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Happy happy new YEAAAR! 2015

You've gotta say happy twice, that way your year will be extra happy. It's in the big mahoosive rulebook of life. (Rule #572 if you wanna check.)

2014 certainly went super quick! Well the years are going quick lately.

How was New Years Eve for all you guys? Welllll for me it was a cosy night in with the family, watching TV and drinking. They sold out of Mixed Fruits Kopparberg, so I bought Crabbies Ginger Beer for the occasion, and I really wanted to like it because I love the advert for it (oooh I say!) but alas...nope. So I just had Babycham instead. Two bottles.... >_> I definitely felt tipsy afterwards and I couldn't stop giggling xD I'm not a drinker really, so that's why :P

In other news, I no longer work at McDonalds! I left in early August. I now work at a bookstore and I love my job, I'm much happier there and the hours are so much better, we shut the store at 5:30 (4:30 on Sundays :D) Plus, no creepy customers xD

Though a few of my friends from McDonalds I've caught up with, like going to a birthday meal and going to a concert. Such fun :3

So once again, happy new year everyone! I hope it will be a successful year for you all <3

Pisces x

Catch-up blog, just because.

Well currently GameSpot's HQ is in Ghost Town! Actually maybe it has gained a little bit of activity lately but to be honest I rarely go on the forums anymore because a lot of my e-buddies have long gone from the site. I miss you guys ;_; haha. But anyway.

This blog is just, as the title suggests, a catch-up blog! On all the happenings in my life and wotnot. Not too much really but I graduated from university, and my oh my it went so quick, one thing I remember was writing blogs before and after a year of university, and all the things I had planned to do and had ultimately accomplished.

I've been working in fast food for a year now. It's a difficult job, can get stressful and a lot of people don't appreciate how much stress you are under when you're on the other side of the counter. Night shifts are even more challenging because not only does your sleeping schedule get completely out of whack, but all the.... hmmm, interesting customers you encounter can either be quite entertaining or simply distastrous. Oh yeah, a customer gave me a £3 tip yesterday! But we're not allowed to keep tips. >_>

But honestly, it's not all bad. I've made some cool friends, and learned a lot of experience on how to deal with different kinds of people from all walks of life. Working with your friends just makes it pretty fun sometimes! Still, naturally it's not a path I want to follow forever - I want to take on new challenges and be successful.

Note to self: This laptop is kind of annoying to type on.

Anywhooo, hope you're all doing good! I don't think this will be read or commented on, but that doesn't really matter. I haven't blogged since my birthday and I more than likely won't blog again until Christmas!! :P

Until we meet again.

Pisces x

The big 21 :')

Well, it's my birthday and I can cry if I want to!

But I don't want to :3

Well, I'm 21. I can't believe it! It's gone crazy fast. But I am so excited for later, have booked a table at one of my favourite local restaurants with my buddies then we'll be going some other places, gonna be great!

In other news, I rarely blog now. I used to blog all the time, but now I don't fancy blogging as I never get any comments like I used to, so essentially it's like writing a ghost blog, that no-one can read. Well, I guess you could say a diary instead of a ghost blog xD But that somehow sounds cooler...

Anyways. I'm off now! At least I can go into bars in the USA now if I wanted. :D

Ciao for now!

Pisces x

Merry Christmas 2013!!

Hey everyone!! Not written a blog since Halloween because I'm not really a fan of the formatting of the blogs - it completely messed up when I added a photograph!

Anyways, hope you're all enjoying your Christmas and I hope Santa got you everything you wanted!! :D

Have an enchanting new year.

Pisces x

Happy Halloween 2013!! :)

Greetings fellow GameSpotters!!

Hope you all have a fab day today :D What are your plans for this Halloween? Well today I carved a pumpkin with my mum (I did post a picture but the blog format is awful and messed up the page - the picture went over the line). I'm gonna be buying some takeaway shortly, as it's something we have been doing every Halloween since 2009. :D

Anyways, have a great, spoooooooooky Halloween everyone!! ^_^

Pizza and movie night

That's what's happening tomorrow night for me, going to my friend's house, with a few other friends, before we go back to start our third year of uni. I'm pretty excited!! ^_^ About the pizza night, not reaaally about uni yet but it'll be fine once I'm there! :D

I'm writing a blog pretty late - 1:35am =o Hmm, I should go to sleep. 

Anyways... work is going good. Made a few friends who are lovely =] 

hmm, that is all. Yeah, super quick blog!! =o YAWN

night night all. 

Pisces x


So lately on my blog feed, there are blogs from all kinds of different users who want to leave GS for good due to the upcoming changes to the site (primarily the axing of unions). That is quite a shame. Maybe they will reconsider in the future :) If not though, I wish you guys the best of luck. 

Me personally, I'm sorta intrigued about how GS will look. I read on this thread that the forums will not resemble GiantBombs. Hooray!! :P I don't like the look of their forums. >_>

I'll still be coming to the site anyways, my only problem with the new changes is the sigs being made smaller and the gifs in sigs no longer allowed. Although posting in unions is quite good too so keeping the active unions would be a good decision! 

I wonder when we'll get the new site? I'm gonna estimate between October and November. Hmm, maybe even September =o I guess we'll see, and hopefully the end result will actually surprise us!! 


Peace out!

Pisces x

5 years with Pisces.. :o

Greeting my fellow GameSpotters!

So today marks 5 years since I joined GameSpot. What the heck! 



I was 15 years old when I joined, and of course, when you add it all up, that means I am... *drum roll* 20! haha. But still. 20 sounds like a world away from 15, at least it seems that way to me. Your life can change a lot in 5 years, or it can stay relatively the same. 

Anyways, although I don't go on GS as much as I used to, I still have a lot of fondness for the site. After all, I made a few good friendships that wouldn't have began without it. I think it's quite cool how on OT, generally everyone recognises each other. That gives you a sense of community, I guess :P

I'd like to say thank you to all those extra cool people I consider distant friends, for making GS all the more fun. I'd also like to thank those who create funny threads, as they can be a riot to read and I'm not one for being serious much. Finally, thank you to those who come and read my blogs and comment - it's very much appreciated and you're the reason I still make them!


Pisces x

France.. x

Soooo last night I arrived back from my trip to France, which, in a nutshell, was awesome!! Here in this blog will be the ins and outs of the trip.. well, mostly :P

So the trip begins when my dad has dropped me off to the meet up place at 5.30am, and the sun is still rising. Had a catch up with my friends, which was good stuff of course... met my friend's friend too! Anyways, so the coach driver was running a little bit late, but all was good because we were all excited for the trip and pleased to see each other again. Even coach journeys tha last all day never really become boring because of the company ;D In fact, the five of us were for the most part the only ones speaking on the coach (there was about 18 people going on the trip).

The first night we spend in Canterbury in Kent where we arrived around 2pm. We hit the town centre, and went to a pub where I decided to order a dessert, sticky toffee pudding with an ice cream. BUT, I got Spotted umm.. Richard.. lol, instead. Aaaand the ice cream was almost melted. So that wasn't great. 

Moving on! In the evening we stayed at a motel that was pretty deserted with only a garage nearby. I was actually a late joiner to the trip - my friends really wanted me to go so I decided to give it a shot ^_^ So, as a result, I had to ask to share a room with my friend and her friend who I hadn't yet met. The trip organiser was able to sort that situation out but the bedroom wasn't that great - there was the standard hotel bed and a sofa bed that wasn't that comfortable to sit on, never mind sleep on! At least we only stayed there one night and the following morning, we drove to Dover to get into Calais, France, and we went on the Ferry for a couple of hours before going back on the coach. 

It was so much fun in France! Of course, we toured the city of Arras, went to restaurants and shops to buy some drinks and snacks for coach journeys, oh and of course, on the last full night in France, we invited our two other friends to have a "slumber party" - we were all in our jammies except they didn't sleep in our hotel room xD

Anyways, that's the synopsis I guess :P I won't be surprised if you didn't read through this - I have typed it up and not even read it as I went along, lmao. 

Ciao for now! Or should I say... au revior! ;D

Pisces x

I got the job at Maccy D's!! :)


That's right!! I have my welcome meeting in two weeks, when I return from France :) I'm really excited to get started!! It's nice to have a job and be an employed student :D

Anyways, that's all for now, just a little announcement!

Until next time, America... Um, I mean - GAMESPOT! :D

Pisces x