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Sick as a dog

Hello again everyone. Apparently illness must really love me. Yesterday in the wee morning hours after eating some cereal, I vomited. After vomiting two more times, I came down with some diarrhea. I actually used the bathroom and vomited at the same time once. I tried drinking some Sprite to settle my stomach but I just wound up throwing it up. After suffering in agony from a skull-splitting headache and stomach pains the rest of the night, Grandma took me to the ER. I got medicine inserted into me via IV and got a shit ton of blood drawn from me. Oh and the IV was inserted into my wrist so double pain for me. After being there for over 2 and a half hours, I went home and went to sleep for several hours. Afterwards I went to CiCi's Pizza and ran into my cousin there. And I wound up going to the bathroom after eating several slices of pizza. Now I feel somewhat ok. My head kinda hurts but it's not that bad.



Hopefully you get better.