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Still around.

What's up everyone? Writing this blog to ensure everyone that I am still active online at gamespot. If you were wondering what I've been up to, it mainly involves taking chemistry courses at college in my attempts to get into the healthcare field. Going to hopefully be a clinical laboratory scientist here in the short future. I just have to get through a year of clinical school starting in July. Anyway, I've been active in the sports forum, off-topic, and system wars once and a while. Been slowly working my way towards 10k posts. Hopefully I'll manage to get there soon.

In the meantime, I have been reading through Tom Clancy's novels in chronological order. Currently on "The Sum of All Fears" after finishing "Clear and Present Danger." "Clear and Present Danger" was possibly my favorite Tom Clancy novel following Rainbow Six. I also read through the "Mistborn" series, which is written by Brandon Sanderson. I highly recommend that series, it provides a unique science fiction world and engaging characters. Also, I'd recommend "The Passage" written by Justin Cronin. "The Passage" represents a science fiction world that involves condemned criminals that turn into vampirish beasts that ultimately ruin the world.

Anyway that's about all the news I currently have at the moment. See you around the community!

Just an update

So it's finally summer of 2011 and as you can see I am still lurking around the forums and the website in general. I have been busy jogging everyday, golfing occasionally, and looking for post-graduate employment. Currently playing World of Warcraft and trying to find some cheap games for xbox. Not really sure if people even read my blog anymore, but your comments are well enjoyed.

Level 53

School started so I've been busy and time on the site has decreased. Still playing World of Warcraft. Unfortunately server is dying and guildies are becoming inactive.

Finally Reached Level 50! Also rants about 3D movies...

Finally reached level 50 after years and years of activity. It's quite a milestone for me, and since I love strawberry candy it seems appropriate. I've been pretty much lurking between the off-topic forum, xbox 360, pc hardware forum, and pc games sections of the forums lately. Supposed to be getting an influx of cash soon so I might build my own custom pc rig someday soon so I can stop playing World of Warcraft on my laptop and stop wearing it out raiding 10 and 25 man Ice Crown Citadel.

Lately everyones been talking about the movie "Avatar". It seems interesting, but after hearing the insane cost it was to make the movie it seems destined to flop hardcore. What I don't like is how all these movies are starting to push the 3D crap on customers. I personally can't stand 3D movies, they kill my eyes and produce bad headaches due to my astigmatism in addition to other eye related failures associated with my eyes. It's disappointing when I want to go see movies such as "Up", "Coraline", etc are in 3D and I can't go watch them.

Anyway, otherwise I've been working roughly 8 hours a week at a holiday job at Macy's. It's a super easy job, and the nights go fast during 4 hour shifts. My last final is Thursday and I'll finally have some time to relax for a while until next semesters hellish schedule.

1 Step Closer to Level 50!!

Level 48 flew by fast. Now I'm a Kidd Thunder and classes have started again. Summer was awful for swimming this year and to top it off the weather everynight this week has been drifting below the 50s almost everynight. I have physics, british lit, cell biology, and wildlife biology this semster. As long as I do well in cell and physics I should be alright. Also I'm commutting this year.

So long as the semester goes well I plan on purchasing a PS3 slim if I still have some money laying around. I haven't worked since two christmases ago so money is starting to go thin.

Battlefield 1943 /tearsofjoy

I downloaded Battlefield 1943 and man it brought tears to my eyes playing the game and reliving the good old times I had back playing Battlefield 2, 2142, and 1942. The only thing that stinks is I can never seem to join any squads that actually communicate with me. Send me a message on xbox live if you want to join me and actually communicate with me tatically.

Survived the big storms and Pens win the cup!

So I managed to survive the huge storm that hit the Pittsburgh area last week. My pool just overflowed a bit and my driveway got washed out. I have some video on my youtube page if you want to check it out:


Feel free to subscribe or add me as a friend. I plan on uploading some footage of my two ponds and some of the wildlife around my house.

I was at my friends house watching the Penguins win the Stanley Cup a while ago. Been busy failing organic chemistry to have time to blog about it. Should've took the ****during the regular semester but oh well I'll worry about it after next semester. Haven't really been doing much, just sitting around the house or doing chores. I plan on creating some new video game reviews, with World of Warcraft being on of the new ones I just made.

Enjoy father's day tomorrow and spread the love!

School is out for now...

I had my last final on Tuesday. I'm expecting improved grades this semester compared to the last one where I struggled. Almost have my first World of Warcraft character leveled all the way to 80. Also plan on renting different xbox 360 games over the next couple weeks before I start my summer classes. Might try to go to Kennywood sometime. I plan on seeing Star Trek on Friday and maybe Xmen on Saturday. Then I'll have to wait for Terminator to come out later on in the month.

On a sports note, I watched the Penguins defeat the Capitals yesterday at home. My man Manny Ramirez is a cheater. The Pittsburgh Pirates are still a mediocre team. Might go down to a Pirate game sometime in the next couple of weeks. I really need to see another Pens game in person. The last time I went to a game was back when Martin Straka and Alexi Kovalev were still on the team. I also found it amusing during the Philly vs Pens series that everyone kept mentioning back in the 90s when Darius Kasparitus injured Lindros. It's amusing because I was at that game, sitting about halfway up in the first section on the side of the boards where Lindros got destroyed.

Level 46, I have achieved mutoid man...

It took a while but I finally reached level 46. Been battling a cold since Thursday of last week. Finals are coming up soon. Been playing World of Warcraft. Right now I'm a level 73 ret pally. Going to go take a nap.

It's April Fool's and my roomate turned my fridge off...

So it's April Fool's day, which is probably up there in the list of holidays I hate. I logged onto gamespot today to look at all of their unoriginal lame April Fool's Day related topics.

Also I came back to my room today to find everything cleaned up. It seems my roomate got motivation and cleaned stuff, at first I thought somone broke into my room and robbed me. So I logged onto World of Warcraft and played for about an hour and a half before I realized that my fridge was off. So much for eating that frozen pasta meal I had been craving all day.

I've been busy this semester trying to improve my grades. I'm doing better in all my classes except Chem again. I'm struggling in Chem for whatever reason. I'll be taking two organic chemistry classes over the summer and I'll be looking for a job around the area this weekend. I'm thinking about trying Lowes, Home Depot, Kmart, or something else.

I haven't been home to go on my Xbox for like the past 4 weeks. However, I'm heading home this weekend although I'll be busy studying for a Bio exam and a Chem retake exam.