cool. You can't argue with that clown nose, either. Actually, you might want to avoid arguments with something that can lift two cement pillars all together.


This Pokemon is both aesthetically pleasing and good in battle, which is always a plus. His design has such an interesting overall shape, and I love those flaming eye brows. I really like the way his face is made up of zig zagging lines, too, and those eyes really add to his mischievious look.


I love this little guy! Too bad I didn't end up liking his evolution very much, but that doesn't take away from this design! I love his face and happy expression. The patch of skin around his mouth and nose is even shaped like a heart! I really like how his hands look like mittens, too. The patch of grass on his head seems like a weird design choice but it totally works for Pansage, and I'm a big fan of those ears.


Easily my favorite 5th genner (and one of my all time favorites) is Sandile! This is one of the Pokemon I was obsessing over before the release of Black and White. I love everything about this design! Those eyes are so cute and unique, and basing them on sun glasses was an interesting idea. I also really like how the black stripes wrap around the body over his pink belly. I was even compelled to waste twelve dollars on a cute little Sandile figurine. :P

My Wii Collection Beta

[Game | Status | Critic/User Average]

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess | Completed | 95/93

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption | Unfinished | 90/90

Pokemon Battle Revolution | Completed | 53/67

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn | Completed | 78/86

Super Mario Galaxy | Completed | 97/92

Trauma Center: Second Opinion| Unfinished | 80/84

Super Smash Bros. Brawl | Completed | 93/93

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core | Dropped | 76/78

Wario Land: Shake it! | Completed | 78/79

Okami | Unfinished | 90/90

Animal Crossing City Folk | Completed | 73/83

Punch Out!! | Completed | 88/86

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again | Completed | 77/81

New Super Mario Bros. Wii | Completed | 88/89

Wii Sports Resort | Completed | 83/85

A boy and his blob | Unfinished | 82/77

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom | Completed | 86/87

Mario Kart Wii | Completed | 82/88

Little King's Story | Unfinished | 86/85

Super Mario Galaxy 2 | Completed | 97/90

Monster Hunter Tri | Untouched | 85/90

Kirby's Epic Yarn | Completed | 89/85

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | Unfinished | 78/87

Donkey Kong Country Returns | Completed | 88/89

Sonic Colors | Completed | 79/85

Sin and Punishment | Untouched | 86/82

Metroid Other M | Completed | 79/84

Trauma Team | Untouched | 81/80



(First Party)


(3rd Party)


Average Critic Score


Average User Score


Import Impressions, Pokemon White

I've now had almost a complete week with the game so I figured I'd share my thoughts on it. As a first time Pokemon importer, I was delighted to find that the game was fairly easy to handle despite my complete lack of Japanese. There was only one part of the game that had me back track (If team Plasma won't let you pass, try going back to the desert ruins, and after that, try Aloe's home town) once, other than that it was pretty easy to understand.

Let me begin by saying that this is the best in game experience with Pokemon I've ever had. The game is constantly throwing something new at you. New areas, Pokemon, and Event Battles are always right around the corner. One thing I've noticed is increased difficulty. While players still have the option to spam items in battle the trainers strategies and teams are more fine tuned this time around. This, coupled with the new experience system that provides bonuses for defeating high leveled Pokemon and penalties when defeating lower leveled Pokemon, makes having a well thought out team far more important than in previous outings.

Pokemon Black and White are also far more story-driven than their predecessors. So much so that defeating the Elite Four and becoming a Pokemon Champion almost feels like an after thought. I can't say much about the story itself, but even though I couldn't understand a word of it, the final moments still felt super tense and epic. The impression it left me with was that it can compete directly with old school JRPG series while still retaining that old-school Pokemon Charm.

Of course, the biggest change B/W has brought to the Pokemon world would have the be the 156 new Pokemon; more than any generation, including the originals. Over all I'm pretty happy with them. A few of my new favorites include Yanappu, Meguroko, Hihidaruma, Denchura, and Wargle. When they're bad though, they're really bad, but luckily some of my least favorite Pokemon evolve into something quite cool. That said, these are the worst legendaries of any generation. On top of being generally unappealing, they suffer from bad design choices, such as four-legged fighting types, basing five (FIVE!) legendaries on characters from The Three Musketeers, and a trio of reskins. Suffice it to say that I'm only thrilled with two of them, and one of those had to seriously grow on me.

The music in the game is top notch. A lot of the battle themes are probably a little too light hearted for my taste but they're all pretty good. What really impressed me this time was the various environmental themes. Pretty much all of them were awesome, and they were all pretty different as well. My personal favorite song from the game would have to be N's Castle, but beware as this is a spoiler.

The presentation is wonderful. Sprites are finally animated, and everything runs smoothly in battle. I do find it quite odd that they decided to go with the enlarged back sprites. It almost seems as though they made the sprites before they got the camera working. On the other hand, all the different areas in the game are really pretty. Pokemon B/W actually takes advantage of the DS's power, which is great.

I do have some complaints. Theres no way to rematch most of the trainers, which seems like a glaring oversight. There also doesn't seem to be very much to do after you beat the game. This won't affect the US release, but I don't see why I can't import Pokemon from my American 4th gen game. But over all I'm very happy with the game. Importing it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I really think Pokemon fans are going to love it.

My Top 5 Favorite Youtube Battles

With 5th Gen getting closer and closer every day, I find myself thinking back on 4th Gen a lot. The good times, the bad times, the people I met, and the friends I made. You know, that sort of thing. So I thought I would share some of the best battles I had over the years. Some things these videos have in common? Come backs, awesome music, close calls, and epic predictions. I'm big on those.


5.Roreoka vs. Anonymous

I was experiencing a drought of good battles and this was just what I needed. Things weren't looking to good for me, but with a little can-do attitude and a well placed ice beam, I was able to pull it off.

4.Roreoka vs. Blaine's Cousine 3

A battle against my good friend and rival Blaine's Cousine to start off my rival challenge. My matches against Blaine were always epic, and this one even more so. This one's a bit slower than the other battles featured here, but that doesn't make it any less tense. It was a real struggle to break his defense and take the win, and it didn't look like I would pull it off.

3.Roreoka vs. Fraptor1

You can't go wrong with Nobuo Uematsu and the Black Mages for epic music to battle by. For starters, my Cacturne, Heartless, defined this battle with her amazing performance. She caught my opponent off guard at pretty much every opportunity. Fraptor1 also made it known mid battle that I was being recorded, which is typically a death sentence for me, but I kept my head on straight and pulled through. And then he didn't even upload it. What a guy.

2.Roreoka vs. MalicexBadIntent

Another battle against one of my closest Pokemon friends and Rivals, the amazing MalicexBadIntent! This battle was pretty intense because both of us were so determined to win; at the time I remained undefeated in our matches. Plenty of great exchanges and predictions, and it's pretty much anyone's guess who wins it up 'til the end. To top it off, this battle really shows off what my unique Blastoise, Cecil, is capable of.

1.Roreoka vs. Femme Fatale

My absolute favorite battle and the first and only appearance of my most fabulous of Rivals, Femme Fatale! I've gotta say, as a competitive battler, this video seriously gets me pumped! It's fast-paced and super close with lots of prediction and mind games. I like to think I did a good job with the music as well. Another interesting thing to note, Femme decided to try and out do me with my own walling combo, Langrowth. The reason I started my channel wasn't to prove how awesome I am but rather to share great battles with everyone, and here I think I succeeded.

Pokemon Box


Haxx Chomp the female adamant Garchomp


Dragon Claw | Earthquake | Substitute | Swords Dance

4hp | 252 atk | 252 def

30 / 31 / 31 / 26 / 30 / 31


Bootstrap the male adamant Mamoswine

Thick Fat

Icicle Crush | Ice Shard | Earthquake | Stone Edge

4hp | 252atk | 252spd

31 / 31 / 27 / 8 / 31 / 31


Victoria the female modest Victreebel


HPICE70 | Weather Ball | Solar Beam | Sunny Day

4hp | 252spatk | 252spd

31/ 2 / 22 / 31 / 31 / 31


Napoleon D the male modest Empoleon


Hydro Pump | Ice Beam | Grass Knot | Agility

4hp | 252spatk |252spd

26 / 18 / 27 / 31 / 31 / 31


Naveen the male Adamant Toxicroak

Dry Skin

Low Kick | Sucker Punch | Substitute | Swords Dance

4hp | 252atk | 252def

27 / 31 / 28 / 17 / 27 / 31


Esperanza the female modest Ludicolo

Swift Swim

Surf | Ice Beam | Giga Drain | Rain Dance

29 / 26 / 29 / 31 / 24 / 28


Hothead the timid Rotom


Overheat | HPICE67 | Discharge | Trick

252spatk | 4def | 252spd



Prier the female impish Tangrowth


Leech Seed | Stun Spore | Sleep Powder | Power Whip

240hp | 16atk | 252def



Augusta the male impish Hippowdon

Sand Stream

Earthquake | Ice Fang | Slack Off | Stealth Rock

252hp | 4atk | 252def


Nintendo's E3 2010 presentation: For the Fans

Show Pros

Many of Nintendo's dormant franchises make a return - Doesn't spend too much time on sales figures - Responds to negative assertions such as Wii owners playing Wii sports and never playing their Wii again - Almost entirely devoted to the "hardcore" gamer - Shigeru Miyamoto's learning English

Show Cons

Technical Difficulties during the Zelda presentation - Just Dance 2 (game and presentation) - No Star Fox or Pikmin 3 shown - No new IPs from Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The presentation was a disaster. That said, I'm confident that the game will run smoothly. Mostly they just talked about the Motion Plus controls. The game looked good, and a great deal better than Twilight Princess, but with all the hype that this would be a "Major turning point in the Zelda series" I was expecting to here more information on the story or gameplay changes. Still, looks promising. It was, of course, DELAYED, big surprise there.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Retro's mystery project is finally revealed, and it looks like that IGN rumor was legit after all. Donkey Kong is a big change of pace from Metroid but I think they can do it. I've gotta say, this is the game I'm most hyped for. I LOVE my DKC. x) The trailer looked promising, showing off many varied locations. Donkey is seen carrying Diddy on his back instead of having him follow, so it will be interesting to see the gameplay changes. I am a bit worried though. This game has a lot to live up to and, in particular, I'd really want the music to be as good as (Or preferably done by) David Wise's music. Don't mess up, Retro!

Kirby: Epic Yarn

This whole "epic" thing is getting out of hand. Still, it's nice to see Kirby back on consoles and this looks good. What's first apparent is the change of art styIe Personally I like it, but it's so different that I would understand long time Kirby fans reacting negatively. Not much was shown, but the gameplay looks varied and fun, so let's hope this turns out well!

Mario Sports Mix

Wii Sports 3 with a Mario coat of paint. Volley Ball and Dodge Ball are interesting choices, and it seems Basket Ball is making a return. I don't really have any strong feelings about it one way or the other, but I'm sure that I'll buy it and enjoy it.

Wii Party

Mario Party with a Wii Sports coat of paint. I don't freak out and go on a "Nintendo's abandoned the hardcore gamer" tantrum when Nintendo releases another "Wii ____" game, so I'll probably give it a shot. It looks like it could be fun, but again, no strong feelings one way or the other.

Kid Icarus

Not a lot is known about this yet, and you'd really have to see it on the 3DS to really have an opinion on the visuals. Still, from what was shown this looks interesting. I personally could have gone without a Kid Icarus sequel but there were a lot of fans who wanted it and Nintendo has delivered. Of course, I'm not against the idea of a Kid Icarus sequel at all and I'll probably pick it up if it turns out well.

Epic Mickey

I'm still on the fence on this one. I don't have any real attachment to Mickey Mouse despite being a fan of Disney's animated cIassics. However, if it turns out well I'll give it a chance. Today it was revealed that the game will feature 2D sidescrolling levels and characters from other Disney properties (Mr. Smee), which is good news in my book.


Again, I can't really be expected to have a strong opinion until I see the 3D for myself, but we did get some new information today. The top screen will be 16:9 as predicted, will be able to play 3D movies and the system is capable of taking 3D Photographs (which sounds awesome). On top of that it looks like there'll be a strong showing from third party developers. I'm definitely looking forward to this. However, it also comes with a bit of bad news; it seems that the touch control will conflict with the 3D in some way. So maybe there'll be two types of games, 3D and touch controlled. Really it's anyone's guess.

Closing Comments

The show got off to a really rough start, I've gotta say, but thankfully they didn't let it ruin the presentation completely. One thing is clear though, Nintendo is devoted to pleasing their "hardcore" user base. Not only do we get Zelda, but Kirby, Icarus, and DKC are all making a come back. The show was more hype than substance, but that's pretty much what E3 is: A hype machine. Overall I'm pretty happy with Nintendo's E3 presentation and what was shown. I'd probably give their presentation an 8/10 despite some down right painfull moments.

What I'd like to see from future Pokemon games.

Fifth gen is drawing closer and closer and more information is becoming available. Personally I'm really happy with everything so far. Animated sprites have been on my wish list for the longest time, (This would be first on the list if it weren't already confirmed) the music seems to be on the right track from the tiny bit I've heard, and the new Pokemon aren't too bad either. Now, in my opinion, Pokemon is the sort of game that should be updated and made better, but not different. So that said, here are some tweaks I'd love to see in future games.

  • Make breeding more accessible.

In a perfect world breeding wouldn't need an overhaul because everyone would be using the same system. But the fact is that legit breeders have to compete directly with Pokesavers. This is why breeding should be made faster and easier. Including ways to control inherited abilities and genders would be a good start. Maybe decreasing the amount of steps it takes to hatch Pokemon or creating a system where the babies can't inherit IVs that are worse than the parents or something, I dunno. But something should be done to make breeding a more appealing option to the average player, because currently the process is rather daunting. Checking a Pokemon's IVs should be made possible in game as well. Perhaps a "Lucky Numbers Man" could tell you your Pokemon's lucky numbers, which would in reality be its IVs.

  • The ability to edit my in game and online script and select online trainer avatars.

Basically, I want the system used in PBR to be used in the main games. I'd love the chance to customize the messages for sending out Pokemon and calling them back. I'd also appreciate the ability to pick a different trainer type for online battles. Instead of the in game trainer, why not appear as a Lass, or a Cool Trainer? They could even design some themed trainers for Mono Teams and the like.

  • Make abilities equipable.

I mean really, why should a Pokemon be stuck with the same ability for its whole life? This would solve a number or problems, actually. It would help breeding because I can't tell you how many times I've been screwed out of a good Pokemon because of its ability. It would help fourth gen Pokemon migrating to fifth gen because it would allow them to use abilities that didn't exist at the time. Finally, it would allow a Pokemon species to have more than two abilities available to it, which I think overtime will be an inevitability.

  • Bring back the item storage.

It's great that there's no longer a limit to how much we can carry. Really, it is. But, my question is, do we really need to carry everything? I hate fumbling through my entire inventory just to find a specific item. Let us carry our complete inventory, but give us the option to deposit items to our PC too. (Why not?)

  • Include a random online battling option.

I don't see any reason why this wouldn't have been possible in D/P, so I imagine it was never implemented so that we'd have a reason to buy PBR. But really, finding a battle can be quite a hassle, and having the ability to find a battle quickly would be greatly appreciated.

  • New Key Item: Battle Radio

This may sound like a small complaint, but I'm really tired of the generic battle music at this point. Here's my idea: A key item that dictates which songs will play in wifi battles. Players could select a song from a list of tracks and determine their chances of being played. Perhaps they could include music from past generations ormaybe even remixes.

  • Improve trading.

Allow us to trade multiple Pokemon in one transaction. This would greatly reduce your chances of getting scammed and make everything easier and more convenient at the same time. Giving us the option to trade items without having Pokemon carry them over would be great, too.